For as long as the function movie has actually existed as a type of creative expression, 2 hours have actually appeared a comfy optimum runtime for most movies. Possibly some filmmakers or stories can validate making a movie thats as much as 2 and a half hours, or often even 3. However going beyond 3 hours is uncommon (though not totally unusual).

Still, some movies press their runtimes even further. These are not specified as miniseries, nor are they speculative movies, as they all have a concrete story and set of styles they check out (for instance, the longest formally launched speculative movie — which shows electronic items being carried worldwide, in real-time — is roughly 5 weeks long!) The following movies are still intimidating in their length, beginning at 8 hours and ending at 14 and a half, however might show satisfying look for the bravest cinephiles out there (or possibly simply the ones with the most spare time).

Dead Souls (2018) 495 minutes


Dead Souls