5 filmmakers who got angry in public in 2022 .. Is only one more angry?

Cinema celebrities sometimes lose their temper and get angry without even looking at the public platform for the question asked by journalists. Thus, in 2022 alone, these are the five most talked about cinema celebrities who have caused a great deal of controversy on the public stage.

Gangai Amaran: During a recent interview with Gangai Amaran, a reporter questioned the alleged preface to a book written by Ilayaraja by Gangai Amaran. Ganga Amaran then went to the peak of his anger at the reporter and said, ‘Yeah, Poruya Poruya, yes I just wrote it. What is that, you know what you are going to do ‘he shouted angrily. Gangai Amaran is currently engaged in a heated debate with journalists and politicians.

Gautam Vasudev Menon: When asked by journalist apprentice Ranganathan during the pressmeeting of the film he released, Gautham Vasu Menon said, ‘Don’t push us to the point where we are shooting a film. Because it is like insulting the picture you take with difficulty by the question you ask ‘, the student spoke harshly to Ranganathan on the stage.

Parthiban: During the song release ceremony for the film Shadow of the Night, AR Raghuvan, Samuthirakani, Madan Karki, Karu Palaniappan, Shobana Chandrasekhar, Robo Shankar and others showed their anger by throwing the mic in Parthiban’s hand as his bike was not working on the stage. He then apologized for the matter and resumed his speech. However the video of him getting angry is currently being talked about virally.

Bala: Bala was furious at the question asked by Ranganathan, a journalist, who was a journalist during the pressmeeting of the film in which he was in motion, and got into a heated argument with him on stage.

சாந்தனு: To the question asked by the press about the apprentice during the cast union election, the tough Santhanu, who speaks poorly about others and thereby needs money-making entertainment, he will grow up when we talk about someone who criticizes one such person. He therefore spoke angrily to the apprentice that the cast should take action against him for the benefit of many.

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