With the Star Wars universe ever-growing and possibly at its peak appeal, among the excellent things that Star Wars achieved recently is blurring the line in between animation and live-action. Characters can now cross over from one into the other and after that back into one, making each brand-new series appropriate and part of the grander mythos of deep space and offering the animated shows the importance theyve constantly was worthy of.

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And while fans and audiences wont argue that animation is simply as legitimate a medium as live-action, there is constantly an adventure seeing those characters in a live-action setting. And as we near the days when Ahsoka Tano can get her own series, there are a number of characters still waiting on their possibility to appear in a task of their own.

Asajj Ventress

The secret dark side assassin of Count Dooku, Ventress is a popular character amongst fans for being a femme fatale, her special battling design, and engaging character arc. While at first a full-on villain, as The Clone Wars advanced, she ended up being a growing number of of an anti-villain. She ended up being an anti-hero by the end as she started to create her fate far from the Sith and the Jedi.

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While Ventress story does have a conclusion in the unique Dark Disciple, it was never ever animated due to The Clone Wars preliminary cancellation, leaving her story incomplete in animated type. While Dark Disciple might work as an animated movie, it would likewise be a fantastic unique to adjust to live-action as Ventress launching live-action introduction. And if not that, possibly a flashback in Obi-Wan Kenobi would be adequate.


Beilert Valance

Among the numerous Legends characters that have actually considering that moved over to canon, Beilert Valance is a cyborg fugitive hunter who served along with Han Solo throughout his days at the Imperial Academy and was thoroughly injured. Having actually gotten cybernetic upgrades however released, Valance ended up being a fugitive hunter and turned into one of the best in the galaxy, equaling that of even Boba Fett.

Valances story and character idea are special, and while he has actually been primarily relegated to comics, there is lots of chance for a live-action look. Possibly, if The Book of Boba Fett gets a 2nd season, he might be a competitor for Bobas throne as Valance has actually constantly done not like the Mandalorian clone.

Cal Kestis

A Jedi Padawan who wound up leaving Order 66, Cal Kestis story is informed in the computer game Jedi: Fallen Order, where he is looking for a method to reconstruct the Jedi Order utilizing a Holocron including the names of Force-sensitive kids. While its not a brand-new story for Star Wars, as Jedi enduring Order 66 is a typical plot hook, its how Fallen Order informs its story that makes it work, and Cal Kestis is a big part of that.

Its affordable to think that Cal would work marvels in a live-action environment, generally considering that Cameron Monaghan was, beyond the characters voice, the design for him too. As Cals story will continue in the follow up to Jedi: Fallen Order next year (reported to be entitled Jedi: Survivor), we will likely need to wait on a live-action version of the character till that video game is finished.

Captain Rex

Rather potentially the most popular character who has yet to appear in a live-action setting, Captain Rex is the previous clone cannon fodder leader for Anakin Skywalker and a coach figure to Ahsoka. Among the couple of clones to flaw versus the Republic throughout Order 66, he ultimately signed up with the Disobedience and ended up being an important part of the battle versus the Empire.

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With Temuera Morrison even revealing interest in playing the character, the door is broad open for a Rex look. Its possible we might see him in Ahsoka, however most likely, he might remain in Andor as that program happens throughout the very same duration as Rebels.

Physician Aphra

A fairly current character thats so popular she got her comic series less than a year after her launching, Physician Chelli Lona Aphra is an archeologist that can be best referred to as the Star Wars equalivent of Indiana Jones. The only distinction is that while Indy battles Nazis and battles on the side of excellent, Aphra is typically out for herself and enters more difficulty since of it.

With her amusing small talk and experience movie leanings, Physician Aphra is a character asking for a complete theatrical function. Not just that, however her existence as one of Star Wars most popular LGBTQ+ characters offers the series a possibility to diversify — a location that live-action Star Wars has actually undoubtedly dealt with.

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