10 essential documentaries on the opioid crisis


10 a truly extraordinary documentaries on the opioid crisis

The Companies for Disease Control and Prevention breaks the opioid epidemic into three waves. The key wave began with the introduction of OxyContin—the highly addictive painkiller made by Purdue Pharma and launched in 1996—and an enhance in prescribing opioids. Spiked opioid addiction rates rapidly followed.

A well-known upward push in heroin overdose deaths marked the 2d wave in 2010. A third wave followed in 2013 with the inspiring soar in overdose deaths connected to synthetic opioids, seriously fentanyl, in step with the CDC. From 1999 to 2019, cease to 500,000 of us died as a end result of opioid overdoses.

Hulu’s 2021 drama miniseries “Dopesick” centered on Purdue Pharma pushing sales reps to persuade clinical doctors the OxyContin wasn’t addictive no topic info on the contrary. The Meals and Drug Administration backed Purdue, thereby surroundings the stage for a drug epidemic that took a support of the nation. A resolve in 2021 permitted a deal to dissolve Purdue as a industry; the Sackler family, which runs the corporate, agreed to pay $4.5 billion in a financial catastrophe settlement. Many who struggled with opioid addiction or lost a liked one as a end result of OxyContin addiction, bear voiced objections to the real fact that the Sacklers will seemingly remain without a doubt one of many wealthiest families in the United States. 

To shed light on this manufactured drug epidemic, Zinnia Health compiled a listing of 10 documentary movies and docuseries that detect the opioid epidemic.

‘The Crime of the Century’

Filmmaker Alex Gibney believes the opioid epidemic is an proper crime dedicated by physicians, pharmaceutical companies and reps, distributors, and pharmacists. “The Crime of the Century” is an HBO documentary that finds the position Purdue Pharma and other well-known manufacturers and distributors played.

Gibney sheds light on the changes the clinical neighborhood changed into asked to connect to accommodate opioids, in conjunction with how clinical doctors ought to enhance and rethink the which job of step forward bother, and the contrivance bother changed into the fifth a truly extraordinary signal. The case of Dr. Lynn Webster will be mentioned as is his position in the death of Carol Bosley, without a doubt one of his patients who died of an opioid overdose. Webster changed into a speaker for the pharmaceutical companies who obtained financial compensation.

‘Recovery Boys’

A Netflix customary, “Recovery Boys” is a 90-minute documentary that chronicles the stir to recovery for four men. After battling opioid addiction, they exhaust 18 months at a recovery heart that is farm-based and positioned in Aurora, West Virginia. The men include a younger father and husband; an addict in his 10th treatment program; one who stole from his grandmother so each and as soon as in some time to preserve his addiction that she is on the verge of homelessness; and in a roundabout contrivance, one who comes in straight from the boulevard and is floored by detox.

Elaine McMillion Sheldon, who also directed “Heroin(e),” brings a uncooked detect at addiction and recovery, proving how subtle it’s no longer most efficient to get a treatment heart nonetheless also to get make stronger as soon as returning dwelling.

‘7 Days: The Opioid Disaster in Arkansas’

Filmmaker Nathan Willis produced and directed “7 Days: The Opioid Disaster in Arkansas,” which opens with the sleek overdose of a lady. It specializes in the reviews of those that bear struggled with opioid addiction in Arkansas, the families that bear lost liked ones to addiction, moreover as law enforcement and clinical mavens who focus on the crisis in Arkansas. The film also addresses steps the inform continues to rob surrounding the opioid epidemic. Lots of companies—in conjunction with law enforcement partners, the Arkansas Division of Education, and Arkansas PBS—came together to accept the documentary.

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‘Waste No Injure: The Opioid Epidemic’

“Waste No Injure: The Opioid Epidemic” specializes in the ancient previous of the opioid epidemic covering Purdue Pharma’s advertising of the drug OxyContin, which it created, and the contrivance deceptive it changed into. The series also addresses the blatant overprescribing by physicians who had been coaxed into recommending the drug to patients by Purdue’s overzealous pharmaceutical sales power, which cited an FDA assertion that changed into mistaken and proved deadly. Ed Harris narrates the three 60-minute episodes of this PBS series. Recovering addicts and their families also share their reviews.


“Heroin(e),” a Netflix documentary, turns its lens on three ladies battling the opioid epidemic in West Virginia. The ladies in the film are a resolve, a boulevard missionary, and a fireplace chief. The inform has a mighty elevated overdose rate than the national common and opioids are, “the #1 reason leisurely death connected to drug overdoses,” in step with the inform’s authorized skilled current’s set of job. The Oscar-nominated documentary is directed by Elaine McMillion Sheldon. One 2d in the film, which appears to be like to sum all of it up, takes set when the well-known female fireplace chief in West Virginia’s ancient previous has to gash filming short to transfer to a reported overdose.

‘This Would possibly perchance well presumably Injure’

After they’ve exhausted other alternatives, power bother patients attempt a brand new methodology to treat and cure their bother. “This Would possibly perchance well presumably Injure” documents their time with Dr. Howard Schubiner, who gets to the foundation of their bother by revealing the buried trauma causing it. Schubiner then teaches them to retrain their brains to flip off the bother. The film changed into an official choice on the 2019 Austin Movie Competition.

‘The Pharmacist’

“The Pharmacist” is the yarn of pharmacist Dan Schneider, who works to get justice for his son, killed while hunting for crack. Schneider then realizes younger of us are coming to his pharmacy with prescriptions for excessive doses of the extraordinary opioid OxyContin. No longer spirited to lose to any extent additional sons and daughters, Schneider tapes conversations and begins a fight in opposition to Giant Pharma. This four-share miniseries premiered on Netflix and changed into directed by Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason.

‘Warning: This Drug Would possibly perchance well presumably Assassinate You’

Director Perri Peltz and HBO lift audiences “Warning: This Drug Would possibly perchance well presumably Assassinate You,” a yarn about four families and their battles with opioid addiction. The families’ liked ones had well-behaved prescriptions for addictive painkillers, which ended in their addiction. These legally prescribed drugs each and as soon as in some time ended in the abuse of unlawful drugs love heroin. The 60-minute documentary aspects private photography and dwelling videos moreover as files and statistics about opioids.

‘The Change’

The series as a entire shines a gentle on illicit industries. The key season of this Showtime documentary specializes in the opioid epidemic. From Mexican cartels to heart The US, the expose chronicles the fight opioids bear brought with them. “The Change” changed into directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Matthew Heineman who also directed “Cartel Land,” which changed into nominated for an Academy Award and took dwelling three Primetime Emmys.

‘Dr. Feelgood’

This portrayal of doctor and bother management specialist Dr. William Hurwitz tells both aspects of the yarn. Hurwitz affords himself as a caring and trusting doctor who helped his patients by dispensing bother-management drugs—and who changed into duped by those that purchased the medications he prescribed on the dark market. Audiences are also introduced with proof on the contrary, a five-year jail sentence for the edifying doctor and two trials for distribution of narcotics. Eve Marson directs “Dr. Feelgood” and appears to be like at ease giving viewers accept admission to to the entire yarn and the many aspects of Hurwitz.

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