12 Rugs That Will Completely Transform Your Living Space

12 Rugs That Will Completely Transform Your Living Space


Low-key, rugs are one of the home’s greatest pleasures. Do you know how much homier a space becomes with the perfectly sized area rug under your couch? How much cozier a living room feels? How much easier it is to get out of bed after you’ve placed a super-soft shag rug next to it? Come on into the world of rugs, the water is fine.

While spending a stupid amount of time at home, I also spent a lot of that time thinking about the stuff I put inside of my home. Living in a rental apartment like I do, for example, means getting creative with how you make the space feel special, and area rugs do a lot of that heavy lifting for you. Only wood floors and tiling can feel cold both on your actual feet and cold as an overall aesthetic.

But a big area rug makes a living space go from clinical to cozy, and all you have to do is purchase that rug! There are a ton of options to choose from, obviously, but there are also a few helpful things to keep in mind before you do. Think about the size of your space: A big rug can make a room feel inviting, whereas one that’s too small can shrink it. Similarly, in a small space, a dark color will close the room in, but a lighter, neutral color will open it up.

Think about the foot traffic hitting the rug, too. If it’s out of the way and near, say, your bed, which doesn’t see a lot of outdoor shoes, you can get away with something light, fluffier, and maybe harder to clean, like a shag rug, since you won’t need to wash it as much. If you’re shopping for something in a room where people are coming in and out consistently, rugs with cool patterning hide any accidental stains or spills. Look for rug options that are easy to vacuum, too—something woven—or machine washable. Here, we rounded up 12 of the best rugs to get you started.

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White Stripe Rug

CB2’s sleek, modern aesthetic rolls right into its rugs, so it’s a great place to look for something that is cool and not boring. A medium shade of brown is neutral enough to go with any other color decor but doesn’t feel barren. 

Ruby Printed Washable Rug

If you haven’t heard already, Urban Outfitters’s home section is for some reason always very good, and that extends to its rug selection. This one is great for spaces that get a lot of foot traffic and need a burst of color. 

1950s Mid-Century Rug

A flatweave rug is infinitely easier to clean than something like a shag, so it’s a great bet for any home that might have a lot of animal hair or is inhabited by people who spill crumbs everywhere. An interesting pattern is easier to pull off when the colors are neutral, too. 

Quiet Town Arco Area Rug

Cold Picnic’s rugs are out of this world cool. You absolutely should go to them for the kind of rug that makes a room feel special. The brand goes heavy on mixing colors and geometric patterns, and does it exceedingly well. 

Grenada Teal Carpet

If you’re trying to up your overall home decor, head to 54Kibo. The selection of rugs is next level, made up mostly of rugs that double as art. These are not made for areas that ever see the bottom of a shoe, and don’t you dare try to test the waters.

Black Chia Washable Wool Rug

Woolable by Lorena Canals

We love a washable rug for any space that sees a lot of feet. Put this one next to your bed, in front of an accent chair, or layer it on top of a bigger area rug. 

Faux Cowhide Area Rug

Cowhide area rugs are an extremely easy way to make a room feel entirely reinvented. A brown and ivory one works well with jewel tones like navy and emerald green, and it also deserves to be somewhere near a very tall bookcase. 

Ivory Rag Rug

Safavieh makes great, simple rugs that easily fill up expansive floor space. The colors it uses are light and neutral, but interesting textures still give the rug, and the room it’s in, a bit of personality. 

Round Jute Rug

A hand-woven jute rug is a great piece for a space that needs something, but you don’t want to commit to anything you might get sick of. This makes the foot of a bed look expertly cool but works just as well under a kitchen table. 

Langsted Rug

Ikea rugs aren’t the softest rugs in the world, but they’ll fill up a bunch of space cheaply. Get them for rooms that see spills or children of any age. 

Romina Machine Washable Area Rug

When it comes to rug patterns, less is more. This is especially true for area rugs, which are the first things your eye goes to in a room. Simple strips and geometric patterns are minimalist but interesting enough to vibe with a room instead of overtake it. 

Short-pile Rug

H&M is a beacon of great home finds, and you heard it here first. Its rugs are reasonably priced and fit seamlessly into any space with any kind of style without you having to think too hard about it. 

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