People have actually long been amazed by the principle of parallel universes, with the 20th century seeing them end up being the topic of numerous works of sci-fi and dream. Slowly, comics and other works started to craft whole multiverses, which included a boundless variety of parallel universes. In the last few years the principle of a multiverse has actually ended up being more common in movie and television, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity being among the most current examples.

Its not simply Marvel and DC that have actually accepted this principle though, as there are lots of other franchises out there that have produced their own multiverses. A few of them might amaze you.

When Upon A Time (2011 – 2018) – Like Any Story Book, It Has Lots Of Chapters

This one might appear a little apparent, provided this ABC series was everything about various fairy-tale worlds existing beyond our own. Yes, that interconnected structure of dream worlds can definitely be counted as a multiverse in its own right, however it goes much deeper than that.

Among the essential pieces of the shows folklore is the When Upon a Time storybook that narrates the stories of all the shows characters. Nevertheless, in the later years of the program, its found that there are numerous similar books, each detailing alternate variations of those characters. This puts a fantastical spin on an usually sci-fi principle.


Stargate (1994 – 2018) – Not Simply an Entrance to Other Worlds

Stargate is among the most underrated, extensive sci-fi franchises of the previous couple of years. From the preliminary 1994 movie, through the 3 extremely popular television shows, as much as the just recently revealed computer game, this franchise has actually used an abundant and totally fleshed-out universe. Or should that be, universes?

Thats right, its simple to forget that in addition to the numerous journeys to other worlds and even various galaxies, the franchise has actually likewise revealed peeks of parallel universes. Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis included several episodes that handled the subject, providing peeks of the larger Stargate multiverse.

Ghostbusters (1984 – Present): Which Universe You Gonna Call?

Everybody understands that the Ghostbusters have actually existed throughout lots of kinds and mediums. Foremost naturally are the cherished initial 2 movies, their 2021 follow-up, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and its approaching follow up. Nevertheless, theres likewise the 2016 reboot and a variety of animations, video games and comics. Mentioning which, IDWs long-running Ghostbusters comics series really developed that all of these various Ghostbusters exist in various universes within a larger Ghostbusters multiverse.

These various groups have actually satisfied up on event in crossover occasions, such as 2018s Crossing Over. Nevertheless, whether well ever see any live-action multiversal shenanigans for the Ghostbusters stays to be seen.

Supernatural (2005 – 2020) – An Entire Multiverse of Beasts

While Supernatural might have started as a “monster-of-the-week” type program, its folklore grew larger with every season and ultimately consisted of a multiverse. From a Season 6 journey to a world where the Winchesters were simply characters on a television program, to the discovery of a post-apocalyptic variation of Earth in Season 12, parallel universes were gradually presented into the shows mythos.

Ultimately, it was found that the world of Supernatural was the initial universe prior to God went on to produce numerous others. Sadly, he likewise ultimately went on to ruin them all in the shows last season, prior to setting his sights on the initial universe.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) – As if One Hellmouth Wasnt Bad Enough