3 actors who take care of Trisha .. Is this the reason for her arrogance and growth?

It is not normal for an actress to be a heroine for more than 15 years in cinema. Trisha was paid Rs 5 lakh on that day and is currently earning up to Rs 5 crore. But he has been consistently starring with great actors even though his films have not received much recognition lately.

And he has the opportunity to continue filming. Trisha will not be coming to the promotion of the film, will not talk to the fans and despite being said to be an arrogant favorite, the question has arisen among the fans as to how she gets big picture opportunities.

In other words, the main reason for Trisha’s growth and her arrogance till now is the 3 actors who are with her. They are the ones who are currently going to life for Trisha. Those three are one who is an oligarch, the other a powerful actor and the other a mass actor. K Rajan has openly stated this in an interview.

They are the ones who are currently running Trisha’s cinematic career successfully. Already Trisha is embroiled in many controversies in her own life. She ended her relationship halfway through her engagement to a businessman without going into marriage.

After that the actor fell in love with Rana Tagupathi. This, too, broke in half. This was followed by Jallikkattu getting into trouble. All these three actors are behind Trisha’s success so far.

Trisha has been acting in films continuously till now because of their encouragement. Trisha is currently playing the lead role in Mani Ratnam’s Ponni’s Selvan. He has also acted with Mohanlal in the film Ram. Following this he has been focusing on the web series as well.

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