2 actresses who ruled as villains in the 60s .. Nilambari, Komalavalli Ivanka Munnadi None

In today’s Tamil cinema, actresses like Ramya Krishnan and Varalachumi are getting praise from everyone for their villainous acting. But there are actresses in those days who were intimidated by their villainy beyond measure.

Nambiar was the best villain in Tamil cinema at that time. PS Gyanam and C K Saraswati are two of the women who have played the role of Willy in women like him.

Many people would choose him to play the role of Willy then. There are many producers waiting for their callsheet. Among them, BS Gyanam would have acted as Savitri’s mother – in – law in the movie Pasamalar.

In it he will do many atrocities to Savitri. His speech is like a scorpion sting, just like what happens in real life. Many housewives who saw this scolded him. To that extent he was the one who brought reality into his acting.

He starred as Willie in several films and died in an accident at the age of 41. This was considered a huge loss to the screen industry. Following him, CK Saraswati became famous as a villain in films including Dillana Mohanampal.

In it he will play a comedy-mixed villain. As well as in many movies she has played many roles like witch and cruel mother-in-law. Their carefree speech and arrogant looks fit the character very well. The villainy of the present actresses is a little less when you look at their acting.

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