Elizabeth Meriwethers popular comedy Brand-new Woman burst onto our screens in 2011, audiences rapidly fell for Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and her experiences with her pals. The ups and downs the group experienced together formed relationships audiences liked to view. The rollercoaster that was Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jesss will they/wont they relationship hooked fans for 7 years, seeing their relationship bloom from flatmates into the comical pairing audiences understand and enjoy.

The success of the program brought in some big stars, from the similarity Jamie Lee Curtis to Prince. The addition of these substantial stars made the humorous group a lot more satisfying to view. Its tough to choose the best out of all of them, however here is a ranking of the best visitor stars of New Woman.

Lizzy Caplan

After his hard break up with long term sweetheart Caroline, Nick forms a relationship with hard legal representative Julia, played by Lizzy Caplan. Her popular ironical efficiency quickly clashes with audiences preferred optimist Jess.

The groups negative addition led to a few of the best encounters of the very first season. Julia provides a difficult punch to Schmidts big-headed buddy Benjamin throughout Schmidts birthday celebration, revealing her anger management issue and making fans fall a lot more in love with her. Caplans skill and compatibility with her onscreen partners move her to the start of the ranking.


Olivia Munn

Angie was presented to audiences as Thirsty, a label passionately bestowed by Nick prior to they ended up being a couple in season 2. Nicks awkwardness was drastically contrasted by Olivia Munns lively and quick-witted representation of the stripper.

The connection in between the 2 offers audiences with a satisfying love to view bloom, regardless of how quick it was. Olivias abundant character equated remarkably to the movie, highlighting a brand-new daring side in Nick. Munn was a tough addition to the gang, regardless of leaving Nick in a cabin with Jess and Sam, never ever to be seen once again.

Megan Fox

When Zooey Deschanel took maternity leave, the loft needed a brand-new roomie. To fill the hole Deschanel left, Megan Foxs Reagan was presented and made an effect instantly. Her commitment to her pharmaceutical sales task, direct nature and failure to reveal her feelings mirrors Nicks, and the 2 ultimately start dating.

Her looks over season 5 and 6 motivates audiences to accept her as part of the loft and a vital part of the program. Foxs deadpan shipment and fast wit enhance Jess effervescence, offering the seasons a revitalizing edge. When Jess ultimately returns from jury task, their various characters produce terrific home entertainment.

Zoe Lister Jones

Councilwomen Fawn Moscatos appealing power seduces Schmidt and audiences alike. Her intriguing interactions with Jess and the others develops intriguing and amusing moments. Her adjustments of Schmidt as an arm sweet and political possession revolts his pals however eventually offers audiences some humorous results.

Zoe Lister Jones efficiency parodies the real-life political figures we understand today, buffooning their voice, gestures and intends alike. To top it off, she even had her own political scandal in the type of Panty-gate.

Dermot Mulroney


Jess and Russell