Birds and scary go way back. From shrews in Greek folklore to the predatory rocks of Arabic folklore, from Odins ravens to the one weeping “Nevermore!” in Edgar Allan Poes poem, birds have actually typically been related to the occult and the grim. In literature, they are regularly represented as bad prophecies, in some cases even precursors of death. This is shown in language too: a murder of crows, an unkindness of ravens.

To be reasonable, these misconceptions emerged because numerous birds are weird. Vultures circle the passing away, crows do consume decomposing meat, and, possibly most unnerving of all, some birds like parrots can imitate human speech. Its fascinating how numerous scary movies replicate this significance around birds. Even today, movies like Genetic function scenes where a bird flies into a window, meaning more grim occasions to come. Certainly, our great feathered enemies have actually made numerous remarkable looks in scary movies, from the amusing to the totally frightening.

The Birds (1963)

No list of birds in scary would be total without Alfred Hitchcocks thriller about a bird attack on a California town. Although charming by todays requirements. The Birds were groundbreaking for its time. In specific, it should have credit for its usage of mechanical birds along with genuine ones and for its creative modifying.

The Birds got combined evaluations when it came out, with numerous comparing it unfavorably to Hitchcocks 1960 hit Psycho. Still, its vital standing has actually enhanced in the years given that. Filmmakers Federico Fellini, Akira Kurosawa, Guillermo Del Toro, and John Carpenter have actually applauded the movie. In specific, numerous fans and critics concern the scene where numerous birds come down on a play area as one of the most iconic in scary history.


Birdemic (2010)