The 1990s was an odd time for scary. The high-energy staples of the category, such as Friday the 13th and A Problem on Elm Street were beginning to unwind as each entry began to feel staler, while no brand-new franchises were pertaining to suffer.

It wasnt till 1996s Scream occurred that the category blew up back into appeal, with its self-awareness producing a rejuvenating take on the formula. While it is the standout scary movie of the 90s, there are still some quality slashers from the years that provided us grunge that are still worth having a look at. Here are 10 of the best.

Candyman (1992)

When a college student doing her thesis on misconceptions and urban myths hears the tale of the “Candyman”, she examines its origins in the general public real estate advancements of Chicago. Quickly enough, the legend shows to be really genuine as the Candyman haunts the female and starts to eliminate those around her.

Based Upon Clive Barkers short story “The Forbidden”, Candyman provides commentary on subjects such as bigotry and social class in-between its kill scenes and haunting images. The movie likewise made Tony Todd a scary icon, thanks to his extraordinary efficiency as the titular character.


Body Bags (1993)


John Carpenter holding two severed heads in Body Bags