3 people who will lift Indian cinema to Hollywood level .. Actors waiting for an opportunity

Currently cinema is going to the next stage with many technology. Directors also play a key role in this. Because the root of the film is the story. They make the film a success through their movements. And there are 3 directors who stand out among the successful directors who give good films.

Currently, the film is getting a unanimous reception among the fans. The reason is that their capital is huge. These three, who are always hungry for greatness, are proving every time that they are not swayed by each other.

They do not need any major introduction. Suffice it to say that it is magnificent. It’s Shankar, Rajamouli and Prashant Neil. Recently, Prashant Neil’s KGF2 movie has been released and is making a splash in theaters. In this situation, the movie Salar has been made under the direction of Prashant Neil and starring Prabhas.

Shankar is the greatest in Tamil cinema. His film Endhiran was a huge success all over the world. In this case Shankar is directing the RC15 film with Ramcharan. The film is made in Telugu.

Rajamouli is famous for his great film Bhagwati. He recently directed the recently released film RRR. The film starred Ramcharan, Jr. NDR, Ajay Devgan, Alia Bhatt and many more. The film was released and received good reviews among the fans. More revenue was also poured in.

In this situation, the idea has come among the fans that the films of great directors like Shankar, Rajamouli and Prashant Neil will definitely be successful. The market for actors in their films has also grown. Thus many actors aspire to star in their films.

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