5 Horror Movies Like The Seventh Day You Must See


Directed by Justin P. Lange, ‘The Seventh Day’ is an exorcist horror movie with a thrilling twist. Set in a day and age when cases of demonic possession are sprawling out of control, the story follows veteran exorcist, Father Peter, as he teams up with rookie priest Daniel to tackle the diabolical forces of evil. But the twist ending reveals something far more sinister. Although the story borrows freely from previous genre forays, the director can deliver a movie that feels remarkably fresh and slick. With Guy Pearce and Vadhir Derbez in the central roles, the film is worth a watch if you are an avid genre fan. If you have liked the film, we have a few recommendations that should be appealing to you. You can watch most of the films similar to ‘The Seventh Day’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

5. The Dark (2018)

Justin P. Lange is making his presence felt in the genre of horror. The first feature of the director is an unlikely tale caught between horror and humanity. The spirit of Mina roams the bleak wilderness where she was murdered quite some time ago. As a ghost, she has taken a lot of lives on her own, but the story takes a different turn as she comes to find a blind boy tucked away in a trunk. With the discovery of the boy, Mina comes to remember her own tragic past. Atmospheric, dark-tinted, and complete with a twist ending, you must check out this earlier genre installment of the director if you have loved ‘The Seventh Day.’

4. Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Helmed by Mike Flanagan, who has previously frightened the audiences with ‘Oculus,’ comes another tale of supernatural horror. Chilling to the bones, ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ is a horror film that you deserve, although it may be the one causing you nightmares. A single mother and her two daughters operate an Ouija board to make people communicate with the dead. But to the mother’s dismay, the younger daughter gets accidentally possessed by an evil force. If you have not been scared by ‘The Seventh Day,’ you can count on this film to fill up your spook-meter.

3. The Wailing (2016)

Helmed by South Korean filmmaker Na Hong-jin, ‘The Wailing’ is one of those horror films that would potentially ruin your sleep. After the arrival of a shamanic stranger, a rural community experiences a series of brutal and horrific deaths. The police find their hands tied in the face of supernatural forces, and a photographer deacon rises to the occasion to help the locals. But this is a horror film that will not give you a happy ending. Slow-burning, ominous, and replete with dead birds, ‘The Wailing’ is a film that sees the evil winning, just like ‘The Seventh Day.’

2. The Exorcist (1973)

There have been a plethora of exorcism movies, but not many of them make their places in the collective consciousness in the way ‘The Exorcist’ does. Helmed by William Friedkin, the classic exorcism horror revolves around an actress and her daughter who live in the small community of Georgetown. When her daughter gets possessed by a demonic spirit, the actress calls veteran priests Lankester Merrin and Damien Karras to perform the exorcism ritual. However, the exorcism does not really go according to the plan. Replete with jump scares, levitating children, and archaeological intrigue, the film packs more than most people can take. If you have found ‘The Seventh Day’ at least intriguing, you have a right to know its principal source of inspiration.

1. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

American auteur Roman Polanski brings a tale of psychological horror to plate in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ – but as time progresses, the horror of the mind manifests in a diabolical reality. Rosemary moves into a new apartment with her beloved husband Guy and plans to set up a near-perfect family. But horrific visions unleash themselves, and Rosemary is led to believe that she is the victim of a sinister and diabolical plot against her and her imminent baby. Fraught with psychological intrigue, secret cults, and a final twist that will throw you off balance, this film has asserted its place among the classics of the genre. If you have a thing for demons in general, this diabolical nightmare of a film will catch you by surprise.

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