100 most attention-grabbing ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes of all time

Rod Serling’s iconic, severely acclaimed “The Twilight Zone” took on issues of prejudice, battle, executive, and morality in a time when these issues had been no longer regularly—if ever—at the moment mentioned on tv, valuable much less in polite conversation. Thru blending fable, thriller, and science fiction, a entire lot of the issues and classes from the memorable (and prescient) storylines mute resonate at the moment.

The persevered relevance of “The Twilight Zone,” which first and well-known ran from 1959 to 1964, has impressed a entire lot of reboots. A film model modified into produced by Steven Spielberg in 1983, and the point to enjoyed two revivals in 1985 and 2002, respectively, earlier than the most common iteration helmed by Jordan Peele along with fellow executive producers Simon Kinberg (“X-Men,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”) and Glen Morgan (“X-Recordsdata,” “Final Vacation build.”).

Mute, followers include a sweet build for the OG 156 episodes that started it all, so Stacker has place collectively the definitive top 100 “Twilight Zone” episodes checklist here, in response to IMDb fan rankings. Any ties that happened within the course of the ranking had been broken by the quantity of user votes (for instance, if two episodes had the same rating of 9.2, the one with more votes modified into ranked above the pretty pretty just a few episode).

Consume reading to be reminded of used favorites, see episodes you may perchance well include missed, and to note if any of your favorites ranked approach the very top.

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#100. Probe 7, Over and Out

– IMDb rating: 7.5

– Air date: Nov. 29, 1963

– Season 5, episode 9

A break-landed astronaut finds out his planet is getting ready to destruction, but fortunately a girl from one other world has moreover taken refuge on his recent residence. His title is Adam, hers is Eve, and collectively they plot off to search out what she calls “Irth.”

Richard Basehart, who performed Ishmael within the 1956 film “Moby Dick,” is the astronaut Adam. This modified into the first episode audiences noticed after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination beaten the nation and took over wall-to-wall TV coverage per week earlier.

#99. A Nice of Mercy

– IMDb rating: 7.5

– Air date: Dec. 29, 1961

– Season 3, episode 15

An alive to lieutenant who has never earlier than considered battle orders his men to assault Eastern troopers in a cave on the final day of World War II. Loyal earlier than the assault he’s transported help three years in time, and turns into a Eastern lieutenant who receives identical instructions to assault a neighborhood of American troopers in a cave. From the trip, the lieutenant learns of the futility of battle.

The title is in response to a quote from Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice.”

#98. As soon as Upon a Time

– IMDb rating: 7.5

– Air date: Dec. 15, 1961

– Season 3, episode 13

A janitor makes employ of his scientist boss’ time helmet to straggle from 1890 to 1960, attempting forward to existence to be better. When he finds out it may perchance perchance well truly be worse, he decides to return. A buddy he met in 1960 goes with him, but decides that 1890s existence isn’t true for him, either.

Buster Keaton, known most attention-grabbing for his iconic mute movies with slapstick comedy, plays the janitor.

#97. The Man within the Bottle

– IMDb rating: 7.5

– Air date: Oct. 7, 1960

– Season 2, episode 2

A couple that owns an antique shop finds a genie in a bottle who grants the pair four needs. The man needs for limitless vitality and turns into Hitler in his closing moments, equivalent to pretty pretty just a few episodes that present commentary on World War II.

Joseph Ruskin from “Smokin’ Aces” stars in this one.

#96. Nightmare as a Baby

– IMDb rating: 7.5

– Air date: April 29, 1960

– Season 1, episode 29

On this episode from the first season of the series, a schoolteacher is visited by her childhood self, who in the end helps the grownup model keep in mind what took plot to her mother. She figures out that her mother’s murderer is making an strive to waste her, and finally ends up killing the man as a change. It’s merely in time, for the reason that man who did it recognizes her on the boulevard.

Assortment creator and creator Rod Serling reportedly named the teacher after one from his childhood.

#95. Judgment Night

– IMDb rating: 7.5

– Air date: Dec. 4, 1959

– Season 1, episode 10

A particular person feels the results of his worst transgressions for all of eternity. He is caught on a re-lived loop as a passenger on a freighter that he, within the course of his existence within the German military, sank in World War II. On the beginning, he doesn’t know why he’s on the ship, but fright sinks in as he recognizes the history that has already took plot.

The Brits drink coffee as a change of tea within the course of the point to in consequence of the episode’s sponsor.

#94. Atomize out Clause

– IMDb rating: 7.5

– Air date: Nov. 6, 1959

– Season 1, episode 6

A hypochondriac makes a take care of the devil, however the devil gives him an ruin out option merely in case he alters his mind and desires to die. After the man assessments out his ability to elude demise, his accomplice dies in an accident. He falsely confesses to murdering her, thinking that he’ll internet a blueprint to derive out of the electric chair. He is sentenced to existence in penal complicated as a change.

Two of the actors, Virginia Christine and Dick Wilson, had been most attention-grabbing known for his or her roles in TV commercials for coffee and bathroom paper, respectively.

#93. Of Unhurried I Assume Cliffordville

– IMDb rating: 7.6

– Air date: April 11, 1963

– Season 4, episode 14

An older, filthy rich businessman who is bored along with his existence gives most of his money to the devil in alternate for going help to his formative years and dwelling out the job of making it in every single build all over again. His second strive at getting filthy rich doesn’t determine, and he finally ends up selling what he has to return to the recent, the build he turns into a janitor.

Julie Newmar, known for her characteristic because the real “Catwoman” to Adam West’s “Batman” in a entire lot of movies, plays the devil.

#92. You Drive

– IMDb rating: 7.6

– Air date: Jan. 3, 1964

– Season 5, episode 14

Whereas distracted by work, Oliver Pope hits a newspaper boy on a bicycle along with his automobile, inflicting the boy’s demise. The man flees the scene, but his automobile starts behaving surprisingly. It haunts him till he turns himself in for what he did. In one in every of the more overt classes from the series, the episode ends with the narration: “All persons making an strive to cowl prison acts moving their automobiles are hereby warned: test first to note that under that chrome there does now not lie a judgment of correct and unsuitable…”

The loopy automobile featured within the episode is a traditional 1956 Ford Fairlane.

#91. Hocus-Pocus and Frisby

– IMDb rating: 7.6

– Air date: April 13, 1962

– Season 3, episode 30

A gasoline-location owner who is well-known for telling grandiose reviews about himself that aren’t true gets kidnapped by aliens. They judge his lies and that he’s a profitable example of the human species for his or her zoo. He escapes them by taking half in a harmonica, but his chums don’t judge him when he tells the actual fact about what took plot.

Andy Devine, who voiced Friar Tuck within the Disney film model of “Robin Hood,” plays the liar.

#90. One More Pallbearer

– IMDb rating: 7.6

– Air date: Jan. 12, 1962

– Season 3, episode 17

A filthy rich man builds a bomb refuge that facets a diversity of effects in uncover to trick three of us that humiliated him into thinking the arena is truly ending, so that they are going to beg his forgiveness. They refuse to straggle collectively along with his quiz, persevering with to berate him for past behavior. After they fade, he thinks the arena is truly ending, but it undoubtedly appears he’s lost his mind.

Joseph Wiseman of Dr. No” stars in this episode.

#89. The Fugitive

– IMDb rating: 7.6

– Air date: March 9, 1962

– Season 3, episode 25

An alien king disguises himself as an used man and makes chums with a neighborhood of younger of us, particularly a girl with a leg brace. When two pretty pretty just a few aliens approach shopping for him, the girl tries to support him, but he gets caught. She goes help with him to his planet, the build she’ll become his queen as soon as she grows up.

Nancy Kulp of “The Beverly Hillbillies” plays the girl’s aunt.

#88. The Passersby

– IMDb rating: 7.6

– Air date: Oct. 6, 1961

– Season 3, episode 4

A girl sits on her porch on the tip of the Civil War looking ahead to her husband to return residence. It appears he’s uninteresting, and so is she, along with all americans else passing by down the boulevard in entrance of her residence. Abraham Lincoln shows up on the tip to provide the girl a nudge within the true course.

James Gregory, who modified into Scotty within the 1980 TV film “The Comeback Kid,” plays a Accomplice soldier in this episode.

#87. The Crimson Testomony

– IMDb rating: 7.6

– Air date: Feb. 12, 1960

– Season 1, episode 19

A World War II soldier can gaze within the faces of these spherical him who will die that day. He tries to warn his buddy no longer to straggle out, but he’s no longer obliging. On the tip, he sees the light that signals somebody’s doom in his have face.

Dick York of “Bewitched” plays a captain within the episode.

#86. Elegy

– IMDb rating: 7.6

– Air date: Feb. 19, 1960

– Season 1, episode 20

This episode, one in every of “The Twilight Zone”’s most horrible, predicts that Earth has been destroyed by nuclear battle by 1985. Three astronauts land on a plot that feels very valuable admire Earth (despite the actual fact that it’s thousands of miles away), but internet your entire of us are motionless, frozen in scenes of elegance pageants and mayoral elections. The astronauts meet the caretaker, who tells them it’s a mortuary the build of us spend without end doing what they’ve in any appreciate times dreamed with the support of “eternifying fluid” to hold their uninteresting our bodies. After he tricks the astronauts into ingesting the fluid, the caretaker areas them the build they said they most wanted to be: on their spaceship, heading residence.

Cecil Kellaway from “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” stars in this episode.

#85. In His Image

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Jan. 3, 1963

– Season 4, episode 1

A particular person creates a robot that appears merely admire him, but has simplest his most attention-grabbing qualities. There’s simplest one downside: a mechanical downside makes the robot every now and then waste of us. The robot goes out into the arena and builds a existence, loving accomplice and all, and at final returns to the town of his creator to realize his past. After the two battle, the creator steps into the existence of the created in a unbelievable and creepy traditional twist. The story modified into written by longtime “Twilight Zone” creator Charles Beaumont.

This is the first episode to drag a pudgy hour, doubling the point to’s timeslot. The longer structure revived the series from cancellation after CBS didn’t make a brand recent sponsor (despite three severely-acclaimed seasons).

#84. No Time Cherish the Past

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: March 7, 1963


Season 4, episode 10

A effectively-this ability that scientist makes employ of a time machine to identify out to prevent precise-existence atrocities that took plot within the past, admire Hiroshima or Hitler. When he learns that he can’t alternate the past, he decides to search out a restful plot to determine down but finally ends up making an strive to meddle with destiny all over all over again. When he tries to stay a schoolhouse from burning down, he truly finally ends up inflicting the fire.

A neighborhood of schoolchildren sings the patriotic tune “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean” in this episode.

#83. Queen of the Nile

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: March 6, 1964

– Season 5, episode 23

A reporter visits a celeb for an interview, and via a exiguous bit of investigative journalism, figures out that she’s quite a bit older than she appears. The age gap is kind of a bit bigger than the common celeb lie—this girl’s daughter is an used girl dwelling in her residence. The reporter learns the key to the actress’s formative years a exiguous bit of too leisurely

This is the final episode credited to the leisurely Charles Beaumont, earlier than his untimely illness and demise at age 38.

#82. I am the Night – Coloration Me Murky

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: March 27, 1964

– Season 5, episode 26

When a town is about to hang a particular person for killing a racist bigot in an act of self-defense charged as waste, it turns into without end hour of darkness. The police and media who contributed to the man’s sentencing originate as a lot as feel responsible. As he dies, darkness, representing hatred, takes over the arena.

Rod Serling reportedly wrote this episode in response to the JFK assassination.

#81. He’s Alive

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Jan. 24, 1963

– Season 4, episode 4

A younger Neo-Nazi whose public speaking abilities are failing to ship followers gets a visit from Hitler. The presumed-uninteresting Nazi leader teaches his younger accomplice simple systems to design crowds. The younger man’s rise to vitality is nick quick when he’s shot and killed by police.

Dennis Hopper plays the younger Neo-Nazi.

#80. In Praise of Pip

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Sept. 27, 1963

– Season 5, episode 1

A bookie father learns that his son, a soldier, is death in Vietnam. The daddy spends time with a 10-three hundred and sixty five days-used model of the boy at an amusement park earlier than bargaining with God to rob him as a change.

Jack Klugman of “The Odd Couple” plays the bookie.

#79. A Form of a Stopwatch

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Oct. 18, 1963

– Season 5, episode 4

An disturbing man whom acquaintances barely tolerate is given a stopwatch by a stranger at a bar. He learns he can stay time with it, and tries to employ the recent to his advantage. When the timepiece breaks, he finally ends up caught in a world the build all the pieces spherical him is frozen.

Richard Erdman, who more at the moment performed Leonard on the hit point to “Community,” stars in this episode.

#78. Needless Man’s Sneakers

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Jan. 19, 1962

– Season 3, episode 18

A murdered gangster possesses a bum who steals his sneakers from his corpse. The bum-as-gangster goes to the uninteresting man’s residence, horrible his girlfriend and then himself when the sneakers approach off and he doesn’t know the build he’s. Sneakers help on, he tries to avenge his demise but finally ends up murdered all over again because the bum. One more homeless man takes the sneakers.

This is the most fantastic episode that seemed in all three “Twilight Zone” series—real and revivals.

#77. A Piano within the House

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Feb. 16, 1962

– Season 3, episode 22

A theater critic buys his accomplice a piano for her birthday because she desires to study to play even despite the actual fact that he doesn’t think she’ll be very true. When he gets the instrument residence, he discovers that it makes his manservant point to his inner self. He decides to employ the trick at his accomplice’s celebration to humiliate the guests, however the piano gets veteran on him as a change.

The episode’s creator, Earl Hamner, Jr., wrote the unconventional “The Homecoming,” which modified into tailored into the common, lengthy-running 1970s and 1980s TV series “The Waltons” and “Falcon Crest.”

#76. Kick the Can

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Feb. 9, 1962

– Season 3, episode 21

A particular person in a nursing residence finds out that his son can’t rob him in. He decides to identify out to need himself younger, and discovers that if he plays kids’ games, he can truly accomplish it happen. Others on the nursing residence don’t judge him till he convinces them to provide Kick the Can a strive.

The game of Kick the Can is segment cowl and survey, segment hold the flag.

#75. Long Distance Call

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: March 31, 1961

– Season 2, episode 22

When a boy’s grandmother dies true after giving him a toy cellphone as a recent, he’s ready to divulge along with her within the afterlife. She decides she doesn’t wish to be uninteresting by myself, and tries to derive the boy to affix her. He makes an strive to waste himself.

This is Billy Mumy’s first of three appearances within the course of the point to’s real drag.

#74. A Most Uncommon Digicam

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Dec. 16, 1960

– Season 2, episode 10

A neighborhood of thieves stumble upon a magical digicam that unearths what will happen five minutes into the lengthy drag. After snappy all for using the instrument to support humanity, they head to the racetrack to portray the winners board earlier than the races to rob mountainous on bets. As soon as they’re help at their hotel counting their loot, they mysteriously, or tragically, all fall out of a window.

Adam Williams, who performed Valerian in “North by Northwest,” is the third musketeer in this unlucky gang.

#73. Perchance to Dream

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Nov. 27, 1959

– Season 1, episode 9

A particular person goes to a psychiatrist’s place of job because he hasn’t slept in days. He believes that if he falls asleep, a cat girl will waste him. He realizes the psychiatrist’s receptionist is the girl and jumps out the window to his demise.

This is the first episode within the series that modified into no longer written by Rod Serling.

#72. One for the Angels

– IMDb rating: 7.7

– Air date: Oct. 9, 1959

– Season 1, episode 2

A “pitch man,” somebody who hawks goods on boulevard corners, meets Loss of life, who tells him that this would well even be his time to straggle at silly night. The salesperson begs Loss of life for more time to accomplish the most attention-grabbing pitch of his existence. When a exiguous bit of girl in his constructing finally ends up about to be taken in his plot, the man pitches his existence for hers.

Ed Wynn, who plays the boulevard dealer, modified into moreover infamous for being a clown.

#71. Mr. Garrity and the Graves

– IMDb rating: 7.8

– Air date: Might maybe perchance maybe 8, 1964

– Season 5, episode 32

A con man convinces of us in a tiny Old West town that he can bring their loved ones help from the uninteresting. After he reminds them of your entire things they didn’t admire about their loved ones, they pay him no longer to struggle via with it. But then, after he leaves, the uninteresting rise all on their very have.

The script is in response to a fable by Mike Korologos.

#70. The Jeopardy Room

– IMDb rating: 7.8

– Air date: April 17, 1964

– Season 5, episode 29

This episode specializes in a Russian defector fleeing his fatherland to ask for asylum within the U.S. Sooner than he gets there, one in every of the men who tortured him in penal complicated catches up with him and areas him in a room with a bomb. The trapped man has three hours to determine out simple systems to disarm it earlier than it explodes. When he figures out the build the tool is situated, he runs out the door and finds a blueprint to blow up his captors.

Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau plays the man running for his existence.

#69. The Long Morrow

– IMDb rating: 7.8

– Air date: Jan. 10, 1964

– Season 5, episode 15

An astronaut who is about to spend 40 years in hypersleep on a residence mission meets the like of his existence. Realizing that, if he spends the outing in suspended animation, it gained’t age him, he decides to compete the adventure unplugged so that as soon as he returns he and his like will mute be identical ages. Meanwhile, his girl finds a blueprint to construct herself in suspended animation.  When he at final gets help, he’s an used man and she’s mute younger.

An episode from “The Gilmore Girls” is known as after this one.

#68. The Grave

– IMDb rating: 7.8

– Air date: Oct. 27, 1961

– Season 3, episode 7

An Old West lawman monitoring an outlaw gets to a tiny town, the build he finds out that others include already killed the bandit. He discovers that the uninteresting man place a curse on of us who killed him, but he decides to straggle to the grave at night anyway and plunges a knife into the filth. When he does, his cloak gets caught within the knife, and he freaks out, believing the outlaw’s ghost is after him. Perchance the ghost is.

Lee Marvin, who performed Fardan within the 1966 film “The Mavens” stars because the lawman.

#67. Back There

– IMDb rating: 7.8

– Air date: Jan. 13, 1961

– Season 2, episode 13

A particular person taking half in playing cards at a club has a conversation about whether or no longer it’s which that you can judge to alternate history via time race. When he leaves the club, he gets the possibility to identify out for himself. Whereas he isn’t able to stay the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, he’s ready to accomplish a side character very filthy rich.

This is the second “Twilight Zone” episode the build actor Russell Johnson offers with time race—a frequent tool within the series.

#66. The Parallel

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: March 14, 1963

– Season 4, episode 11

An astronaut orbiting Earth has an accident and finally ends up in a world the build things don’t seem pretty true. His accomplice and daughter aren’t happy that he’s him, and tiny print maintain showing him that he hasn’t truly gone residence. After realizing that he shall be in a parallel universe, he finds a system residence.

Steve Forrest plays the astronaut. His brother, actor Dana Andrews, plays the protagonist within the episode that aired at the moment earlier than this one.

#65. The Self-Enchancment of Salvadore Ross

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: Jan. 17, 1964

– Season 5, episode 16

A particular person is in like with a girl who does now not need him, and he shows an inclination toward violence within the ability he tries to pursue her. Whereas hospitalized for a broken hand, he learns he has a vitality to swap traits with of us if they comply with the deal. He tries to employ the recent to accomplish himself more attention-grabbing to the girl he loves, but that merely gets him shot to demise within the tip.

The script is in response to a transient story by creator and playwright and TV creator Henry Slesar.

#64. Dinky

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: Feb. 21, 1963

– Season 4, episode 8

A one who doesn’t match into the arena spherical him finally ends up falling in like with a doll in a dollhouse at a museum. He watches her existence within the residence: she plays piano, shoos away an unwanted suitor. When he tries to provide protection to the doll from the furious suitor he finally ends up locked away by a psychiatrist, but is in the end able to reuinte along with his like.

Robert Duvall, the enduring actor who performed Tom Hagen in “The Godfather,” stars in this episode.

#63. Ring-A-Ding Girl

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: Dec. 27, 1963

– Season 5, episode 13

An actress receives a hoop as a present that tells her she desires to return to her fatherland because something inappropriate goes to happen. The plane she’s flying on crashes the build a founder’s picnic modified into scheduled. She’d managed to divert just among the crowd by asserting she shall be performing within the excessive college auditorium, saving many lives along with her sacrifice.

The plot for the residence in this episode modified into moreover veteran in The Twilight Zone’s “Residing Doll” (#7 on this checklist).

#62. The Old Man within the Cave

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: Nov. 8, 1963

– Season 5, episode 7

A submit-apocalyptic town survives on the suggestion from an used man in a cave brought to them via an intermediary. A neighborhood of troopers system to town and carry questions referring to the man. The townspeople deem to waste him, and he appears to be a pc. Without the used man’s suggestion the of us die.

The script is in response to a transient story by Henry Slesar, who moreover wrote for “Alfred Hitchcock Gifts.”

#61. The Alternate-Ins

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: April 20, 1962

– Season 3, episode 31

A couple is growing used, and the man has a situation that causes pretty just a few bodily wretchedness. The couple notice into an organization that may perchance well enable them to transfer their consciousnesses to younger alternative our bodies, but they’ll simplest give you the money for one job. The man decides he’d pretty cease used along with his accomplice.

The second accomplice of Joseph Schildkraut, who plays the used man, died whereas he modified into filming this episode. He insisted on ending the point to earlier than taking time to mourn.

#60. Particular person or People Unknown

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: March 23, 1962


Season 3, episode 27

A particular person wakes up after an night of ingesting to see that no person, in conjunction with his accomplice and coworkers, knows who he’s. A psychiatrist tries to persuade him that he’s no longer who he believes that he’s. In the tip, he wakes up from the nightmare to his accomplice asleep subsequent to him, but now he doesn’t acknowledge her.

This is one in every of the first cases of a TV point to that consists of a husband and accomplice drowsing within the same mattress collectively.

#59. The Rip Van Winkle Caper

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: April 21, 1961

– Season 2, episode 24

A neighborhood of thieves settle a cargo of gold and then cowl in a sealable cave below a mountain. They place themselves in suspended animation for 100 years to provide time for these making an strive to resolve the heist to determine down. As soon as they derive up, they discover gold is now worthless.

Simon Oakland, who performed Dr. Fred Richman in Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” stars in this episode.

#58. Two

– IMDb rating: 7.9


Air date: Sept. 15, 1961


Season 3, episode 1

A particular person and girl from opposing facets in a battle are the most fantastic of us left in a submit-apocalyptic world. They meet and build a relationship, working via wary moments when intuition pushes them to purpose guns at every pretty pretty just a few. In the tip, they alternate out of their soldier uniforms and originate up a brand recent existence.

“Bewitched” well-known particular person Elizabeth Bernard Law Sir Bernard Law plays the girl.

#57. A World of Inequity

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: March 11, 1960

– Season 1, episode 23

A businessman with a licensed existenceadvantageous accomplice, true job, righteous secretaryfinds himself in a film plot for his existence. He’s educated that he’s truly an actor taking half within the man he knowing he modified into, and he finds that the actor’s existence is extremely dreadful. When he learns the film goes to be scrapped, he races to the studio to identify out to reunite with the existence he loved earlier than it’s too leisurely.

The trapped man whistles “Coming via the Rye,” as he tries to dial the cellphone.

#56. I Shot an Arrow into the Air

– IMDb rating: 7.9

– Air date: Jan. 15, 1960

– Season 1, episode 15

The essential manned spacecraft crashes and four contributors of the crew continue to exist. Believing themselves to be millions of miles from Earth, they battle over rations, and one man kills the others within the look for survival. Then, after hours of walking, he finds out they crashed in Nevada.

This is one in every of simplest four episodes with mid-point to narration.

#55. Loss of life Ship

– IMDb rating: 8

– Air date: Feb. 7, 1963

– Season 4, episode 6

Three astronauts are on a mission to search out out if an increasing number of overcrowded Earth may perchance well colonize one other planet. Whereas exploring their target planet, they internet a duplicate of their ship and themselves crashed on this planet, uninteresting. Two of the astronauts system to phrases with the conclusion that they’re already uninteresting, however the captain refuses to evaluate it.

Just among the musical rating from “Loss of life Ship” modified into taken from one other episode“Back There.”

#54. The Dummy

– IMDb rating: 8

– Air date: Might maybe perchance maybe 4, 1962

– Season 3, episode 33

A ventriloquist believes that his wooden doll is out to derive him. His agent is pissed off and thinks the man desires a psychiatrist. The ventriloquist tries to ruin out his an increasing number of upsetting partner, but within the tip, it’s the doll’s flip to govern him.

The ventriloquist dummy modified into later re-veteran in “Caesar and Me,” an episode from season five.

#53. Twenty Two

– IMDb rating: 8

– Air date: Feb. 10, 1961

– Season 2, episode 17

An overworked dancer who has been hospitalized has recurring nightmares about going on to the effectively being facility’s morgue. In the dream, the morgue is in room 22, and the nurse in cost tells her there’s room for one more. After she leaves the effectively being facility, she discovers that the nightmare modified into truly a premonition for a flight she’s about to derive on.

A restricted budget within the course of season two intended that six episodes, in conjunction with “Twenty Two,” had been shot with videotape in plot of film.

#52. A Tremendous Space to Seek suggestion from

– IMDb rating: 8

– Air date: April 15, 1960

– Season 1, episode 28

Police shoot an man who is making an strive to preserve a pawn shop. The crook wakes as a lot as a particular person in white welcoming him to the afterlife, the build he’s ready to include all the pieces that he wantsgirls, playing wins, a luxurious residence. After a whereas, the man gets tired of in any appreciate times getting what he wants, and finds out he’s no longer in heaven after all.

The slot machines veteran in this episode had been moreover veteran in season one’s “The Fever.”

#51. Valley of the Shadow

– IMDb rating: 8.1

– Air date: Jan. 17, 1963

– Season 4, episode 3

A reporter stumbles on a tiny town with a mountainous secret: equations that enable them to rearrange matter. The journalist first sees this in motion when a exiguous bit of girl disappears his canines with a zapping tool. He tries to persuade the townspeople that they’d well resolve the arena’s issues with their technology, but they don’t think humanity is ready for it. The reporter proves them true.

James Doohan, who performed the girl’s father in this episode, is most known for his work on “Big title Shuffle.”

#50. The Runt People

– IMDb rating: 8.1


Air date: March 30, 1962


Season 3, episode 28

When two astronauts break on a planet with shrimp of us, one in every of them turns into identified as a god. He decides to cease when the pretty pretty just a few is able to fade in their repaired spaceship. Then two aliens bigger than him land on this planet, and he learns his plot within the universe’s pecking uncover.

Just among the props in this episode had been veteran in “Forbidden Planet.”

#49. The Hunt

– IMDb rating: 8.1

– Air date: Jan. 26, 1962

– Season 3, episode 19

A one who lives in a backwoods nation residence along with his accomplice takes his canines racoon hunting. The 2 fall into a pond and drown. When he gets to a admire gate on the boulevard to eternity, he finds out he can’t straggle inner along with his canines and decides that he’d pretty maintain walking than straggle to heaven without his canines accomplice. He then realizes that wasn’t the gate to heaven after all.

Earl Hamner Jr., who created “The Waltons,” wrote this episode.

#48. A Sport of Pool

– IMDb rating: 8.1

– Air date: Oct. 13, 1961

– Season 3, episode 5

A pissed off pool shark curses the title of a uninteresting billiards participant who modified into supposedly better than him. The uninteresting man then shows up for one final sport of pool. When the dwelling pool participant wins, he finds out that he’ll be obligated to point to up from the afterlife to play of us that downside him.

In an alternate model of the episode’s ending that modified into filmed decades later, the uninteresting man wins the game.

#47. The Odyssey of Flight 33

– IMDb rating: 8.1

– Air date: Feb. 24, 1961

– Season 2, episode 18

A plane catches a mysterious tailwind that tosses them help in time to the age of dinosaurs. After realizing what took plot, the pilot tries to search out the tailwind all over again. They discontinue up just a few decades earlier than they intended.

Rod Serling reportedly carried out practical technical pilot-divulge thanks to his aviation-reporter brother.

#46. The Night of the Meek

– IMDb rating: 8.1

– Air date: Dec. 23, 1960

– Season 2, episode 11

An alcoholic Santa Claus gets fired from his job at a department retailer. He finds a magical rep out of which he can pull items, and goes spherical town serving to of us. A police officer and his used boss strive and lock him up for what they presume to be stolen goods, but they discover the rep is precise. Reindeer and sleigh stay up for the recent obliging Santa on the tip of the episode.

John Fiedler, who plays the retailer supervisor who fires Santa, modified into moreover the teach actor for Piglet in many “Winnie the Pooh” motion photos.

#45. The Final Flight

– IMDb rating: 8.1

– Air date: Feb. 5, 1960

– Season 1, episode 18

A pilot flees a World War I dogfight, time travels 42 years into the lengthy drag, and lands at a U.S. military deplorable in France. He learns that the buddy he believed uninteresting when the pilot deserted him within the battle is on his ability to visit the deplorable. He realizes that somebody else will have to include saved his buddy that day..

Elements of this episode had been filmed at Norton Air Pressure Nefarious, which is now the San Bernardino Global Airport.

#44. Mirror Image

– IMDb rating: 8.1

– Air date: Feb. 26, 1960

– Season 1, episode 21

A girl at a bus location has just a few odd encounters with workers who claim that they merely noticed her moments within the past. She then sees an evil twin model of herself. A particular person to whom she tells the story calls to police to include her committed, but then he too sees an alternate model of himself.

Vera Miles, who starred in Hitchcock’s “Psycho” as Lila Crane, plays the heroine in this episode.

#43. What You Need

– IMDb rating: 8.1

– Air date: Dec. 25, 1959

– Season 1, episode 12

A peddler is able to predict what of us will need within the approach future despite the actual fact that they haven’t any opinion why. A crook plans to rob advantage of this expertise. The peddler gives him a pair of slippery sneakers—as a results of which, the thief gets hit by a automobile.

The distinctive story reportedly had a fortune-telling machine as a change of a peddler.

#42. The build Is Everyone?

– IMDb rating: 8.1

– Air date: Oct. 2, 1959

– Season 1, episode 1

A one who can not keep in mind who he’s walks spherical a tiny town and finds it surprisingly devoid of human existence, despite the actual fact that vestiges, such as coffee on the range, stay. It appears the man is an astronaut in training. He’s training for residence race in an isolation chamber and the lonely scenes are his hallucinations.

The town sq. plot modified into later veteran within the “Back to the Future” movies.

#41. The New Level to

– IMDb rating: 8.2

– Air date: April 4, 1963

– Season 4, episode 13

A one who works at a wax museum brings residence five of the figures when an organization buys the museum and plans to mosey it down. These five figures happen to be a series of murderers that he’s serious about. Taking care of the five figures takes all of his money, and his accomplice and boss discontinue up victims as effectively.

Though the script for this episode is credited to Charles Beaumont, it modified into ghost-written by Jerry Sohl.

#40. A Penny for Your Solutions

– IMDb rating: 8.2

– Air date: Feb. 3, 1961

– Season 2, episode 16

A banker buys a newspaper. When he tosses a coin into the newspaper field to pay for it, the coin lands on its edge, and the banker is without notice equipped with powers to hear of us’s ideas. He nearly gets himself fired in consequence of his recent-stumbled on present but finally ends up with a promotionand a brand recent girlfriend.

Dick York plays the banker.

#39. A World of His Comprise

– IMDb rating: 8.2

– Air date: July 1, 1960

– Season 1, episode 36

A creator can accomplish of us within the precise world when he speaks into his dictation tool. His accomplice takes downside when she catches him with a mistress he made up. She finds out the anxious ability that he made her up as effectively.

Keenan Wynn, son of “The Twilight Zone” well-known particular person Ed Wynn, plays the creator.

#38. Printer’s Devil

– IMDb rating: 8.3


Air date: Feb. 28, 1963

– Season 4, episode 9

The head of a failing newspaper makes a take care of the devil. He’s given a linotype machine with the vitality to accomplish despite it writes approach true. The printer is able to employ the machine to construct himself from the devil.

The script is in response to a transient story by Charles Beaumont known as, “The Devil, You Hiss?”

#37. Night Call

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: Feb. 7, 1964

– Season 5, episode 19

A bedridden used girl begins receiving mysterious cellphone calls, upon which she hears first static, then, slowly, an emerging teach. When she calls the cellphone company, she learns that there may perchance be a downed cellphone line going into the cemetery, and she realizes the teach on the pretty pretty just a few discontinue is her uninteresting fiance. She yells on the teach to fade her by myself, and he tells her he’s going to note her orders.

This episode’s intended air date, Nov. 22, 1963, needed to alternate in consequence of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

#36. Stopover in a Nonetheless Town

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: April 24, 1964

– Season 5, episode 30

When a pair wakes up after an night of ingesting, they internet themselves in a faux world. The cellphone lies don’t work, and even the squirrels are stuffed. They discover that whereas they had been riding residence, aliens kidnapped them and gave them to a exiguous bit of 1 as pets.

The bulletin board on the church advertises for Rev. Kogh Gleason. F. Keogh Gleason modified into a plot decorator who worked on the point to.

#35. The Changing of the Guard

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: June 1, 1962

– Season 3, episode 37

A professor finds out that his contract gained’t be renewed and begins to think that his existence’s work modified into worthless. He considers committing suicide, but ghosts of his past students system to visit him and support him realize how crucial he modified into to them.

The professor reads a Horace Mann guide that modified into the motto for creator Rod Serling’s alma mater.

#34. Number 12 Appears to be like Loyal Cherish You

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: Jan. 24, 1964

– Season 5, episode 17

In a world the build of us undergo surgical treatment to note admire one in every of a settle series of faces after they reach maturity, one girl resists letting straggle of her particular person identity. Her father committed suicide after going via the job. The officials advise her that she doesn’t have to hold out it, but slowly rob away her choices.

All of the characters are named after film stars.

#33. Runt Girl Misplaced

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: March 16, 1962

– Season 3, episode 26

People derive as a lot as their daughter’s screams within the heart of the night. They straggle to her room to see that she’s no longer there, but can mute hear her cries. With the support of a buddy, they decide that she’s disappeared into a portal to 1 other dimension.

Sarah Marshall of “The Long Scorching Summer” plays the mummy.

#32. Deaths-Head Revisited

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: Nov. 10, 1961

– Season 3, episode 9

A used German SS captain returns to the placement of a focus camp the build he tortured prisoners. Whereas the Nazi reminisces over the vitality he as soon as yielded, a ghost of a particular person he killed appears to construct him on trial. The man is sentenced to a existence of madness.

The title refers to an SS image of a skull and crossbones.

#31. A Hundred Yards Over the Rim

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: April 7, 1961

– Season 2, episode 23

A pioneer walks a ways from the path of wagons to note for water for his son, who has a inappropriate fever. He finally ends up time-traveling to the 1960s, and learns who his son will become within the end. He finds out penicillin may perchance well very effectively be the cure he desires and runs help to the past with tablets in hand.

Cliff Robertson, who performed Uncle Ben within the 2002 film model of “Spiderman,” stars because the father.

#30. Long Live Walter Jameson

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: March 18, 1960

– Season 1, episode 24

A history professor is within the job of wooing his colleague’s daughter. It appears the professor has been alive without ageing for thousands of years, and his fiance’s father objects to the marriage, bright that the man who can live without end will in the end fall her for somebody younger. The professor it sounds as if mute has some traces of mortality left, despite the actual fact that: when an furious ex shoots him, he at final finds out what demise is admire.

Kevin McCarthy from “Invasion of the Physique Snatchers” plays the professor.

#29. People Are Alike All Over

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: March 25, 1960

–  Season 1, episode 25

Astronauts break on a mission to Mars, and one survives. He in the end meets Martians, who seem pretty human-admire and provide to form him a residence. He realizes too leisurely that they’ve made a zoo habitat for him to live in whereas Martians see at him.

The script is in response to a transient story by novelist Paul Fairman.

#28. Third from the Sun

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: Jan. 8, 1960

– Season 1, episode 14

In a traditional Cool War commentary storyline, this episode specializes in a nuclear scientist who knows that impending battle ability the planet is about to end. He and his buddy knowing an ruin out for his or her families to 1 other planet that he’s stumbled on and believes will maintain existence. That plot appears to be Earth.

The background noises from the closing scene had been reportedly moreover veteran in “Big title Shuffle.” It’s a perennial current on top “Twilight Zone” episode lists.

#27. The Lonely

– IMDb rating: 8.3

– Air date: Nov. 13, 1959

– Season 1, episode 7

This episode facilities on a convict spending his sentence isolated on an asteroid. All that he has to note forward to is when a present ship involves fall off what he desires to continue to exist. He receives a gorgeous pretty just a few package with a feminine robot inner and develops a shut relationship along with her, but when he gets pardoned, he finds available isn’t room to bring her help on the spaceship.

This episode modified into filmed on position in Loss of life Valley.

#26. On Thursday We Fling away for House

– IMDb rating: 8.4

– Air date: Might maybe perchance maybe 2, 1963

– Season 4, episode 16

The essential human colony in residence is waiting, after 30 years away, to be taken help to Earth. The colony’s leader begins to realize that he gained’t matter anymore after they derive help residence, so he decides to cease when the remainder of the colony leaves.

Buzz Kulik, the man within the help of the 1971 made-for-tv film “Brian’s Song” and “Playhouse 90,” directs this episode.

#25. The Howling Man

– IMDb rating: 8.4

– Air date: Nov. 4, 1960

– Season 2, episode 5

A particular person mountain climbing in Europe takes refuge in an abbey within the course of a rainstorm. The traveler discovers that the monks there include imprisoned a one who can’t stay howling, and one in every of the monks tells him that the man they’ve captured is the devil himself. The traveler, doubtful who to evaluate, releases the howling man, and lives to be apologetic about it.

John Carradine, who voiced the Colossal Owl in “The Secret of NIMH,” plays the lead monk.

#24. The Invaders

– IMDb rating: 8.4

– Air date: Jan. 27, 1961

– Season 2, episode 15

A girl cooking stew discovers that two exiguous aliens include landed a flying saucer on her roof. She finally ends up in a fierce battle with them. It appears that the aliens are truly from Earth and had been sent to search out a planet of giants.

Agnes Moorehead, who plays Endora on “Bewitched,” stars in this episode.

#23. The Hitch-Hiker

– IMDb rating: 8.4

– Air date: Jan. 22, 1960

– Season 1, episode 16

A girl riding across the nation starts to note a hitchhiker after she blows out a tire. A mechanic fixes it for her simple ample, and she’s help on the boulevard, but she retains seeing the same hitchhiker despite how a ways she drives. She gets an increasing number of freaked out—understandably so, for the reason that man on the facet of the boulevard appears to be Loss of life.

The script modified into tailored from a radio play by Lucille Fletcher.

#22. Walking Distance

– IMDb rating: 8.4

– Air date: Oct. 30, 1959


Season 1, episode 5

An ad executive leaves New York on a spontaneous boulevard outing to uninteresting down a exiguous bit of. When he stops to include his automobile serviced, he realizes that he’s an effortless bound from his childhood fatherland. When he gets there, he sees his of us along with his 11-three hundred and sixty five days-used self, which gets complicated for all americans. His dad convinces him that he has to return to the recent.

The park within the episode modified into reportedly impressed by a park within the fatherland of creator and creator Rod Serling.

#21. Shadow Play

– IMDb rating: 8.5

– Air date: Might maybe perchance maybe 5, 1961

– Season 2, episode 26

A particular person gets a demise sentence for waste. He tells all americans that he doesn’t wish to die all over again because he retains having the same nightmare that he’s electrocuted. He warns them that if they waste him, they, too, will stay to exist.

Dennis Weaver of “McCloud” stars because the doomed man.

#20. Nothing within the Dark

– IMDb rating: 8.5

– Air date: Jan. 5, 1962

– Season 3, episode 16

An used girl who is so unnerved of demise that she gained’t beginning her door is pressured to confront her fears when a policeman is shot on her stoop. She brings him inner, the build they’ve a lengthy, frank conversation referring to the unknown. When a contractor tells her that her constructing will seemingly be demolished the following day, the policeman helps her pass on to the following segment of her existence’s race.

Robert Redford plays the policeman.

#19. Cut of Time

– IMDb rating: 8.5

– Air date: Nov. 18, 1960

– Season 2, episode 7

A couple on honeymoon is waiting in a diner whereas their automobile is within the shop. They web a fortune-telling machine, and the man gets drawn in because the things it predicts originate as a lot as return true. After his recent accomplice gives him a true talking to, she’s able to rush him a ways from it.

William Shatner stars in this episode.

#18. The After Hours

– IMDb rating: 8.5

– Air date: Jun. 10, 1960

– Season 1, episode 34

A girl goes to a department retailer to settle a gold thimble for her mother. An elevator operator sends her to the ninth ground, the build she buys a thimble, simplest to realize on her ability out that it’s scratched. When she talks to the sales friends, she learns there may perchance be no ninth ground, and on her quest to search out the actual person that helped her with the thimble, she learns who, or what, she truly is.

This is one in every of three episodes with an notice in plot of a spiral first of all.

#17. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

– IMDb rating: 8.6

– Air date: Feb. 28, 1964

– Season 5, episode 22

Finally of the Civil War, Union troops are scheduled to hang a Southerner at Owl Creek Bridge. The rope breaks, and he falls into the water. He does his most attention-grabbing to elude the troopers chasing after him as he makes his ability residence to his accomplice, but his neck snaps, ending the fable.

The script is in response to a fable by the American poet and humor creator Ambrose Bierce.

#16. The Silence

– IMDb rating: 8.6

– Air date: April 28, 1961

– Season 2, episode 25

At a men’s club, one member can’t stay speaking. One more member challenges the first to a broad gamble: if he can cease mute for a total three hundred and sixty five days, in a room on the club specially rigged to know if he cheats, then he wins $500,000. When he succeeds, the pretty pretty just a few man confesses that he doesn’t include the money to pay the prize, and the as soon as-loquacious club member unearths that he’s destroyed the nerves in his vocal cords.

Liam Sullivan, who modified into moreover Graham in “That Darn Cat,” plays the talkative club member.

#15. The Tiring night Sun

– IMDb rating: 8.6

– Air date: Nov. 17, 1961

– Season 3, episode 10

Earth has been knocked out of orbit and is transferring nearer and nearer to the sun. People are making an strive to ruin out the warmth, which is so intense that art work are melting, and two neighbors carry out their most attention-grabbing to continue to exist as all americans else flees their constructing. When one in every of the neighbors wakes up, she realizes that she’s had a fever your entire time and learns that the arena is truly transferring a ways from the sun and getting chillier.

Jason Wingreen, who later seemed in “Airplane!” plays a neighbor in this episode.

#14. And When the Sky Turned into as soon as Opened

– IMDb rating: 8.6

– Air date: Dec. 11, 1959

– Season 1, episode 11

Three astronauts straggle into residence and break into the barren region. As they enhance from the ordeal, one within the effectively being facility and the pretty pretty just a few two in a bar, they originate to recede. Everyone spherical them forgets they ever existed.

Jim Hutton from “The Inexperienced Berets” stars in this one.

#13. The Masks

– IMDb rating: 8.7

– Air date: March 20, 1964

– Season 5, episode 25

A death filthy rich man knows that each one his heirs need his is money. He tells them that if they wish to be left within the inheritance, they have to wear masks to his Mardi Gras celebration. The masks accomplish their faces alternate to match their most attention-grabbing flaws.

Ida Lupino, who directed this episode, is the most fantastic feminine director “Twilight Zone” within the point to’s real drag.

#12. The Refuge

– IMDb rating: 8.7

– Air date: Sept. 29, 1961

– Season 3, episode 3

In the heart of a dinner celebration, a neighborhood of suburbanites finds out that they’re about to derive nuked. One man has built a bomb refuge for his household, and he gained’t let someone else inner. They discover that it modified into a faux terror; but no longer in time to construct their friendships.

Jack Albertson, who performed Grandpa Joe in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” is one in every of the shut-out neighbors.

#11. 5 Characters in Search of an Exit

– IMDb rating: 8.7

– Air date: Dec. 22, 1961

– Season 3, episode 14

In a fan-current episode, a prime, a clown, a dancer, a hobo and a bagpiper internet themselves trapped collectively in a cylindrical room. They don’t perceive how they got there, how lengthy they are going to be there and even who they’re. They struggle to ruin out, but cave in whenever they hear a loud clang.

The script is in response to a transient story by Marvin Petal, who modified into reportedly paid $250.

#10. A Discontinue at Willoughby

– IMDb rating: 8.7

– Air date: Might maybe perchance maybe 6, 1960

– Season 1, episode 30

An ad man drained of his existence falls asleep on a screech and discovers a town known as Willoughby. His accomplice critiques his fantasies, and he decides that existence is most attention-grabbing there. He steps off a transferring screech to his demise in uncover to cease within the town he loves.

The screech location names veteran within the point to are reportedly from the New Haven Railroad.

#9. Will the Right Martian Please Stand Up?

– IMDb rating: 8.8

– Air date: Might maybe perchance maybe 26, 1961

– Season 2, episode 28

Policemen are investigating a reported flying saucer break. They web a neighborhood of bus passengers stranded at a diner whereas they wait out a blizzard. Only nervousness is, there are one too many passengers. The cops strive and decide out which one is the Martian, whereas the alien has his have plans for world domination. The episode mentions fellow precise-existence sci-fi/fable creator Ray Bradbury by title as segment of the story.

This is the first “Twilight Zone” episode directed by Bernard Law Sir Bernard Law Pittman.

#8. The Ancient Man

– IMDb rating: 8.8

– Air date: June 2, 1961

– Season 2, episode 29

In a totalitarian society, a librarian is sentenced to execution because he’s deemed ragged. The executive permits the condemned man to hold how he’ll die. He requires the issue’s Chancellor to be there for a televised showing of his demise.

Burgess Meredith, who performed Mickey within the “Rocky” movies, is the librarian. He returns on the checklist in “Time Enough At Final” at #4.

#7. Residing Doll

– IMDb rating: 8.9

– Air date: Nov. 1, 1963

– Season 5, episode 6

When a particular person’s accomplice and daughter approach residence with a brand recent doll, he’s at the moment off-place by the toy. The doll starts telling him that it hates him and desires to waste him. He tries taking a blowtorch to the doll, but she, and a flight of stairs, derive the better of him.

The residence plot modified into later veteran within the “Twilight Zone” episode “Ring-a-Ding Girl.”

#6. It’s a Elegant Life

– IMDb rating: 8.9

– Air date: Nov. 3, 1961

– Season 3, episode 8

In an iconic efficiency by Billy Mumy, a six-three hundred and sixty five days-used boy reigns fear on his tiny town along with his powers to study minds and do away with someone who thinks much less-than-true ideas. The adults slowly lose their persistence and are sent “to the cornfield.” Some look for making an strive to waste him, but they don’t succeed. Cloris Leachman plays the boy’s mother.

In 2003, this episode modified into the most fantastic one to derive a sequel. It’s extensively identified as one in every of the most attention-grabbing episodes of the series, and modified into ranked #3 by TIME Journal, within the help of “Time Enough At Final” (ranked #4 on our checklist) and “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Aspect twin carriageway” (#5 on our checklist).

#5. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Aspect twin carriageway

– IMDb rating: 9

– Air date: March 4, 1960

– Season 1, episode 22

When the lights straggle out on a tree-lined, suburban boulevard, somebody suggests that aliens are attacking. Because the weirdness continues, neighbors become suspicious of every pretty pretty just a few, escalating to mass hysteria. The aliens who carry out wish to govern the planet scrutinize from a distance as other folks carry out a completely beautiful job of destroying themselves.

Jack Weston, who performed Max Kellerman within the standard film “Soiled Dancing,” is one in every of the neighbors.

#4. Time Enough at Final

– IMDb rating: 9.1

– Air date: Nov. 20, 1959

– Season 1, episode 8

A banker who prefers books to all the pieces else in his existence is the one real survivor when a nuclear bomb goes off whereas he’s within the vault reading. Since his accomplice and boss never gave him time to study, he’s glad to be left by myself along with his books. Then his glasses ruin. The legendary actor Burgess Meredith, plays the banker. It remains a poignant, if ironic, ode to bibliophiles and introverts in every single plot.

Assortment creator and creator Rod Serling said this modified into one in every of his current episodes.

#3. To Help Man

– IMDb rating: 9.2

– Air date: March 2, 1962

– Season 3, episode 24

Aliens system to Earth and appear to hope to accomplish peace. Though of us are first of all skeptical, they’re impressed by the extraterrestrials’ priceless additions to their lives. Then, after they fade within the help of a guide, of us work to decode what it ability. It’s a cookbook.

The script is in response to a fable by sci-fi novelist Damon Knight.

#2. Nightmare at 20,000 Toes

– IMDb rating: 9.2

– Air date: Oct. 11, 1963

– Season 5, episode 3

In one in every of the most infamous “Twilight Zone” episodes of all time, William Shatner stars as a particular person recovering from a anxious breakdown. He sees a monster attacking the plane he’s flying in, but he’s no longer certain if it’s precise. On the beginning, he tries to downplay his downside and asks his accomplice to be obvious the pilot checks on that segment of the plane. As he turns into more happy, he has to hold between making his accomplice think that he’s mute loopy and saving her existence.

John Lithgow plays Shatner’s infamous characteristic in Spielberg’s film model of Twilight Zone in 1983. The episode has been spoofed and parodied a mountainous quantity of cases in common custom, in conjunction with on “Saturday Night Live,” in “The Lego Batman Movie,” and on “The Simpsons.”

#1. Note of the Beholder

– IMDb rating: 9.2

– Air date: Nov. 11, 1960

– Season 2, episode 6

Possibly the most traditional episode of the series specializes in a girl recovering from her 11th facial surgical treatment, passed via in uncover to accomplish herself notice beautiful ample to lead obvious of being sent away to a colony of frightful of us. When her bandages approach off, revealing what shall be, in our world, a unbelievable girl, the doctor is upset. Then, we at final gaze what all americans else appears admire. Serling’s critique of bodily elegance and conformism via the story feels even more relevant at the moment.

The legendary makeup artist, William Tuttle, who created the dazzlingly creepy and surprising appears for this episode, moreover created the results for the Morlocks within the 1960 sci-fi film “The Time Machine” moreover to a complete lot of pretty pretty just a few iconic movies because the head of makeup at MGM within the course of his storied 40-three hundred and sixty five days occupation. The song is supplied by the enduring composer and frequent Hitchcock collaborator, Bernard Herrmann, who moreover wrote the theme for the series.