5 directors who worked on Shivaji Love Panni .. The first Tamil film to be sent to the Oscars

Shivaji Ganesan, who was hailed by the fans as actor Tilak and acting emperor in cinema, has acted in many films. In that capacity he has worked with many generations of directors.

He likes certain directors very much. Actor Tilak will not hesitate to agree if they ask him to act in the film. Here are five directors who impressed actor Tilak.

A. C. Thirulogachandra Thirulogachandra was considered as the most important director in Tamil cinema at that time. He is proud to have given many films with many leading heroes including MGR, Shivaji. In that line he has directed many films with Shivaji including Two Flowers, Son of God.

Deivamagan was the first Tamil film to be sent to the Oscars from India. Shivaji would have shown another dimension of acting in the three characters of father and sons. In that sense this film is an important film that actor Tilak’s name says.

A. Beamsing Shivaji Ganesan and Beamsingh were seen as the successful alliance of Tamil cinema at that time. The alliance has released almost 14 films and has been successful. They all have a specialty.

The fact is that the names of the films all start with the p sequence. Accordingly Partition, Affectionate, Uneducated Genius, Milk and Fruit movies are the favorite films of the fans. Additional information is that the romantic Gemini has also starred in almost six films in this alliance.

Q Balachander K. Balachander, who has an unshakable place in the history of Tamil cinema, has directed many successful films. He is also proud to have introduced many leading actors.

Shivaji is very fond of him as he is one of the most wanted directors. Shivaji is starring in the film Echo directed by him. But the two never worked together on more films.

PR ball He is one of the most acclaimed directors in Indian cinema. He is the one who has given so many great films that he alone can give so many works. He is a close friend of Shivaji and has produced and directed numerous films with him.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman is a film that has made the Indian film industry look back in that way. After this film, actor Tilak intimidated everyone with his acting to the extent of saying that Kattabomman is Shivaji. The film not only made good profits but also bagged several awards. It is noteworthy that after that this successful alliance was joined in several films.

AB Nagarajan He has a special place among Shivaji’s favorite directors. He has given many hit films with actor Tilak in that category. Many films like Pavai Vilakku, Sampurna Ramayana, Navratri were well received. Shivaji starrer Navratri was a huge success.

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