5 actors who became villains without being able to become heroes .. Vinay who became inevitable villains

Usually in cinema, for many actors who dream of a hero, that dream does not come true. While some win as heroes, many miss out on that opportunity. Some of them like Arun Vijay and Jayam Ravi are working hard to give some success and become a leading actor.

But some of the actors who realized that all that was not going to happen are now playing the villain. Here are 5 actors who turned into villains without becoming a hero costume workout.

Vinay: He made his debut as a romantic hero in the film Unnale Unnale and later went on to star in films like Jayam Kondan and Palace. However, he did not get the chance to be a hero and is currently on the field as a villain.

Vinay became a villain through the hit Doctor movie starring Sivakarthikeyan. Dare to do anything after that, he became famous for playing the villain in movies like O My Dog. His carefree villainy is very much liked by the fans. He is currently emerging as an unavoidable villain in Tamil cinema.

Prasanna: He made his debut with the movie Five Star and has acted as a hero in many Tamil movies. But there are no pictures to name him. So he played the villain in the movie Anjadhe.

He then threatened to play the villain in the movie Tiger Wall. Although there are not many film opportunities coming up at the moment, he is still acting in characters like Second Hero and Villain.

Cipraj: Sibiraj played the role of a villain in Tamil cinema and later became known as the son of actor Sathyaraj. But he did not get the expected hero chance.

So he played the villain in movies including Coin, Pokkiri Raja. In contrast to his father who changed from villain to hero, he is now transformed from hero to villain.

Bobby Simha: He has acted in many double hero stories in Tamil cinema and is currently playing the role of a villain. Many films starring Sami 2, Pattai and Mahan in that genre have attracted fans. Unable to impress the fans as a hero, the villain role is working out well.

Daniel Balaji: Coming from the iconic screen to the big screen he played a few characters but none of them gave him a big hand. So he started playing the role of a villain and has been intimidated as a cruel villain in many movies like Hunting Game and Wicked. In that sense he is the main villain of Tamil cinema.

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