Part of what makes Star Trek in all of its models a lot enjoyable is the unlimited and differed worlds the characters wind up on, along with the aliens that originate from those worlds. The traditional title series stresses the value of “strange new worlds” in the objective of the Starship Business. Ever since, numerous brand-new series have actually been produced, and as a result, numerous brand-new worlds found. Possibly it appears more natural to consider relaxation when discussing the world youd wish to trip to (Risa appears like a great option); nevertheless, the experiences in every variation of Star Trek have actually constantly been defined partially by their terrific eccentricity. So here are 15 unusual worlds to remember as you assemble your travel plan.

Sigma Iotia II – Star Trek: The Original Series, “A Piece of the Action” (Season 2, Episode 17)

If you believe that an alien can’t merely be a precise reproduction of a specific period in the world, you would be incorrect. Case in point: Sigma Iotia II, which is simply prohibition-era Chicago, where the (really human-looking) Iotians are all gangsters. There is technically a factor for this: simply as the world was starting industrialization, it was found by the starship Horizon. The Horizon left a variety of books consisting of “Chicago Mobs of The 20s,” off of which the extremely imitative Iotians designed their whole society. LARPing lovers, this one is for you.


The USS Voyager ends up being caught in the electromagnetic field of a world where time on the surface area passes countless times faster than in the remainder of the galaxy. When Voyager initially ends up being stuck, the residents of the world are primitive humanoids. While a couple of hours hand down Voyager, countless years hand down the surface area of the world, till it has actually reached an area age. Since the primitive aliens initially saw Voyager in the sky, the unidentified celestial things ended up being an important part of their culture and motivated much of their development and industrialization as the residents of Tahal-Meeroj imagined one day having the ability to take a trip to it.

Beta Omicron Delta III – Star Trek: The Original Series, “Shore Leave” (Season 1, Episode 15)

On Beta Omicron Delta III, whatever you envision ends up being genuine. Likewise called the theme park world, this world is very first found when the USS Business is trying to find a great location to take coast leave – not presuming what shenanigans lie ahead. It’s an excellent location for a getaway; simply ensure you don’t begin thinking of The second world war fighter airplanes.

Murder World – Star Trek: Prodigy, “Dream Catcher” and “Terror Firma” (Season 1, Episodes 4 & 5)

Murder world is essentially a sentient being/superorganism that senses all your desires and worries, utilizes those to lure you to remain, and after that attempts to consume you. Nevertheless, If you do land and after that handle to leave, youll have rather a story to inform back house. You might likewise possibly attempt to interact with it from area, which would be a unique experience. Its not every day you satisfy a world thats likewise a living being.

Megas-Tu – Star Trek: The Animated Series, “The Magicks of Megas-Tu” (Season 1, Episode 8)

It might be a bit challenging to reach Megas-Tu, considering it’s in another universe; nevertheless, Star Trek has actually shown that bridging this space is certainly possible. On Megas-Tu, clinical concepts are changed by magic, matter, and energy with belief. Each occupant is likewise a professional in a specific type of magic. The look of the world is quite odd too: seen from area, it is described as “candy-striped,” with pink and red bands.

Rubicun III – Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Justice” (Season 1, Episode 8)

Rubicun III is a lovely world, and its residents, the Edo, correspond human beings, appealing, and fit. The truth that they’re all blonde, and basically look the exact same, is a little unusual. However they’re so friendly! They think in extracurricular relations! And there’s no criminal offense. Certainly absolutely nothing might be more perfect. Nevertheless, this picturesque peace comes at a rate. Criminal penalty is just imposed in random “punishment zones,” that just the world’s Arbitrators understand. These zones alter routinely, and anybody who dedicates a criminal activity in a penalty zone–no matter how little–deals with the capital punishment. This is the world where Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) almost gets performed for stepping on some flowers.

Hysperia – Star Trek: Lower Decks, “Where Pleasant Fountains Lie” (Season 2, Episode 7)

Animals looking like dragons reside on Hysperia’s surface area. As an outcome, it was colonized by human Ren Faire lovers who designed the world’s whole culture off of the visual of the middle ages and renaissance durations; now, residents gown in middle ages clothing, keep dragons as family pets, reside in castles, and are ruled by a monarchy. By Hysperian law, if the prince loses his virginity, he instantly ends up being king. There’s even an entire event called the Royal Copulation, assisted in by royal guards trained from birth to avoid foreplay. As a location to check out, this world would naturally be best matched to other Ren Faire types who can value its culture.

Omega IV – Star Trek: The Original Series, “The Omega Glory” (Season 2, Episode 23)

This world is for anybody who enjoys ham-fisted political commentary. It includes 2 warring factions, the Asian “Kohms,” who reside in traditional-looking towns, and the violent, white-skinned “Yangs,” who are caveman-like, use animal skins, and are described as savages. It is ultimately exposed that Omega IV is a world in which the Cold War never ever ended, and the world was laid to squander by biological warfare that Earth prevented in its Cold War: “Yang” and “Kohm” originated from “Yankee” and “Communist.” The Yangs praise an American flag as part of their religious beliefs, along with a copy of the constitution, whose words they mispronounce so terribly theyre no longer identifiable. Its all really on the nose.

The Changeling World – Star Trek: Deep Area 9, “The Search: Parts I&II” (Season 3, Episodes 1&2)

Changelings are shape-shifting aliens whose natural type is a liquid. Odo (Rene Auberjonois) generally looks like a really smooth-looking human and can become anything he wants to; nevertheless, every 16 hours, he needs to go back to his natural liquid type to charge (though this requirement is likewise partially due to the fact that he has actually not completely mastered his capabilities). On The Changeling World, the changelings all merge each other in one big liquid/ocean called the Great Link. However the genuine concern is: can you swim in it?

The Voth World – Star Trek: Voyager, “Distant Origin” (Season 3, Episode 23)

This is where the dinosaurs left to. Or a minimum of one types of dinosaur. The hadrosaur, which lived throughout the cretaceous duration, obviously endured the mass termination occasion that eliminated the remainder of the dinosaurs. They survived on a separated continent, developed enough over countless years to form a spacefaring civilization, and after that left Earth prior to anybody actually observed. Now their descendants, the Voth, reside on a world in the Delta Quadrant and decline to think the silly “Distant Origin” theory that recommends they when originated from Earth. Pertain to the Voth world if you believe it would be cool to satisfy some dinosaurs who went to area (even if they’re in rejection about it).

Talos IV – Star Trek: The Original Series, “The Menagerie, Parts I&II” (Season 1, Episodes 11&12); Star Trek: Discovery, “Light and Shadow” (Season 2, Episode 7)

Going to Talos IV is so prohibited that Starfleet will provide the capital punishment to anybody who tries it. A nuclear holocaust eliminated life in the world, and now it’s mainly populated by the Talosians, extraordinary telepaths who can produce effective impressions. This ended up being addicting for the Talosians, and they began catching area tourists to utilize as the basis for their impressions. The factor that going to Talos IV is prohibited is really specifically due to the fact that of the impressions’ addicting nature. As a visitor, due to the fact that of the impressions, it’s difficult to inform what’s genuine on Talos IV and what isn’t. When Captain Pike (Jeffrey Hunter, Sean Kenney) is seriously paralyzed and injured, Spock (Leonard Nimoy) takes him to Talos IV so that the Talosians can utilize their powers to let Pike live a typical life devoid of his damaged body.

Moab IV – Star Trek: The Next Generation, “The Masterpiece Society” (Season 5, Episode 13)


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