5 films that won by insisting on giving up .. always funny jokes

We have all heard the adage that the giver does not go astray. Accordingly, there are films in Tamil cinema that have triumphed by insisting on giving up. You can look at the pictures released to show the benefits of giving up on normal family, relationship, friendship, romance.

Pandava Earth: Pandavar Bhoomi is a movie directed by Cheran and starring Arun Vijay, Rajkiran, Ranjith, Vijayakumar, Charlie, Shameeta and many more. In this film, the romantic couple are ready to give up their love for the family. But Ranjit overcomes the love that refuses to accept his sister’s daughter who has a face like hers.

Siblings: The film is a sibling starring Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, Jyotika Suri and others. The film was a sentimental film about brother and sister. In the trouble that happens to her husband and brother, Jyotika tries to get her husband to talk to her rather than to her brother. The story of the film is whether it was successful then.

Papanasam: Papanasam is a movie starring Kamal Haasan, Gautami, Kalapavan Mani and others. The story of the film is about how Kamal cleverly manages to save his daughter from trouble. Kamal, who was kept from giving up a lie till the end, is finally saved from this case by telling the truth to IG.

Our house child: The film starring Sivakarthikeyan, Aishwarya Rajesh, Anu Emanuel, Suri and many more is Our Home Child. This is an example of how those who give up are not spoiled. In the film, Sivakarthikeyan, his mother and sister are separated by their own family. But Sivakarthikeyan finally finds success without leaving his family anywhere.

At age 36: The film, starring Jyotika, Raghuman, Abirami, Nasser and others, was released at the age of 36. Jyotika starred in the film as a reaction to the housewives at home. Jyotika, who had revolutionary thoughts in her youth, leaves many for her husband and child after marriage. Then at the age of 36 he learns how to recover them again and find success.

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