40 story Vijay got up in the middle not liking the story like Aswin .. Death hit starring another hero

Commander Vijay currently has the largest fan base. He is said to have made good profits in the collections by his fans despite the failure of the recently released Beast film starring him. And nowhere does Vijay walk his fans without giving up.

In this situation Vijay has missed a blockbuster hit film. Recently Manopala and Lingusamy had a discussion on a YouTube channel. They shared about many things in it. It was then that Lingusamy shared his experiences of telling his story to the visitor.

That is, Vijay, who only heard the first half of Lingusamy’s storytelling, stopped short of the film. And while Lingusamy was adamant that he should tell the whole story, Vijay said he did not want to star in the film and came up with a different story.

I mean Vijay refuses to do this because the hero character in the film was strong so the hero would not have that much scope. But after that, the movie starring Vishal was Sandakkozhi. The film was a huge blockbuster hit.

And ran successfully for almost 225 days at the Devi Theater alone. And the turning point in Vishal’s screen career was the movie Sandakkozhi. Lingusamy has since met Vijay at a hotel.

Then Lingusamy asked if he had told this story, sir. Vijay congratulated the film on its success and said that a good actor like Vishal was the right choice to play the role. He also praised Tamil cinema for having such a person.

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