Most Korean Dramas come down to the simple question of will they or won’t they. However what Kdramas do so well is allowing for long stretches of yearning, wanting glances, and tons of missed opportunities. If done properly, a great Korean Drama will always keep you guessing as to when that memorable kiss will happen. Kdrama kiss scenes are some of the most romantic, passionate, fulfilling, and sometimes funniest scenes you will see on the small screen. The key however is to make sure it doesn’t come too early where fans start to lose interest. Moreover, creators can’t make the audience wait too long. The moment has to be just right. Now that KDramas are on Netflix you can rewatch these moments over and over again anytime you want. So what are some of the best kiss scenes in Korean dramas you can watch on Netflix?

Check out our list below and just a warning, SPOILERS AHEAD! 

Kim Soo-hyun & Seo Yea-ji – It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

This goes down as one of the most memorable Kdrama kiss scenes of all time. Seo Yea-ji got the perfect birthday present from Kim Soo-hyun in episode 11. The great part about this scene is that Kim Soo-hyun wanted to talk and then just went in for the kiss. This Kdrama single-handedly changed the meaning of the phrase “Let’s talk”.  If you listen very closely you can even hear the sound of their lips as they meet. The kiss was so passionate you would think they are a couple off-screen! No wonder Kim Soo-hyun is one richest Kdrama actors working today. Can these two just admit that they are dating in real life so we can make sense of this world!

Episode 11 

Park Bo-young & Ahn Hyo-seop – Abyss

Coming in second on our list of the best Kdrama kiss scenes is from Abyss. Who did not love this kiss scene? Well, maybe just Park Hyung Sik. I mean come on, is this not the best good-night kiss scene in KDrama history? Ahn Hyo-seop was so excited he forgot to take his slippers off! This kiss has so much chemistry and passion that Ahn Hyo-seop’s ears get redder and redder the longer they kiss.

Episode 14

Kim Go-eun & Lee Min-ho – The King: Eternal Monarch

You can’t have a Kdrama kiss scenes list without Lee Min-ho. The first kiss was technically on the neck and oh boy…it is the greatest neck kiss in the history of Korean dramas. Also, the fact that these two have such chemistry might not be surprising this was a simple one-take. However, behind the scene, the director had to yell cut two times before they stopped kissing. That is how intense the scene was getting. Find the director’s cut and release it right now!

Episode 12

Kim So-hyun & Song Kang – Love Alarm

One of the best school Kdrama kiss scenes ever. This is one of the very few Kdramas that actually had the first kiss scene on the first episode. What makes this scene so unexpected is that Kim So-Hyun’s character says she has a boyfriend but seems to be enjoying the kiss. There is no pushing him off. There is a level of uncertainty and passion. The kiss is so good that it is just as impactful from the webtoon it was adapted from.

Episode 1

Suzy & Lee Seung-gi – Vagabond

It is not easy to make drunk kisses romantic but Lee Seung-gi and Suzy make it happen. It is also refreshing to see the girl make the first move and basically leave the guy baffled. He seems completely mesmerized by what just happened. Also, can we all admit that drunk Suzy is super cute? Could be a controversial pick here due to the fact that the characters are intoxicated but no one seems to be taking advantage of anyone.

Episode 6

Son Ye-jin & Hyun Bin – Crash Landing on You

You can’t have a Best Kdrama Kiss Scenes List without having a real-life couple. While there were many memorable kissing scenes in Crash Landing on You, this kiss scene in the rain is by far the best. Their chemistry is what really drives the plot and makes this drama one of the best Korean dramas of all time. The kiss was more romantic/sweet than passionate since Captain Ri isn’t 100% sure she feels the same way about him. However, these scenes leave you thinking are they just great actors or in love with each other. We think both.

Episode 7

Han Ji-min & Jung Hae-in – One Spring Night

Jung Hae-in just doesn’t care if he gets stabbed. He wants that kiss! This scene leaves butterflies in your stomach with the combination of the rain, music, and best of all the two leads. Jung Jae-in will be doing this to Jisoo very soon in the upcoming Korean drama Snowdrop. Will he be able to top this kiss? It will be difficult but Jisoo will be up for the challenge.

Episode 11

Shin Sae-Kyeong & Yim Si-wan – Run On

When you are bored the best remedy is kisses. But the only thing on Yim Si-wan’s mind is Ramen? Of course not, he has other plans. Yim Si-wan really is the perfect Korean Drama boyfriend. He is so nice and kind but is not a pushover. The scene is very powerful and sweet as it teaches about self-love and treating yourself the way you want others to treat you. The scene overall is very gentle and innocent, yet also brings passion.

Episode 14

Kim Ji-won & Ji Chang-wook – Lovestruck in the City

This scene is so sexy. Everything from when Kim Ji-won puts Ji Chang-wook’s finders back on her lips to the sound of the blowing wind. It is followed by the cuteness of her laughing and him laying his head down in her lap out of embarrassment. The whole scene is both dreamy and unique which is why it makes the list of the best Kdrama kiss scenes.

Episode 2

Shin Sae-kyeong – Cha Eun-woo – Rookie Historian

It is very hard to let someone go. However, this is where some of the best kiss scenes happen. Did any ASTRO fan ever think they would one day see Eunwoo kiss someone on screen? The kiss is so good that it gets better as the scene goes on. If you watch this scene again look at Shin Sae-kyeong’s eyes. On the first kiss, her eyes are open but she melts into the second kiss with her eyes closed. As far as meaningful kisses go, this is one of the most meaningful kisses to date.

Episode 20

Does anyone else have any suggestions for the best Kdrama kiss scenes of all time? Remember that it will need to beat the kiss scene from Rookie Historian which is ranked #10.


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