15 of the very best submit-apocalyptic TV presentations

Since the starting up of time (or since americans were in a situation to jot down, now not lower than) americans were the speculation of the live of the enviornment. As a ways help as 66 A.D., when a Jewish sect called the Essenes declared that Jesus’ 2nd coming used to be impending, spiritual and cultural teams were predicting the apocalypse. Once rapidly, these predictions are based on a deity’s return, other instances wars or plagues are the driving elements in the help of the divinations. With out reference to what they think the initiating tournament might perhaps be, it’s no stretch to claim that generations of americans possess demonstrated a morbid fascination with the destruction of earth and life as we’re aware about it.

In 2012, BBC reported that a Reuters ballotfound that 1 in 4 American citizens believed the enviornment would live in their lifetime. The arrangement they believed that will happen different very much, per a Vox file, and usually had fairly a lot to build up with an particular particular person’s political leanings. Then again, the arrangement in which we address these grim beliefs is extra well-liked. We discuss them in our art, working by our pointers on the live instances (whether indubitably held or deliberately queer) in a quantity of forms of media—in particular in the TV presentations we manufacture.

To that live, Stacker rounded up 15 of the very best submit-apocalyptic TV presentations on television over the previous 50 years. To qualify, the series had to possess above a 7.0 consumer ranking on IMDb and never lower than 5,000 votes. Reveals from sooner than 1990 exclusively wanted 1,000 votes. From the plausible outcomes in presentations cherish “Survivors” to the extra dystopian traits as viewed in “Planet of the Apes,” these presentations all possess something different to claim about life after the live.

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The 100

– IMDb consumer ranking: 7.6

– Years on the air: 2014–2020

Ninety-seven years after a nuclear apocalypse ended life as we’re aware about it, a crew of 100 juvenile criminals is shipped to Earth from their dwelling jam dwelling with the function of repopulating the planet. The CW series, which lasted seven seasons, “by no manner found mainstream success,” per Los Angeles Instances author Emily Zemler, but restful managed to build up a devoted fan depraved who caught with the series even whereas it explored issues cherish cannibalism, human experimentation, and other questionable science fiction issues. “The 100” is loosely based on a young adult unusual of the identical name by Kass Morgan.

12 Monkeys

– IMDb consumer ranking: 7.7

– Years on the air: 2015–2018

A extremely free adaptation of the 1995 movie “12 Monkeys,” this Syfy series is easiest described as a thriller drama with a time-traveling engine. Over the course of 4 seasons, viewers watched a physique of workers of americans bustle help and forth by time to cessation the Military of the 12 Monkeys from releasing a deadly virus that will reason a pandemic and homicide the population. Whereas the gap can also sound all doom and gloom, in particular brooding about the plague events of fresh years, it the truth is carries somewhat a hopeful message.

Battlestar Galactica

– IMDb consumer ranking: 8.7

– Years on the air: 2004–2009

A reprise of the 1978 series of the identical name, “Battlestar Galactica” follows the crew of the starship Galactica as they take a look at up on to protect the closing vestiges of humanity. After a crew of androids called the Cylons wipes out a whole lot of the population of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, the survivors, helmed by the Galactica, scheme out for Earth, the mysterious 13th colony. The indicate, which lasted 5 seasons, used to be a serious success, a success a pair of awards and garnering a whole lot of Emmy nominations.

Cameron/Eglee Productions

Murky Angel

– IMDb consumer ranking: 7.4

– Years on the air: 2000–2002

James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee’s “Murky Angel” is a indicate a pair of genetically enhanced huge-soldier who flees the lab and attempts to trace down her fellow experiments. It starred Jessica Alba in her breakout function and marked Cameron’s debut television mission. Its first season used to be a extensive success, each and every seriously and popularly. After some shifting space parts in season two, nonetheless, its ratings took a extensive decline, and the series wound up being canceled sooner than manufacturing on season three started.

Falling Skies

– IMDb consumer ranking: 7.2

– Years on the air: 2011–2015

Steven Spielberg produced this submit-apocalyptic drama that follows a historical previous professor (Noah Wyle) as he leads a crew of survivors out of Boston, Massachusetts, following an alien invasion. The survivalist fable lasted 5 seasons but had six different head writers, which drew complaints from many viewers—and actors—that the series felt fragmented and scattered fairly than cohesive. Level-headed, it managed to snag an Emmy and Critics’ Different Television Award, amongst others.

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The Hitchhiker’s Files to the Galaxy

– IMDb consumer ranking: 8.0

– One year on the air: 1981

No longer long after Douglas Adams’ unusual “The Hitchhiker’s Files to the Galaxy” found success as a radio series, Adams started writing a screenplay for a TV model of the fable. Portion dwell-action, share animation, the indicate follows a human named Arthur Dent and an alien called Ford Prefect as they cruise a destroyed Earth and scheme out to explore other areas in the galaxy. A reboot of the conventional series at Hulu used to be announced in 2019.

Into the Badlands

– IMDb consumer ranking: 8.0

– Years on the air: 2015–2019

5 hundred years into the long urge, wrestle has turned America from a technology-kindly democracy actual into a earlier, feudal affirm. It’s in this model of truth that a warrior and a young boy with supernatural powers dash at some stage in the country solving mysteries about their lives. The series, which ran on AMC for 3 seasons, earned sure opinions for its “trend-bending” trend.


– IMDb consumer ranking: 7.9

– Years on the air: 2006–2008

Within the aftermath of a nuclear attack, the electorate of tiny-metropolis Jericho, Kansas, band together to reestablish a trend of normalcy and show the thriller surrounding their dwelling’s importance in the higher scheme of the enviornment-ending wrestle. Whereas “Jericho” used to be a flop in the ratings (it used to be before all the pieces canceled after its first season), it grew to change into such a cult hit that followers convinced CBS to advise it help for a condensed 2nd season. After being canceled for the 2nd time in 2008, though, the indicate’s storyline used to be continued in a series of comic books.

The Final Man on Earth

– IMDb consumer ranking: 7.3

– Years on the air: 2015–2018

In “The Final Man on Earth,” Will Arena of skills stars as Phil Miller, a inclined banker who believes he’s the closing man residing after a pandemic wipes out the remainder of humanity. Over the course of 4 seasons, he seeks out other survivors, once rapidly getting worthy extra than he bargained for. Worthy to followers’ chagrin, the series used to be canceled after the fourth season, but Arena of skills told The Wrap he restful hopes to manufacture it neatly in some unspecified time in the future.

The Leftovers

– IMDb consumer ranking: 8.3

– Years on the air: 2014–2017

HBO’s “The Leftovers” begins two years after the Sudden Departure, a mysterious tournament that precipitated 2% of the enviornment’s population to vanish. An ensemble forged featuring actors cherish Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler, and Regina King brings the fable to life, brilliantly illustrating the a quantity of how americans would address the be troubled precipitated by an incident of that size. Critics and audiences alike loved the grim series, with many retail outlets even going up to now as to snarl it regarded as among the very best TV presentations of all time.

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Goff-Roberts-Steiner Productions

Logan’s Hump

– IMDb consumer ranking: 7.1

– Years on the air: 1977–1978

“Logan’s Hump” imagines a world where all americans are place to death at the age of 30 so that you just might manipulate population size and preserve resources. This ’70s TV series used to be a spinoff of a movie of the identical name, which used to be, in flip, based on a most in trend sci-fi unusual. Every of the iterations follows two americans as they dash at some stage in the country seeking a mysterious space called Sanctuary, a mythical space where they think they is probably going to be gain from an early death.

20th Century Fox Television

Planet of the Apes

– IMDb consumer ranking: 7.1

– One year on the air: 1974

One in every of the shortest-lived series on the checklist, “Planet of the Apes” is the sole TV spinoff of the a protracted time-spanning movie franchise of the identical name. It focuses on two astronauts who, after passing by a apartment-time warp, crashland on a submit-apocalyptic model of Earth, where apes rule over humanity. The sci-fi drama experienced such low ratings that it used to be canceled after exclusively 14 episodes.


– IMDb consumer ranking: 8.0

– Years on the air: 1975–1977

Reader beware: the BBC’s ’70s indicate “Survivors” might perhaps hit a dinky too terminate to dwelling for those combating COVID-19 trauma. The series follows a crew of americans who possess survived an airborne plague that originated in China and killed 4,999 out of each and every 5,000 americans in a topic of weeks. Incredibly bleak and successfully-written, the drama used to be temporarily rebooted in 2008.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

– IMDb consumer ranking: 7.6

– Years on the air: 2008–2009

In insist in self belief to easiest delight in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” that you just can like to come by where it suits in the franchise’s timeline—exactly after “Terminator 2” and fairly than “Terminator 3.” Premiering midseason, the sci-fi drama follows the lives of Sarah and John Connor, following the mother and son as they fight with fulfilling their destinies and facing their advanced relationship. A huge hit with followers, the indicate used to be unceremoniously canceled after its 2nd season.

The Walking Needless

– IMDb consumer ranking: 8.1

– Years on the air: 2010–2022

The longest-working series on the checklist, AMC’s “The Walking Needless” follows a quantity of teams of zombie apocalypse survivors as they fend off attacks from the “walkers” and take a stare at to dwell in harmony with other survivor teams who every possess their have units of principles and morals. Per the comic e-book series of the identical name, the TV indicate has proven so in trend that it has inspired three spinoff series (with a fourth is rumored to be in the works), a whole lot of web series, and three yet-to-be-released movies, as well to a host of video games and board games. The customary indicate will advance to a terminate in 2022 with its 11th and final season.

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