The modification in Hollywood and the intro of the MPAA at the tail end of the ‘60s meant science fiction in the ‘70s became grittier and less escapist. Then in 1977 George Lucas changed all that by going back to the adventurous feeling of old Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials with Star Wars. It was an interesting decade and with many seminal movies like Star Wars, Westworld, Logan’s Run and Alien numerous movies fell under the carpet.

These are movies that aren’t raised when discussing sci-fi from the years. These absolutely are worthy of a watch as they check out intriguing concepts or provide an excellent escapist experience like Star Wars.


Prior To The Appetite Games or perhaps The Running Man there was Rollerball. This dystopian movie is embeded in a future where business greed is widespread and nouveaus riche shoot down trees with flame handguns.

At First a short story by William Harrison, it’s a striking social commentary on our desensitization to violence and how sports are a deep-rooted part of society. This absolutely had an impact on other death sport movies and while there was a remake in 2002 this still stays the exceptional variation.


The Great Void

This was Disney’s very first effort at a PG movie after a string of flops throughout their Dark Age. The Great Void is a cross in between Star Wars, a catastrophe movie and a thriller about a madman wishing to go through a Great void.

There’s some substandard blue screenshots and the cartoonish robotics are quite contributed to be the movie’s variation of R2-D2 and C3-PO. Nevertheless, there’s still much to like specifically with the movie’s cast all providing piece de resistances and the story is more sci-fi than Star Wars’ science dream, the movie lots of people felt it duped.

Quiet Running

Quiet Running is quite an item of the early ‘70s which absolutely not a bad thing at all. The pro-environment story follows Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern) in his effort to conserve his drifting greenhouse from being ruined on business orders. Lowell even reaches to murder his fellow team members to keep his natural environment alive!

Freeman likewise has robotic buddies (Dewey, Huey and Louie) that look comparable to something out of Star Wars despite the fact that it yet to come out for another 5 years.

The Man Who Was Up To Earth

David Bowie’s very first theatrical movie has him playing an alien who needs to conserve his house world. This revealed David Bowie can be a great star as he plays the alien Thomas Jerome Newton actually well.

While most of it is set on Earth there are a number of parts that record the other worldly nature of Newton like visions of his family crossing the desert or the disturbing scene with Newton unexpected Mary Lou (Sweet Clark) with his reptilian looking eyes.

THX 1138

George Lucas’ directorial launching is much bleaker than his most well-known work. It does consist of some residues of Star Wars with the metal oppressors having some resemblance to the helmet using Storm Cannon fodders and Darth Vader.

There’s likewise a fascinating chase throughout the movie’s climax as THX (Robert Duvall) leaves the white dystopian location where the human beings are trapped. Although it’s a trainee movie broadened into a function it’s still an excellent Orwellian thriller that’s absolutely worth taking a look at.


Coming off the success of Star Wars in the late ‘70s, this Bond adventure decided to have a sci-fi twist. While it’s not up until the last act that Bond goes to area, this is still an underrated Bond movie and among the best of the Roger Moore age. It’s really ridiculous, nevertheless it accepts that silliness making it fantastic escapist home entertainment.

The area fight with everybody shooting each other with lazer weapons is likewise among the best action series of the franchise.

Escape from the World of the Apes

The best of the initial World of the Apes follows up is a thought-provoking expedition on speciesism. Cornelius and Zira time travel to 20th century Los Angeles where they discover themselves in a society that are stunned by their look.

This entry enhances itself over the complicated Below the World of the Apes by focusing more on Cornelius and Zira. The ending is likewise exceptionally morbid and permits the story to continue in the next entry Conquest of the World of the Apes.

Star Trek: The Movie

This is frequently slammed for being too sluggish and more like 2001 An Area Odyssey than Star Trek. Nevertheless, it’s resemblance to 2001 makes it special among the Star Trek franchise. It includes some fantastic unique results for the time with the design work and psychedelic moments all being top-notch.

It’s likewise fantastic seeing the Business team return and reunite after completion of the 3rd season in 1969. While the movie does not have action, it makes up with intriguing concepts and visuals.

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