Aside from their loveable characters, heartfelt stories, and how they brought an entire brand-new vision to computer system animation, Pixar has actually constantly been understood for its super star voice actors. Starting their effective movie collection with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen voicing Woody and Buzz in Toy Story, the studio went on to have the similarity Billy Crystal, Ellen DeGeneres, Craig T. Nelson, and a multitude of others on their lineup.

However with every Pixar movie being house to lots of characters, a couple of home names noted on completion credits might have slipped through the fractures. From famous actors to Disney Channel stars, a number of big names have actually had the chance to provide their voices to a Pixar character.

Ashley Tisdale As Lead Blueberry Scout (A Bugs Life)

Ashley Tisdale released her profession on Disney Channel, initially as a primary character on Suite Life of Zack and Cody, prior to increasing to popularity thanks to her representation of Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical movie franchise.

However among Tisdales initially lesser-known functions was as a small character in 1998s A Bugs Life. At simply 12 years of ages, the starlet voiced the leader of the Blueberry Scouts, of which Dot is a devoted member.


John Krasinski As Frank McCay (Monsters University)

Mindy Kaling and Phyllis Smith as Disgust and Unhappiness in Inside Out werent the only actors from The Office to voice Pixar characters. In 2013, John Krasinski, best understood for his function as Jim Halpert, made a cameo in the Monsters, Inc follow up, Monsters University.

Krasinski provided his voice to “Frightening” Frank McCay, a frightening however popular alumni of Monsters University who motivates a little Mike Wazowski to end up being a scarer when he matures.

Idris Elba As Fluke (Finding Dory)

From Thor to Luther, Golden World Acclaimed star Idris Elba has a long and diverse résumé under his belt, with one lesser-known acting credit in a popular Pixar movie.

Though his function wasnt big, it was absolutely remarkable when Elba represented Fluke in Finding Dory opposite Dominic West as Rudder, the 2 cooky sea lions who end up being possessive of their preferred rock and bark at other sea lions to keep away.

Michael Keaton As Chick Hicks (Cars And Trucks), Ken (Toy Story 3)

Hollywood legend Michael Keaton has actually voiced near a lots animated characters over his decades-long profession, with 2 of those characters being from Pixar movies.

Keaton made his Pixar launching as Lightning McQueens racecar competing Chick Hicks in Cars And Trucks, then provided his voice to Barbies hunk Ken in Toy Story 3 and the Toy Story Toons short Hawaiin Trip.

Ty Burell As Bailey (Finding Dory)

In 2016, along with his fellow Modern Household castmate — Ed ONeill as the seven-tentacled octopus Hank — Ty Burell likewise had a popular function in Finding Dory, the long-awaited follow up to Finding Nemo.

Burell handled the function of the Marine Life Institutes big beluga whale Bailey, whose shenanigans frustrate his water next-door neighbors however beauty his brand-new good friend Dory.

Whoopi Goldberg As Stretch (Toy Story 3)

Whoopi Goldberg has actually had a long history dealing with Disney — from voicing Shenzi in The Lion King to looking like herself in The Muppets to having a life-like animatronic on the old Disneys California Experience flight Super star Limousine.

However in 2010, Goldberg brought her skills over to Pixar for a cameo in Toy Story 3, where she played Stretch, a glittery toy octopus who functioned as among Lotsos henchmen.

Jason Lee As Syndrome (The Incredibles)

Right before starring in My Call Is Earl, Jason Lee ended up being a well-known Pixar supervillain in 2004s The Incredibles.

The star voiced the movies primary villain, Syndrome, who begins as Mr. Incredibles greatest fan Pal Pine however ends up being wicked after getting refused by his actual hero. Lee repeated his atrocious function for the Pixar short Jack-Jack Attack in 2005.

Kelsey Grammer As The Prospector (Toy Story 2)

Bad Guys have actually been an essential part of the Toy Story movies — from Sid Phillips to Lots-o-Huggin Bear to the Evil Emperor Zurg — and star Kelsey Grammer got to voice among the most disliked of them all.

Grammer offered his voice to The Prospector, much better called Stinky Pete, who ends up being an unforeseen villain in Toy Story 2 when he tries to stop Woody from returning house to Andy so he and the rest of the Round-Up gang can be offered to a toy museum in Japan.

Samuel L. Jackson As Frozone (The Incredibles)

Amongst his lots of distinctions as a star in popular movies, among Samuel L. Jacksons most popular functions might shock you.

Jackson starred as the fan-favorite character Lucius Best, much better called Mr. Incredibles superhero compatriot Frozone in The Incredibles, and repeated the function 14 years later on in its follow up Incredibles 2.

Andrew Stanton As Evil Emperor Zurg (Toy Story 2)


Zurg in Toy Story 2