3 films where Sivakarthikeyan had a good story failed .. Songs that shook the bar

Even though some films have good storytelling, cinema experts do not know why they fail. It will not have a big impact if small films fail to prepare in that way, but if films with many of the leading heroes fail to have a better storyline, the next films in such a storyline will be barred from coming out.

Sivakarthikeyan started his artistic journey as a presenter and is currently emerging as a leading actor, songwriter, producer and a prince of Tamil cinema. In this collection we will look at three failed films in which he has embarked on some new endeavors besides comedy films.

1) Deer Karate – Sivakarthikeyan, Hansika, Satish and others starred in this film with the intention of casting Sivakarthikeyan who was just coming up as a comedy hero in a good commercial film.

Based on a boxing match directed by Thirukumaran, the film was a huge failure, with action, comedy, song and background music all set to excel. But the film still gets good DRP when it airs on television.

2) Khaki shirt – The film was released amid huge anticipation to be produced by Dhanush under the direction of director Thurai Senthilkumar who took Sivakarthikeyan to the masses as the protagonist through the anti-swimming film, to play Siva as a cop to re-establish himself as an action hero after the defeat of deer karate. Despite the acclaim for Siva’s character and performance in the film, the film was not a commercial success.

3) Hero – The film is a superhero story starring Arjun and Kalyani Priyadarshini in the BS Mitran-Sivakarthikeyan alliance, which made its successful debut with the Iron Curtain film. Although the film received rave reviews for its superhero character of Siva, Arjun’s different acting and storyline, it did not reach a large audience. The film, which starred him as an action hero, was also a failure for Sivakarthikeyan.

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