12 TV Shows You Must Watch If You Love ‘White Collar’

Shows Like White Collar | 12 Similar TV Series, Other than the breathtaking charm that Matt Bomer oozed on the screen, White Collar also became famous for its premise comprising an FBI agent who seeks help from a convict. Though the concept per se isn't anew, as we've seen such arrangements in movies, it is the humor and the sarcasm that the actors brought

12 TV Shows You Must Watch If You Love ‘White Collar’

Other than the breathtaking charm that Matt Bomer oozed on the screen, ‘White Collar’ additionally grew to become famous for its premise comprising an FBI agent who seeks assist from a convict. Although the idea per se isn’t anew, as we’ve seen such preparations in movies, it’s the humor and the sarcasm that the actors introduced on to the screen that made some information. A lot so, that it paved approach for a lot of different comparable storylines portraying varied Authorities companies in search of assist from convicts or Criminal masterminds (both by power or by alternative).

Speaking of the series, that lasted for six seasons (near 3500 hours in whole runtime), ‘White Collar’ primarily is concentrated on its central characters and their day-to-day errands. It contains of Neal Caffrey, a con artist, and alleged thief of arts and antiquities doing his time in a jail, FBI particular agent Peter Burke, a workaholic officer with the company, Mozzie, a detailed aide of Neal and in addition a con artist and Tiffany, Peter’s extraordinarily supportive and beloved spouse. Every episode’s plot depends on a brand new case that Peter and Neal are concerned into, whereby Neal assists the FBI in tracing different White Collar criminals like him, thus additionally bringing in a bunch of different characters together with Neal’s enemies and his previous love pursuits. To sum up, one can watch it for its wit, the pun and the superb chemistry amongst its characters, the brainy, puzzling circumstances that fall into the FBI staff’s purview and in addition, Matt Bomer.

Right here’s the checklist of TV Shows much like White Collar which might be our suggestions. You may stream a few of these Shows like White Collar on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Although not uncannily comparable, these would considerably make you relate to ‘White Collar’ as a result of involvement of comparable Authorities companies (FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, US Marshals and so on.). because of comparable association amongst the lead characters (like monitoring a convict’s actions utilizing a tracker bracelet in change of his/her short-lived freedom), or maybe because of comparable twists and turns and intensely ingenious Criminal masterminds.

Breakout Kings

12. Breakout Kings (2011-2012)

The now-canceled TV show stands out as one of many solely close kin of ‘White Collar’ so far as its plot is concerned. The TV series is constructed round a bunch of former and show U.S. Marshals, a number of convicts and psycho-analysts and behaviorists. Like all such Shows go, Charlie, Ray, Shea, and Erica kind quite a staff, mixed with the ingenuity of Dr. Lloyd. And don’t miss the particular look of T-Bag from ‘Jail Break’, the crossover which made ‘Breakout Kings’ even the extra fascinating.

The Beast

11. The Beast (2009)

A series which may’ve reached the zenith of ‘White Collar’ if not for the demise of its lead actor Patrick Swayze, ‘The Beast’ is a ordinary, quirky tackle utilizing criminals, criminal-mindsets, and borderline illegal actions to get stuff accomplished throughout the FBI. Whereas FBI agent Charles is at it, his aide Ellis typically finds himself in a dilemma of which aspect he’s onto. The story progresses with an ensuing investigation of agent Charles for misconduct. Properly, we’d by no means know what follows subsequent.


10. Bones (2005-2017)

Maybe one of many longest running TV Shows (12 seasons and counting), a minimum of on this checklist, ‘Bones’ is the place the behavioral sciences and anthropology kick in. In contrast to different FBI TV Shows, this one’s central character is an anthropologist with the company named Dr. Brennan, who’s kind-of socially awkward and is infatuated and finally in a relationship along with her colleague and FBI agent Seeley Sales space. Because the series progresses, Brennan can also be recognized by the nickname of “Bones” because of her inclination with anthropology. ‘Bones’ is extra into the investigative methods and ways, with specialists on spores, slime, and different biological sciences coming in as frequents. A TV show with a delicate distinction from the remainder which might be like ‘White Collar’.

Covert Affairs

9. Covert Affairs (2010-2014)

Annie Walker, a brand new CIA recruit was employed because of her earlier relationship along with her ex-boyfriend. Initially, working on the Smithsonian for her cowl, she goes locations and learns methods of the commerce as she progresses in her profession. Her handler, a blind man named Auggie Anderson, helps her via the method. ‘Covert Affairs’ is the story of Annie’s journey from being a naive recruit to a seasoned spy.

8. Lie to Me (2009-2011)

Yet one more TV show based mostly out on behavioral analytics, physique language, and microexpressions, ‘Lie to Me’ tries to discover the opposite aspect of crime investigation. The lead character Dr. Cal Lightman relies out on a real-life Professor Dr. Paul Ekman, who, regardless of all his troubled previous, runs a personal group and assists federal companies with psychological investigations. Extra like a Sherlock Holmes in its premise, but with out the involvement of an ingenious, adamant particular person (learn Mr. Holmes), Dr. Lightman is assisted by Dr. Gillian Foster, one in every of his most reliable colleagues. A splendidly crafted premise, mixed with some intelligent intricacies of Criminal psychology and the chemistry among the many workers of The Lightman Group and Dr. Lightman himself makes ‘Lie to Me’ among the best in its style.

Criminal Minds

7. Criminal Minds (2005-2017)

One other long-running TV show with 13 seasons up to now, ‘Criminal Minds’ too traverses the trail of behavioral evaluation of criminals by the FBI profilers, who belong to the Behavioural Evaluation Unit (BAU) of the FBI. Because the story and the series have progressed over time, many lead characters have both been killed off or have been changed. At occasions, the variety of characters that the series incorporates and the sophisticated a number of storylines is a bit tough to observe via and the FBI profilers are at occasions portrayed near perfection which can’t be the case at all times. Regardless, ‘Criminal Minds’ is a fun-watch however not binge-worthy for a begin.

The Mentalist

6. The Mentalist (2008-2017)

With the face of Simon Baker on the helm, ‘The Mentalist’ is a series whereby the protagonist seeks to extract revenge by faking his psychic skills to the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). To avenge his spouse and daughter’s killing by a serial killer referred to as Purple John, Patrick Jane, a con artist assists the CBI with circumstances primarily pointing to Purple John. Because the series progresses, Purple John is captured and his true abilities at the moment are recognized to be restricted to only being extraordinarily observant, he assists the CBI in solving different crimes and by taking the psycho-analytical path of crime investigations. Watch it for Simon Baker and Simon Baker solely.

The Blacklist

5. The Blacklist (2013-2017)

A novel enchancment on high of ‘White Collar’ and ‘Blindspot’ mixed, ‘The Blacklist’ contains a Criminal and a wished fugitive Reddington, who, after years of disappearance, surrenders to the FBI and affords his help in catching essentially the most wished, dreaded criminals (for he has ready a Blacklist). The one circumstances being immunity from prosecution and his willingness to work intently with Elizabeth Eager (his daughter, who doesn’t learn about Reddington’s whereabouts). ‘The Blacklist’ additionally follows an analogous type of crime investigation, with every episode comprising a great deal of puzzling moments, adopted by the loss of life or arrest of a Criminal or a terrorist. A top-notch entertainer, accompanied by some class acts of James Spader and Megan Boone makes ‘The Blacklist’ one of many high thriller TV Shows to look at.


4. Psych (2006-2014)

The one comedy TV show on this checklist, ‘Psych’ is a breath of contemporary air within the in any other case bland, boring world of Criminal investigation. Revolving round two central characters – Shawn and Gus, ‘Psych’ derives its humor from day-to-day false pretenses and at occasions, a comedy of errors. Shawn claims to be a psychic (despite the fact that folks discover it tough to imagine him and he isn’t one) and affords help to the Santa Barbara Police Division by being extraordinarily observant, thus taking part in a detective. Gus, then again, is a medical gross sales rep and enterprise companion of Shawn. Because the show progresses, Shawn falls in love and everybody quickly realizes he isn’t a psychic. Rib-tickling and intriguing on the identical time, ‘Psych’ is totally different when it comes to its screenplay, the flashbacks in the beginning of every episode and naturally, the humor.


3. Blindspot (2015-2017)

My private favourite on this checklist, ‘Blindspot’ has all of the traits of ‘White Collar’, but I’ll price it barely greater as a result of brainy plot twists and the general storyline. The show begins with Jane Doe – a woman who’s discovered inside a bag on the Instances Sq., with tattoos throughout her physique and who has no recollection of her previous. One of many tattoos additionally mentions the title – Kurt Weller – an FBI agent and initially, Jane’s alleged childhood good friend. Because the show progresses, every of Jane’s tattoos proves to be central to a sinister plot and/or factors on to a terrorist or terrorism-related exercise, as she joins an FBI staff and follows all their investigatory pursuits. Deep, intriguing with plenty of layers and a few good mysteries that uncover with every episode locations ‘Blindspot’ on high of its sport. And it’s maybe among the best efforts of Sullivan Stapleton as Agent (and later Assistant Director) Kurt Weller.

Person of Interest

2. Person of Interest (2011-2016)

With the involvement of huge names like Jonathan Nolan, J.J. Abrams et al, everybody definitely had very excessive hopes from ‘Person of Interest’. And boy, it does fulfill these expectations. Centered on two central characters – a billionaire software program engineer Harold Finch who had labored with the U.S. Authorities to create a extremely smart supercomputer to hint the upcoming terrorist actions and John Reese, a former Inexperienced Beret/CIA who has misplaced his love and is now main a hobo life-style within the NYC. The premise relies out on a hack that Finch had included into the mentioned machine which might return a Social Security Variety of the particular person of Interest who’s (about to be) concerned in a criminal offense – both by doing it or by being a sufferer.

The show progresses with Reese and Finch decoding and solving circumstances based mostly on these Social Security Numbers. What I beloved concerning the series was Reese’s Batman-like method towards handling criminals, sharp dialogues, stupendous motion seriess, and a watertight script – every little thing that oozes of ingenuity. A TV series that we want may’ve run a bit longer.


1. Suits (2011-2017)

With Harvey Specter and his resourcefulness towards solving circumstances, ‘Suits’ is extra of a phenomenon than being only a TV show. ‘Suits’ begins with Mike, a pursuing legislation pupil, who by chance will get concerned with drug dealing and underneath the fear of getting caught, begins interning with Harvey Specter, a top-notch nearer within the NYC. Because the show progresses, Harvey and Mike, together with a volley of different characters discover themselves entangled with a number of lawsuits and accusations. General, the series Must be watched for its boggling, crude dialogues, the chemistry between its characters (particularly Mike and Harvey) and the tempo of the script. ‘Suits’ has the charisma of the likes of ‘Breaking Bad’ and carries the wit and conceptualization of ‘White Collar’, and on the identical time, is fully totally different from these two altogether.

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