The Strolling Dead has actually been house to increasing stars like Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Lauren Cohan for its 11 seasons on AMC. However those 11 seasons have actually likewise included some well-known — and often zombified — deals with.

While the program has actually been a should on numerous actors container lists given that Season 1, just a few have had the possibility to experience the armageddon. From a cherished Hocus Pocus starlet, to a Trademark Channel starlet, to 2 Terminator stars, TWD has actually had a number of visitor looks from widely known actors throughout the years who either signed up with Ricks group, or threatened to end it.

Thora Birch as Mary

Thors Birch is best understood for her function as Dani Dennison in Hocus Pocus, leaving fans of the Haloween-time traditional distressed when she exposed she has no strategies of going back to the movies long-awaited follow up Hocus Pocus 2.

However the starlet hasnt left the creepy vibes behind her, appearing in The Strolling Dead as a Whisperer called Mary for 10 episodes in Season 10 till the characters death in the season ending.


Robert Patrick as Mays

Robert Patrick has actually constantly been understood for depicting bad guys, most especially T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. However the star likewise signed up with the long list of Terminator actors to appear on The Strolling Dead with his Season 11 visitor look.

Patrick pulled double-duty for this visitor function, playing both a bad guy called Mays and a character whos credited as Mays Bro in an episode focused around Aaron and Gabriels relationship.

Alicia Witt as Paula

Audiences tend to anticipate this Trademark Channel starlet to enact a helpless romantic in a town at Christmastime, so it might have come as a shock when Alicia Witt appeared on The Strolling Dead as a villainess.

While she just stood for 2 episodes in Season 6, Witt played Paula, a member of The Rescuers who holds Carol and Maggie captive for most of her time on the program prior to catching a walker bite.

Ethan Embry as Carter

In spite of initially auditioning for the parts of Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh, Ethan Embry did ultimately make his method to the armageddon in Season 6.

In the 6th season best, Embry played Carter, a member of Alexandria who assists develop a wall to keep a herd of walkers away and ultimately loses the battle to a roaming walker and gets put down by Rick.

Sam Witwer as Tank Soldier

Sam Witwers look in the very first 2 episodes of The Strolling Dead might be simple to miss out on due to how fast and concealed it was.

When Rick discovers himself caught in a tank with a herd of walkers surrounding it outside, he discovers a fallen soldier inside with him. To Ricks surprise, the character credited as Tank Soldier awakens as a walker and Rick shoots him.

Max Calder as a Walker

Max Calder has actually been a stuntman for works like Complete Stranger Things, Jungle Cruise, Blacki-ish — in addition to other shows in the TWD universe, Worry the Strolling Dead and The Strolling Dead: World Beyond — however Calder has most especially depicted a walker in 5 episodes of The Strolling Dead, consisting of the shows pilot episode.

While none of his work has actually been credited on the program, Calder has actually done stunts as walkers given that the shows best and was entitled as Fall Walker 1 for the Season 6 episode “Twice as Far.”

Michael Biehn as Ian

Best understood for his representation of Kyle Reese in The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, star Michael Biehn is likewise kept in mind for his look on Season 11 of The Strolling Dead.

Biehn played a warlord called Ian, the leader of a group called Riverbend who threatens Aaron and Gabriels lives when he informs him that the skulls of his opponents are shown on the wall in his office.

Johnny Depps Similarity as a Severed Head

Out of all of Johnny Depps popular works — from Pirates of the Caribbean to Wonderful Monsters and Where to Discover Them to A Headache on Elm Street — the one fans most likely dont have any recollection of is his cameo on The Strolling Dead.

Thats since Depp didnt really appear live and in-person on the program, however his similarity did. In a Season 6 episode including zombified severed heads, executive manufacturer Greg Nicotero chose to design among the prop heads after Johnny Depp, which is stated to now be kept as a keepsake by Norman Reedus.

Greg Nicotero as Walkers

Aside from being the shows executive manufacturer and makeup artist, Greg Nicotero has likewise had the chance to toss himself into the armageddon with zombified cameos in a couple of episodes.

Nicotero has actually been turning up on the program as a walker for many years, and his undead characters have actually even been eliminated by Laurie Holdens Andrea 3 times.

Chris Hardwick As A Walker


Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead