Movies are made to inform stories, whether fiction or non-fiction and stimulate feelings from the audience. Some will frighten you, some will delight you, however some, in this case, are genuine tearjerkers that will make you weep a river (or quietly sob if you’re viewing it in the movie theater).

Countless touching and heartbreaking movies have actually been made, however we’ve selected a handful of work of arts that will make make sure to make you weep (however deserve your tears!)


Up will stand as one of the best and saddest animated movies of perpetuity. This heartbreaking 2009 animated movie follows the story of a senior man Carl Fredericksen (Edward Asner) and a nine-year-old kid, Russell (Jordan Nagai). Their terrific however not likely relationship began with a basic door knock. Russell, a hyper and pleasant Junior Wilderness Explorer, knocks on Carl’s door in the hopes of making his last badge prior to ending up being a Senior Wilderness Explorer – the “Assisting the Elderly” badge.

Though Carl appeared like a bad-tempered old man who is primarily mad, Russell’s character offset his and his happiness is difficult to withstand – even for Carl. His undying love for his departed partner and your home they as soon as shared shows real commitment however his failure to let go. Regardless of Carl losing his drifting home, he discovered and made something far much better than keeping his home – a caring relationship (with Russell). Watch Up on Disney+.



Harvey Milk, played by Sean Penn was the very first freely gay political leader to be chosen to a significant Californian public office, and the 3rd freely gay political leader in United States history. Milk follows his innovative however awful journey from being a New Yorker who battled with his sexuality to being a real American hero who motivated lots of closeted people to come out and accepting who they are.

Dan White, who was the manager for the communities in District 8, grew animosity and felt threatened by Harvey Milk’s impact on the growing homosexual neighborhood in San Francisco in the 70s. He required a pay raise from his manager, however his demand was rejected, therefore handed in his resignation. Nevertheless, he later on altered his mind, however it was far too late – Mayor Moscone had actually been lobbied by Milk. In a furious minute, White gets in Municipal government through the basement in an effort to hide his weapon, and shoots Mayor Moscone and later on, Milk. It was among the saddest moments in the movie and United States history. Watch Milk on Prime Video and Peacock.


It’s not surprising that Space was chosen for Best Photo at the 88th Academy Awards, and Brie Larson won the award for Best Starlet. The movie is primarily embeded in a little enclosed shed where Happiness Newsome (Brie Larson) and her 5-year-old child Jack (Jacob Tremblay) lived. They are cooped by “Old Nick” (Sean Bridgers), who is Jack’s biological dad and the man who abducted Happiness prior to Jacob was born. He abuses her for many years and continues to do it when Jacob oversleeps the closet.

The only glance of the outdoors world they have is a little skylight above the bed. Jack’s only understanding of truth is the space and whatever in it – to him, the outdoors world just exists on tv. One day, Happiness asks Jack to phony being ill to try an escape, covering his “dead body” in a carpet in the hopes that “Old Nick” would take him out of the space, which he did. As he drove through the roadways, Jack, for the very first time in his life, experiences the outdoors world. Jack’s response to the outdoors world is possibly the most heartbreaking scene in the whole movie; he couldnt think his eyes. Watch Space on Hulu and Prime Video.


Valuable follows the journey of an African-American female, Claireece “Precious” Jones (Gabourey Sidibe) who has problem with weight problems and illiteracy, and struggled with being raped by her biological dad, which led to 2 pregnancies. Her firstborn kid, Mongo, has Down syndrome and needs to be looked after by Valuable’ granny. After learning about her 2nd pregnancy, Ms. Weiss (Mariah Carey) encourages her to go to a various school where she hopes Valuable might alter her life for the much better. There, she feels enjoyed and supported.

Near completion of the movie, Ms. Weiss informs her that her dad had actually passed away from AIDS, and she later on discovers that she is HIV favorable. Regardless of the intensity of her injuries, the movie ends with Valuable finishing a high school diploma-equivalent test showing that she is attempting to alter her life by discovering how to check out and compose correctly. Watch Valuable on Hulu and Prime Video.