5 intimidating films starring Saukar Janaki .. Dillumullu made Rajini laugh out loud

Veteran actress Saukar Janaki has acted in more than 400 films in many languages ​​including Tamil and Telugu. Further information is that she acted as the heroine only after she got married.

She has acted in many films and started acting in character roles after 1975. He has won many awards such as the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award and Kalaimamani for his outstanding performance. No matter how many films he has acted in, there are some films that have captivated the fans. Here’s what 5 movies intimidated him into acting in that category.

swimming against: Directed by K. Balachander, the film was released in 1968 and was a huge success. In it, Chaukar Janaki would have played the character of Iyer Mami, the wife of actor Srikanth. The villainous work he does against Nagesh has attracted fans. The song ‘Ambujattai’ became a terrific hit.

Two lines: Directed by K Balachander, the film stars Gemini Ganesan, Jayanthi and Chaukar Janaki in the lead roles. In this, the performance of Chaukar Janaki, who is Gemini’s first wife, will be very realistic. He would have shown many emotions such as love, separation, tragedy. In that sense, the film was a hit with him.

Epic Leader: Directed by K Balachander, the film stars Gemini Ganesan and Chaukar Janaki. Saukarjanaki’s performance in this film, which was made with an emphasis on the heroine as a whole, was appreciated by many.

New Bird: Directed by Dada Mirasi, the film stars Shivaji Ganesan, Saroja Devi and Saukar Janaki. Chaukar Janaki played the character of Shivaji’s wife, who was addicted to alcohol. The song “Remember or not” featured in it became popular all over the bar.

Rigging: Directed by Balachander, the film featured a completely different performance by superstar Rajinikanth and made the audience laugh out loud. Apart from that, Rajini Saukar, who does a lot of work in the film, will ask Janaki to play the mother.

She also comes to play the mother and gets stuck in the place of Coconut Srinivasan. Superstar Rajinikanth fell down and laughed as he watched his performance at the shooting spot. To that extent he became a character and was praised by many for mixing in comedy.

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