20 Weed Accessories So Stylish You Wouldn’t Dream of Hiding Them Away


As more (and more) states legalize recreational marijuana, the need for subtle techniques to partake has by no manner been, successfully, better. No longer need to you sift by head store conditions for low-label objects that can proceed and smash. There are alternatives now. All kinds of outlets, designers, and styles are catching onto the marketplace for heavenly and purposeful pot merchandise, making accessories with every hashish enthusiasts and casual smokers in ideas.

The arena of weed merchandise could possibly maybe also one day rival the ubiquity of inspiring-impressed decor; this is the genesis of that shift. It’s chilly to maintain the freedom to naturally incorporate weed into your day after day life in techniques that feel significant to you, to celebrate the typical of living somewhat than cloak it, and even most almost definitely lend a hand reduce the remnants of the stigma that persist. For sure, no longer every person has this freedom. Whilst you attain: Be obvious that to toughen BIPOC-owned hashish brands, moreover to dispensaries that work with social justice initiatives esteem the Remaining Prisoner Venture, whenever doubtless. It’ll wreck the ride that significant better, and expectantly make a contribution to significant change that’s long long past due.

With this in ideas, and 4/20 on the horizon, it’s doubtless you’ll maybe maybe presumably even be taking a uncover to scoop up a (nationally acceptable) weed-impressed gift for the smoker to your life, or for yourself. Fortunately there are a ton of brilliant alternatives available within the market. From handcrafted ceramic bongs to novelty rolling papers, app-managed stash containers, inexpensive grinders, dazzling lighters, and more—there’s one thing right here for every wreck of partaker.

Most Genuine Weed Accent

Itsy-bitsy Scent-Proof Rating

This smell-proof fetch is more fit for keeping your one-hitter or dinky batch safely stowed as you go about your day. Its synthetic leather-based exterior will mix in well with the rest of the contents of your place of work or gym fetch, and it even has a zipper compartment particularly designed with lighters in ideas. It could possibly maybe maybe even be low-label and low-tech, but it works.

Handiest Weed Accent for Dwelling

Levo II Oil Infuser

Infuse away with the Levo II, a kitchen equipment that streamlines the edible-making assignment. The Levo II has three settings—dry, instructed, and infuse—and its smell-managed earn permits you to infuse as much as 16 ounces of oil or butter with mountainous ease.

Handiest Funds Weed Accent

‘Dim & Gold’ Pre-Rolled Cone

Bring a pop of elegance—and the ease of immediate and setting apt rolling—to the hangout with these pre-rolled cones from Curated Cones, a Dim-owned, Pittsburgh-based online store with a broad diversity of designs to buy from.

Handiest Tech Weed Accent

Discreet Biometric Protected

For the excessive-tech (and security-loving) stoner, it doesn’t earn significant safer than this. Store your goods in a smell-proof case that locks and unlocks by an app to your cell phone, which also tracks the stash.

Rechargeable Electric Lighter

Whilst you’re buying for a low-label and stable to earn the fire started, this diminutive trinket with a rechargeable battery will attain.

Handiest Organizational Weed Accent

The Spencer Itsy-bitsy Edition Sunshine Yellow Case

This slick herb and tobacco organizational diagram will preserve your stores fresh and perfect with humidity preserve a watch on, purposeful compartments, and lock and key.

Organic Pre-Rolled Smoking Cones

Attributable to you’re too extinct to search out out techniques to roll one yourself at this level.

Handiest Weed Accent for Traveling

Scent Proof Padded Duffle Bong Rating

This duffle fetch can accommodate your hashish accessories—as much as 9 inches tall—with out announcing their presence to the sphere.

Handiest Weed Accent for Connoisseurs

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The vaporizer to remain all vaporizer has now received a panel of updates, in conjunction with Bluetooth preserve a watch on, expedited heating in two minutes, and inhalation by the tube equipment or the valve balloon.

Storage Case

It’s time to upgrade your stash box. Translucent technicolor compartments preserve all of your smoking materials neatly organized, correct there in entrance of you. A magnetic high ensures stable closure, plus the acrylic materials is easy to perfect, keeping the box taking a uncover its neon supreme.

Frosted Hand Pipe

Feels like esteem a sculpted work of art work for discreetly indulging to your pleasure on the go.

Handiest Luxurious Weed Accent

Tabletop Lighter

Your buddy can “by accident” pocket your BIC all they prefer, since you’ve received this diminutive one—and it comes with an identical ashtray that neatly suits into the ghastly of the lighter. Indulge within the retro watch.

Magic Field Papers Reward Space

Papers Ink is an Asian-owned, feminine-led collective growing uncommon and suave novelty papers. With dozens of vivid designs to buy from, this box shriek with ten eclectic packs is our supreme bet for the indecisive smoker.

Handiest Portable Weed Accent

Lift Case Keychain

Don’t be the man pulling a unhappy, overwhelmed joint out of his jacket pocket. Provide protection to your birthday party prefer with this golden smell-proof case. It screws closed seamlessly and attaches to your keychain.

Glass Ashtray

Gone are the days of soiled ashtrays growing eyesores to your lounge. Yew Yew’s glass ashtray is a sleekly designed fragment that’ll watch chilly, with a successfully deep ample so that ash received’t overflow. Trim, easy to perfect, with a bonus—it’s doubtless you’ll maybe maybe presumably also completely cross it off as an ornamental object or key holder if any non-smoking company come by your shriek.

Chongo Ceramic Bong

For these that’d resolve a lawful extinct-celebrated bong over all these newfangled hashish gizmos, the Summerland ceramic bong is a accurate possibility. Not most inspiring is it handmade, but its ceramic craftsmanship and rich glaze makes it a heavenly sculptural fragment, moreover to a durable one.

Walnut and Glass Spoon Pipe

Bewitch your velvet smoking jacket and issue away darkness from the fire, ’reason this extinct-school gem of a pipe is making an are trying your establish. Timeless earn, accurate craftsmanship, and a soft, chilly pull. Plus, its detachable factors wreck for easy cleansing.

Hamburger Grinder

What would be better than a hamburger grinder? A cheeseburger grinder, and that’s technically what this is. It has challenging metal teeth, a magnetic high closure, a built-in show cloak cloak, and a ghastly that screws neatly shut. And 3D sesame seeds on high. Expedient tool, fun decoration, and munchie inspiration, all rolled into one.

Handiest Trim Weed Accent

Dim Molded Cigarette Holder

Immense ample for several pre-rolls and graceful ample to your day after day flexing ensemble on the streets. Tote your smokes with trend and discretion in this leather-based pouch.

7.5″ Electric Herb Grinder

Once rapidly it’s about going gargantuan or going home, because every seasoned smoker knows that mountainous ability plus a one-button operation equals mightiness. And this stainless-steel electrical grinder can rapid grind over 100g of your herbs or spices in most inspiring 10 seconds. Sweat-free, easy-peasy.

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