2 films that made Vijay films manna kavva .. Despite the collection, there is no quality

Fans will be cheering if Commander Vijay’s film is released. And if it is a Vijay film, it will be a big fear. Vijay is portrayed in the cinema world as the next heir to Rajini. And many actors will be scared to release other films when Vijay films are released.

Thus Vijay movie became a blockbuster hit with all the box office receipts. But Vijay film has failed as a few films were released when Vijay film was released. Thus we can see which two films competed with which Vijay film failed.

The last film to be released in 2019 was a football-centric film directed by Attlee. This is Vijay’s third alliance with Aadli in the film. It is also a film that strongly emphasizes the advancement of women. But Bikil movie did not appeal to other fans beyond Vijay fans.

The main reason for that was the prisoner film released then. Prisoner is a movie directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and starring Karthi and Narain. The film does not feature a heroine or a song. What happens one night is the whole story of the film. But Lokesh had caught the attention of the fans through his movement.

Thus Vijay was teaming up with Lokesh in his next film. The master film formed in their alliance became a blockbuster hit. This was followed by Vijay’s Beast on April 13 this year. The film was produced by Sun Pictures under the direction of Nelson.

The Beast movie, which was somewhat grossing on the first day, stumbled the next day with the release of the KGF2 movie. Also, the Beast movie received negative reviews. But is said to have made good profits in the collection. Thus, with the release of these two films, Vijay’s film took off.

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