5 actors who are only known as villains who play heroes .. The young actor who got the opportunity with his voice

There has never been a famine for heroes in Tamil cinema. Some of the villain character is intimidated in a few films but disappears without a sequel to the best films. Rajini, Sathyaraj and Sarathkumar later became heroes. With the best villains like Nambiar, Raghuvaran, Ponnambalam, Anandaraj, Mansoor Alikhan, there is a real shortage of villain actors in Tamil right now.

Some have been intimidated into being villains but have not yet become big villains as the name implies. You can find out about the actors with the best future if you play the growing good villain.

1) RK Suresh – Director Bala’s debut made his mark in the first film. In the first half of the movie “Tarai Thappattai” he became a sinful man and after marrying the heroine Varalakshmi, he turned into a beast and amazed the viewers.

After that, he co-starred with Vishal in “Marudu” and in the role of “Rolex Pandey”. He has the uniqueness of a villain with good physique and looks like an ordinary man in Tamil Nadu. Suresh, who is currently starting to play the hero in films from being a producer and distributor, will come a big round if he focuses on villain roles.

2) Arjun Das – Arjun Das Patti Thotti became famous everywhere by playing the villain in Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Prisoner though he had acted in some films before. Although he is nothing but a good height and solid body for a villain actor, he has garnered praise for his compelling voice and excellent acting like Raghuvaran.

Then again in the master with Lokesh he threatened Vijay along with Vijay Sethupathi as the villain. Fans have been urging him to continue playing villainous roles as he has a unique voice and different acting.

3) Harish Uthman – Actor Harish Uthman who has all the features of a perfect villain actor like good height, physique, appearance. He has acted in many languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada and has not been used as a villain in any film yet. Although he has appeared as a villain in films like Vijay Sethupathi’s Rekka and Dhanush’s series, he has not yet acted as a full – length intimidating villain. If Tamil cinema directors use him properly, a better villain actor may be available.

Notably, the villains are actors Vamsi Krishna and Naveen Chandra. Naveen Chandra, who is busy acting in Telugu, has not been used properly by the Tamil film industry yet. Pattas played a good villain in the film but has not yet put up a good performance. Similarly, fans expect Vamsi Krishna, who has excelled in deer karate films like Ivan, to continue to act in films.

Naveen Chandra– Although he did not appear in Tamil films after that, he threatened Dhanush as a villain in the film Fireworks. It is noteworthy that in the Telugu super hit film ‘Evaru’, Miratti received praise from everyone.

Vamsi Krishna -Ivan is no different, it is no surprise that Vamsi Krishna, who revealed his intimidating performance in the solo film, is currently developing into a villain in several films. His performance in the film Mankarathe was praised by all.

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