10 Best Anime Heroes that Are Afraid Of Their Own Powers

10 Best Anime Heroes that Are Afraid Of Their Own Powers
10 Best Anime Heroes that Are Afraid Of Their Own Powers

A lot of anime heroes are comfortable using their powers as well as abilities, yet others are wary of and even discouraged by what they can do.

Anime heroes as well as lead characters are generally underdogs that undertake exhausting training sequences to get new powers, and also often, these heroes might even open or design new powers while dealing with the villain. These anime heroes are generally thankful for all the powers and capabilities at their command, but a few others see points in different ways.

Certain anime heroes wield powers that come with an awful price, or maybe those powers/abilities remind the hero of a dark time in their life or some other issue. Whatever the reason, these anime heroes resent, are afraid, or even dread their own powers, and they will not utilize their capabilities without good factor. Some heroes may also see themselves as monsters for having these twisted powers.

Edward Elric Realized What Alchemy Is Really Capable Of (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood).

The brief state sorcerer Edward Elric is normally comfortable utilizing alchemy in battle and also in day-to-day life, particularly when he incorporates his alchemy with his knowledge with science. There is an exemption, though. Ed as soon as attempted human transmutation with his bro, and also he would not dare do it once more.

After learning some hard lessons, Edward now recognizes truth potential of alchemy. He suffered psychological marks after he and Al shed body components to create a zombie-like replica of their dead mother. That frightening experience ensures that Ed will just use truthful alchemy from this point forward.

Mirajane Strauss Hated Her Powers At First (Fairy Tail).

By the centerpieces of the Fairy Tail anime, the mighty S-ranked wizard Mirajane Strauss was no more afraid of her demonic magic, but in recalls, she certainly was. In her young people, Mirajane hated as well as absolutely feared her Take-Over magic, which transformed her right into a fight demon. That’s terrifying for any kind of kid.

Elfman and also Lisanna both found out Take-Over magic as well to make their oldest sis really feel much better concerning it, as well as that paid off. Currently Mirajane fits with her very own magic, and also she is more probable to make her challengers afraid instead.

Intestines Is Wary Of His Berserker Armor (Berserk).

The dark seinen hero Guts can deal with crowds of apostles with simply his dragon slayer sword and the arrowheads as well as cannons built into his mechanical left arm, but once in a while, he requires more power. Partway through the Falcon of the Millennium Empire arc, Guts discovered and began utilizing the frightening Berserker shield.

While putting on that armor, Guts is quicker, stronger, as well as extra savage than any kind of mortal human, which enables him to win battles he usually could not even make it through. It’s efficient, yet it likewise takes a toll on Guts’ body, and also he and also his party members are wary of it. He must not allow this point eat him.

Light Yagami Is Concerned About Other Notebooks (Death Note).

Light Yagami might not fear his own notebook, however after a factor, he realized that celebrations also had Death Notes, and also he was deeply concerned regarding that. He really felt invincible when he alone made use of the note pad, and that transformed when Rem, Misa, Higuchi, and even Mello began utilizing them, as well.

Light was tense around Rem, since that shinigami intimidated to write his name down if Misa was ever harmed. Light also bothered with the loose cannon 2nd Kira having a note pad, as well as he actually didn’t such as Mello the criminal having one. Even Light may feel anxiety often, nevertheless.

Shuhei Hisagi Made Fear His Code (Bleach).

Soul Reapers are anticipated to recognize the internal operations of their zanpakuto and make good use of their shikai types as well as also bankai, if relevant. At The Same Time, Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi fears his shikai Kazeshini because he appreciates its sole objective– to take lives. It’s an executioner’s device, and also nothing else.

Shuhei picked up from Captain Kaname Tosen that a warrior must only wield a tool if they totally understand, and thus are afraid, those tools. If a warrior does not fear their very own weapons, then the warrior is taking their tools also gently, which will lead to calamity.

Yuji Itadori Would Rather Not Call Upon Ryomen Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen).

The pleasant shonen hero Yuji Itadori resembles the new Ichigo Kurosaki, a gracious punk who has an insidious bad guy on the inside. Rather than an inner Hollow, Yuji is the vessel of the mighty Ryomen Sukuna, the brutal king of curses. Yuji can call upon his power, however doing so is highly dangerous.

Yuji won’t always admit it, yet he’s plainly terrified of Sukuna and also won’t interact with that curse king if he can help it. Nobody can criticize Yuji for hesitating; the last time he contacted Sukuna, that curse king tore his heart out. It’s a miracle Yuji came back from that.

Shoto Finds His Fire Powers Disturbing (My Hero Academia).

Some students in course 1-A go to least comfy with their Quirks, and a few of them are really happy with the Quirks they were born with, such as Katsuki Bakugo as well as his explosive Quirk. Then there’s Shoto Todoroki, the natural brilliant whose Quirk comes with serious psychological baggage.

Shoto fears the fire half of his Quirk and also what it stands for because it was inherited from his despotic papa, Endeavor. Shoto psychologically obstructed it off and also stuck to his ice, yet during the UA sporting activities event, Izuku’s words got through to him, and Shoto started to conquer his worry of his daddy as well as those fires.

Ken Kaneki Was Frightened Of His Ghoulish Nature (Tokyo Ghoul).

The hit seinen anime Tokyo Ghoul stars the bookish Ken Kaneki, an university student who didn’t desire anything to do with evil spirits. After That, Rize Kamishiro attacked him, only to have her organs transplanted into him. Now Ken is a half-ghoul, and also he was shocked and frightened when he understood that for himself.

Ken testified reduce his ghoul side whatsoever costs, terrified of his brand-new power and all its ramifications. Over time, though, Ken got rid of that concern and also embraced his eerie side finally, and also even savored it. The worry was long passed then.

Naofumi Iwatani Is Careful With His Wrath Shield (The Rising Of The Shield Hero).

The bitter isekai hero Naofumi Iwatani eventually opened the powerful however terrifying Wrath/Rage Shield, which had a mind of its own as well as could have Naofumi to some extent. Naofumi utilized it for a time, yet he discovered it disturbing and also soon determined to maintain it locked away if whatsoever feasible.

Naofumi never ever really like the Wrath Shield, and also Raphtalia found it specifically distressing. Later, Naofumi really welcomed the power of friendship, and the Wrath Shield could no longer be summoned on command. It’s just as well.

Zenitsu Agatsuma Is Shocked By His Own Power (Demon Slayer).

Zenitsu Agatsuma hesitates of many points, mostly demons as well as the risk of death, and also he is always unwilling to join a battle, despite the fact that he has a combat-ready Nichirn sword accessible. If he obtains too anxious, he will lose consciousness, and afterwards his genuine power will certainly stir up at last.

Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing entails ultra-rapid, harmful strikes in a straight line, as well as Zenitsu locates it terrifying. It was me that did this?!” He merely doesn’t such as terrifying powers at all, not also his own, because he fears physical violence most of all.

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