The Cobra Kai Season 4 ending provided audiences no grace for 47 minutes as Sam and Tory defended the All Valley prize, Terry Silver took control of Kreeses notorious dojo, and Miguel removed to Mexico to discover his daddy, all of which left everybody with a lot more concerns than responses.

With Season 5 simple months away, the brand-new trailer responded to a couple of concerns, while slinging a load of brand-new ones fans method. Whether youre left questioning if Miguel will discover his daddy, what occurred to Kreese, or what the heck is with Johnnys red sunglasses, youre not alone.

Where Is This Trendy, Brand-new Cobra Kai Dojo?

The Season 5 trailer starts with the Cobra Kai trainees heating up in a brand name brand-new pimped-out dojo, thanks to Terry Silvers growth strategies.

Aside from about a lots brand-new trainees, the brand-new dojo will now include neon lighting, flat-screen tvs, and what seems some sort of picture of Silver on the back wall. And evaluating by that map, this dojo is simply among numerous in the location.


Is Miyagi-Do Done For Great?


Daniel LaRusso and Miyagi-Do in Cobra Kai