5 pictures of total tears and tears by sentiment .. and this addiction is very bad

The brother-sister sentimental films released in Tamil cinema are still getting a lot of attention from the fans. Fans are still watching the movie in repeat mode on TV, which brought out all the tears in the theater’s golden sentiment.

In the eastern hemisphere: Directed by Bharathiraja in 1993, the film stars Vijayakumar as his brother, Radhika as Thangachi and Napoleon as Thangachi’s husband. It would have beautifully portrayed the affectionate struggle of Vijayakumar-Radhika without being able to express the affection that Thangachi had for the place from birth from the very beginning after marriage. And the song ‘Manoothu Manthaiyile’, which sounds when Thangachchi takes the procession home, is still heard everywhere today when Maman takes the procession to any house party.

Thorn and flower: Directed by Mahendran in 1978, the film is based on the book Thorn and Flower by Uma Chandran. In this, Rajinikanth will play the role of brother and Shobha will play the role of goldsmith. Affectionately growing gold stands in the way of their marriage when they fall in love with someone they do not like.

At that point Rajini unexpectedly loses her hand. Thus losing his job as well. So with the intention of alleviating her brother’s hardship, she sets out to marry the good boy she loves in collaboration with her brother. Knowing this, the brother gets upset and goes to the place and talks to Thangachi. At one point her brother is the main one and Rajinikanth will finally put the two of them together as her love is sacred to the goldsmith who abandoned her boyfriend.

Affectionate birds: Released in 1988 under the direction of Kochi Haneefa, the film is already a remake of Haneefa’s own 1986 Malayalam film Three Months ago. The film stars Sivakumar as the brother and Radhika as Thangachi. At one point, the conspirators plotted and portrayed Sivakumar as the culprit who killed Radhika’s husband Mohan, who was a doctor.

Radhika also argues in court that Sivakumar should be convicted for this. On the other hand, Sivakumar’s wife Lakshmi will also argue to save Sivakumar. Sivakumar will eventually reunite with his brother to prove that he is not at fault for sacrificing his life for his sister.

Ocean: Directed by KS Ravikumar in 2001, the film stars Kaveri, the younger brother of Sarathkumar, Murali and Manoj. They would torture her and buy all the property her brother had. Thus the brothers, who had lost everything for gold, at one point, realizing that their sister was being abused, stormed out and beat them up to recover the gold from them. Eventually the goldsmith will also be converted.

Velayutham: Saranya Mohan will play the role of Mass Hero Commander Vijay’s Gold in this film which beautifully shows the brotherly love of Thangachi which was taken at a huge cost of around Rs 60 crore. When the ticket company approached to take the money they had put together for Thangachi’s wedding, Pamara hated the people when they were questioned for cheating. So Saranya gets trapped in the trap set for Vijay and dares to give her life for her brother. So he will differentiate those who disguise themselves in the name of Velayutham with the intention of taking revenge on those who took the life of Thangachi.

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