A badass individual can be difficult to handle, an individual whos seen by lots of as hard, uncompromising, and strong-willed. Some might even be risk-takers with an ill-tempered mindset. From a various viewpoint, badass people are dandy leads in believing outside package, exhibiting self-reliance like a medal of honor everybodies jealous of.

Anime boast lots of female characters that are no short of badassery, both dissident warriors defending justice in addition to normal residents with epic dreams.

Revy — Black Lagoon

Nicknamed “Two Hands,” Revy is a twin-gun wielding, foul-mouth yakking Chinese-American mercenary. Black Lagoon follows a group of pirate mercenaries (The Lagoon Business) as they get associated with items smuggling and violent arranged criminal offenses around Southeast Asia. With extraordinary survival and battle abilities, Revys among the most dangerous women from the action-adventure anime series packed with kickass female characters.

In spite of her illiteracy due to her bad and terrible childhood, her pressing bloodlust and excellent gunfighting abilities strengthen her position as the lead of the Lagoon Business, making her the protector of the up-to-date pirates in a shadowy service typically controlled by males.


Bishamon — Noragami

In this excellent mix of funny and the supernatural, Bishamon stick out among other divine beings for not just her transparent appeal. The Goddess of War and Battles own impressive battling capabilities with her relied on Shinki or regalia, spirits that Gods use for different jobs, making her among the highlights of the program.

As the Goddess of War and Fights and being among the Gods of Fortune, Bishamon takes pleasure in tremendous appeal among people and her regalia. Her kind and generous nature make her voluntarily accept any roaming or bothered spirits into her household, whether they work or not.

Mikasa Ackerman — Assault On Titan

Mentioning highlights of a program, Mikasa Ackerman, the deuteragonist of among the most popular series of the last years, handles to take the spotlight from the primary character, Eren Yeager, often times.

Coming from the prominent Ackerman clan that cultivates fantastic soldiers, her origins identifies her natural skill in warfare however likewise lures undesirable attention that causes her moms and dads ravaging death. Raised by Eren and his household, Mikasa establishes a protective mindset over Eren and is undaunted in utilizing her battle abilities to safeguard the ones she appreciates the most.

Kagura — Gintama

With a pressing hunger for food and weird fixations with fully grown female functions, Kagura is the primary female lead character and comprises the iconic trio referred to as Yorozuya in Gintama. Some might be drawn towards Kaguras cute external look, however most would state it is her monstrous strength that stupefies fans in the very first place. This is because of her Yato heritage which grants her amazing strength.

Gifting audiences numerous hysterical moments in the series, Kaguras harmful powers and instinctive battling abilities can be found in helpful throughout the various fights showed. A fast pointer: dont approach her when shes completely Yato mode.

Significant Motoko Kusanagi — Ghost in the Shell

The Ghost In The Shell franchise has actually broadened into varied movies and television series which see the lead character, Significant Motoko Kusanagi, being reincarnated into various cybernetic bodies. Aside from an extremely questionable live-action adjustment, global audiences are maybe more knowledgeable about its advanced 1995 movie by Mamoru Oshii.

While the neo-noir cyberpunk movie focuses more on philosophical styles and has a major tone, the anime television series follows carefully its initial manga products, foregrounding the Majors funny bone and her working characteristics with the all-male Public Security Area 9 group.

Haruko Haruhara — FLCL

FLCL (noticable as Fooly Cooly in English) is a cult traditional anime series about a young boy, Naota, and his difficulties handling the unexpected luggage of the adult years. He initially fulfilled Haruko when the latter runs him over with her Vespa and beats him with her bass on his head. Sounds severe, however Harukos simply starting on her defiant shenanigans.

Haruko is an extraterrestrial private investigator for the Galactic Area Cops Brotherhood and is worked with by Naotas daddy as a housemaid. As the series sheds more light on Naotas fights with maturing, Harukos energetic and spontaneous character which enables her to change in between various personalities can be viewed as parallel to the unpredictability of life itself.

Teresa — Claymore

In a world subdued by shape-shifting devils called Yoma, Claymore fixates the experiences of Clare, a Claymore, which is the hybrid in between people and Yoma. Albeit Clare has her reasonable share of abandoner moments in the series, it is Teresa who leaves audiences with a strong impression in spite of her reasonably short screen-time.

Both in the manga and the series, Teresa impersonates a coach to Clare, assisting Clare to attain her complete capacity as a Claymore. Nevertheless, thats not how she got her label, “Teresa Of The Faint Smile”. Her label stemmed from the faint smiles that grace her face when she easily obliterates her challengers.

Maki Zenin — Jujutsu Kaisen

Maturing as a household castaway, Maki Zenin is born with no sorcery powers in the Zenin Household, among the Big 3 Sorcerer Households in Jujutsu Kaisen. She is adventurous enough to select getting expelled from her household and is identified to be among the best sorcerers without inherent powers.

Acting as an exceptional good example to first-year trainees, Maki is exceptionally strong-willed and heads out of her method to assist others, constantly trying to exceed the requirements set by her sorcery household with her outstanding battle abilities. She even captures a bullet flying towards her at complete speed with her bare hands.

NANA — Nana Osaki


NANA - Nana Osaki