10 films that won with police stories .. Vijaykanth as Chhatri without Chavez

Actors in Tamil cinema are intimidated as police officers in some films. And those films will be a turning point in their screen careers. Thus the sequel to the hugely successful sequel to the Lion film starring Surya was taken. Thus one can watch movies starring Shivaji to Karthi in police roles.

Gold Medal: Shivaji Ganesan won the gold medal for his portrayal of police officer SP Chaudhary. The film starred his wife KR Vijaya. Shivaji played the role of an honest police officer who should be punished even if his son did wrong. The film ran in theaters for over 175 days and saw the release.

Three faces: Superstar Rajinikanth starred in three roles in the movie Three Faces. The film starred Arun, John and Alex Pandian in three different roles. Rajinikanth played the role of a police officer named Alexandrian in the film. And the film was a huge success.

Bleeding: Bloody Fun is a movie starring Kamal Haasan, Arjun, Gautami and others. In the film, Kamal Haasan played the role of IPS officer Adi Narayanan. Similarly, Arjun played the role of an IPS officer named Abbas. The film was nominated for an Oscar.

Play Hunting: The film is directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and stars Kamal Haasan, Jyotika and others. Kamal Haasan played the role of DCP Raghavan in the film. Kamal Haasan also won the Tamil Nadu Government Award for Best Actor for his performance in the film.

Defend Defend: Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and starring Surya, Jyotika, Jeevan and many more. Surya played ACP Anbuchelvan in the film. His brave performance in the film received praise from many quarters.

Chhatriyan: Chhatriyan is a movie directed by Mani Ratnam and starring Vijaykanth, Revathi, Panupriya and Thilakan. Vijaykanth played an intimidating police officer in the film. The film was also acclaimed as one of the best films of the 90s.

Captain Prabhakaran: Captain Prabhakaran is Vijaykanth’s 100th film directed by RK Selvamani. The film starred Vijaykanth, Sarathkumar, Mansoor Alikhan, Ramya Krishnan and many more. With this film, Vijaykanth got the title of Captain. The film was well received by the fans.

God : Sami is a movie directed by Hari and starring Vikram and Trisha. Vikram played the role of DCP Aruchamy in the film. Sami was a turning point in Vikram’s screen career. Vikram excelled in the film with his brilliance. And the film was a huge hit.

if you know me : If you know me, the film directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and starring Ajith Kumar, Trisha, Anushka and Arunvijay. Ajith played the role of DCP Satyadev IPS in the film. Ajith won the Best Filmfare Award for his performance in the film.

Chapter One: Deeran Adhikaram is a movie directed by H Vinod and starring Karthi and Rahul Preet Singh. In the film, Karthi played the role of Deeran Thirumaran, an honest police officer. He will also be tasked with handling the murder case and punishing the perpetrators. The film was a huge success

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