15th Anniversary: ​​Thank you Venkat Prabhu! Here is the full report

Director Venkat Prabhu has released a statement commemorating the 15th anniversary of his entry into cinema. In which he is saying.

The reason this day is a happy day is because of the blessings of SBP Char and the hope of my person Saran. It was on this day 15 years ago that they started my screen journey with ‘Chennai 600028’. That is why Venkat Prabhu and I are completing our fifteenth year today in the ocean of cinema.

I also learned cinema. I did not have the environment to learn cinema from famous directors. Nevertheless, my interest in innovation never waned. Some of those efforts were successful; Some pictures were a good experience for me.

In any case, despite a gap of four or five years, I will never forget a man named Venkat Prabhu, and you, the fans, are warmly welcomed whenever I come up with a film. I am forever indebted to your love.

As I look forward to my mom’s first anniversary, I’m going to present my cinema trip to her.

My thanks to the producer, directors, technical artists, stars, friends, media and all those who have always been with me!

Sincerely Venkat Prabhu.

Thus he mentions.

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