12 Original Movies that are Coming on Prime Video

It is not today that Prime Video has bet on original films and series to include them in its catalog. And to be honest, for the most part the quality of these productions exceeds expectations.

In addition, the platform has invested in literary adaptations, which are even titles that are clearly made for the awards season, such as FOE, which is scheduled to hit theaters in October but has not yet been dated on Amazon Streaming.


Oscar® nominees Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal star in Foe, a haunting exploration of marriage and identity in an uncertain world. Hen and Junior farm a remote piece of land that has been in Junior’s family for generations, but their quiet life is thrown into turmoil when an uninvited stranger (Aaron Pierre) shows up at their door with a surprising proposal.

Based on the novel by bestselling author Iain Reid, directed by Garth Davis and co-written by Davis and Reid, Foe’s fascinating images and persistent questions about the nature of humanity (and artificial humanity) awaken the not-too-distant future to luminous life.


Oscar-winning actress Emerald Fennell (promising young woman) tells us a beautifully perverted story about privileges and desires. Struggling to find his place at Oxford University, student Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan) is drawn into the world of the charming and aristocratic Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi), who invites him to Saltburn, the sprawling estate of his eccentric family, for an unforgettable summer.

The Burial

Inspired by true events, when a handshake deal goes wrong, funeral director Jeremiah O’keefe (Oscar® winner Tommy Lee Jones) hires charismatic, soft-spoken lawyer Willie E. Gary (Oscar® winner Jamie Foxx) to save his family business.

Tempers flare and laughter ensues as the unlikely pair bond as they uncover corporate corruption and racial injustice in this inspiring and triumphant story.

In My Mother’s Skin

Set in the Philippines from 1945 at the end of World War II, we follow the story of TALA, a 14-year-old daughter of a textile merchant from the Philippines. She lives with her sick mother LIGAYA and her younger brother BAYANI in a colonial house torn apart by the war. When Tala’s father mysteriously sets off again to negotiate with the Japanese about his family’s freedom, his family finds themselves alone in their remote villa in the forest, waiting for his return.

Not long after, LIGAYA’s condition deteriorates rapidly. Desperate, Tala seeks out a mysterious fairy who has promised to protect her. Happy to help, the fairy gives Tala a magical insect to heal her dying mother. Ligaya’s illness progresses to such an extent that the pain makes her scream in extreme distress and knock on the door of death. Tala decides to release the magical insect, which digs deep into her mother’s flesh and begins to live inside her.

At the moment, the magic gift does not fulfill its promise. As his mother’s illness fades, an insatiable craving for human flesh grows in her place. As the carnage ensues, Tala is forced to make up her mind… let her mother starve or protect her mother and quench her thirst for blood.

The Park Maniac

The madman of the park dives into the story of one of Brazil’s most famous serial killers: Francisco Pereira. In the 90s, Motoboy was accused of assaulting 21 women and killing ten of them.

The story of the murderer and the details of his psychopathy are revealed by Elena, an inexperienced reporter, who sees in the investigation of the crimes of the maniac a great opportunity to boost her career. While Francisco continues to live freely, skating in parks and attacking women, his fame is growing in the sensational media, creating terror in the capital, São Paulo.


Saul Armendariz, a gay amateur wrestler from El Paso, rises to international fame after creating the character Cassandro, the “Liberace of Lucha Libre”. In the process, he overturns not only the world of macho wrestling, but also his own life. Based on a true story. The film was directed by Oscar ® winner Roger Ross Williams.

Totally Killer

35 Years after the shocking murder of three teenagers, the infamous “Sweet Sixteen Killer” returns on Halloween night to claim a fourth victim. ignoring the warning of his overprotective mother (Julie Bowen), 17-year-old Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) comes face to face with the masked maniac and, fleeing for his life, accidentally travels back in time to 1987, the year of the original murders.

Forced to find her way in the unfamiliar and outrageous culture of the 1980s, Jamie teams up with her teenage mother (Olivia Holt) to finish off the killer once and for all, before she is trapped in the past forever.

A Million Miles Away

Inspired by the true story of NASA flight engineer José Hernandez, A Million Miles Away follows him and his devoted family of proud agricultural workers on a decades-long journey from a rural village in Michoacan, Mexico, to the fields of the San Joaquin Valley, more than 320 kilometers above Earth, on the International Space Station.

With the unwavering support of his hard-working parents, relatives and teachers, José’s tireless drive and determination culminates in the possibility of achieving his seemingly impossible goal. Acclaimed writer and director Alejandra Marquez Abella has created a dazzling tribute to the loyalty and tenacity of the entire Hernandez family, as well as to anyone who dares to dream.

Based on the book “Reaching for the Stars: The Inspiring Story of a Migrant Agricultural Worker who became an Astronaut” by José Hernandez.


Ian, a rebellious teenager living on the fringes of society, is able to manipulate the mind with his ability to create visual illusions. He uses this power to survive – to carry out small, indiscreet blows.

When one of his cons goes wrong, his abilities get out of control publicly, and Ian becomes the target of two rival organizations, each trying to take advantage of his powers.

Silver Dollar Road

From Oscar nominee Raoul Peck, Silver Dollar Road follows the story of the Reels family as told by matriarch Mamie Reels Ellison and her niece Kim Renee Duhon, two wild, clear–sighted women who strive to bravely protect the land of their ancestors and their brothers and uncles Melvin and Licurtis, who were wrongfully imprisoned for eight years – the longest sentence for civil contempt in North Carolina history.

A Menina que matou os Pais

A Menina que matou os Pais – The confession reveals what Suzane von Richthofen, Daniel Cravinhos and Cristian Cravinhos did in the days after the brutal crime that led to the death of the Richthofen couple. The film unravels crucial moments of the police investigation, witness statements and confessions about the crime.

Directed by Mauricio Eça and written by Ilana Casoy and Raphael Montes, A Menina que matou os Pais – The Confession is a sequel to A Menina que matou os Pais and the Boy Who killed My Parents and takes us behind the scenes of one of the most shocking murder cases.

Candy Cane Lane

Eddie Murphy stars in this holiday adventure comedy about a man who wants to win his neighborhood’s annual Christmas decorating contest. After Chris (Eddie Murphy) accidentally makes a deal with a mischievous elf named Pepper (Jillian Bell) to increase her chances of winning, she casts a spell that brings the 12 days of Christmas to life and wreaks havoc in the city.

At the risk of ruining their family’s holiday, Chris, his wife Carol (Tracee Ellis Ross) and their three children must race against the clock to break Pepper’s spell, fight magical characters and save Christmas for everyone.

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