4 films that hate theater and target OTT this week .. Bala sir can you do it yourself!

Many industries suffered the greatest decline during the Corona period. The film industry was greatly affected. But then it was the ODT companies that raised their heads. With IT companies, schools, colleges, factories and theaters all closed, OTD was the entertainment for the fans.

Even though the theaters are currently open, even big budget films are showing interest in being released on OTV. The reason for this is that if the film is to be released in theaters it has to face many problems. That means the sensor problem does not exist in ODT.

Also the problem in the availability of theater, as distributors have to face many problems. Thus many are currently seeking ODT. And like theaters, these companies release four films aimed at the weekends.

The films that have already been released in theaters are also being released on ODD. In this situation, on May 6, the pictures of Sanikagitam, Titanic love will pass away and Google Kuttappa Visithran will be released.

The film is directed by Arun Matheswaran and stars Selvaragavan and Keerthi Suresh. Next to this, the movie Titanic, directed by Janagraman and starring Kalaiyarasan and Anandi, will also fall in love.

Following this, KS Ravikumar co-starred with Darshan and Laslia, who became famous through Big Boss, in the film Google Kuttappa. The trailer of the film was released and caught the attention of the fans. The last film directed by Padmakumar and starring RK Suresh and Poorna is Visithran.

Despite the expectations of the fans on these four films, the theater has decided to release it on ODD without seeking it. And OTD is also buying these films with good profits. Thus it ends smoothly between the two sides.

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