300 films that have not been censored and released .. Jay destroyed in Agambavam

Many enter the field of cinema with the dream of somehow succeeding in cinema and becoming a big man and saving his family. But success in cinema is not so easy for all of them.

There are many stories of many workers who came with innumerable desires and could not shine in Tamil cinema. Cinema is more than just a hobby, it is a profession that can make a splash for many people.

There are many producers who came into the cinema with the desire to make a film and came to the street after facing many losses. Similarly, Tamil cinema has shown its demanding face to many who are eager to progress as an actor or a director.

We shed tears when we hear the stories of many who were destroyed by Tamil cinema like this. It is with so many dreams in mind that many directors direct the film. But not all of them reach people.

More than 300 films in Tamil cinema have been censored and are yet to be released. That includes four or five films starring Jay. While Jay was growing up in cinema one of his close relatives kept him and produced and directed the film.

The shooting of the film titled ‘Arjun’s Girlfriend’ took place in the court. The director of the film is currently lamenting that Jay did a lot of interruptions to the film at that time and stopped the film.

This is an example incident. For such a reason many films are unable to come to the screen. There are no actors involved who will be affected by this. If they do not have this film they will go for another film.

But neither the producer nor the director concerned can get away with it and lose their dreams. Such a tragedy is happening in the current Tamil cinema.

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