5 pictures that skinned the police anarchy .. Surya who gave a re-entry and was stunned

Police is one of the most used fields in Tamil cinema in recent times. Films that focus on this and skin the police anarchy in the released films have been well received among the fans both in terms of collections. These pictures shed light on a few hidden facts about the police at the police station as well.

Investigation: Attakathi Dinesh, Anandi and Aadukalam Murugadoss will play the lead roles in this film in the 2015 Vetrimaran movement. The protagonist and his accomplices, who work in the grocery store for interrogation, are taken away and falsely prosecuted and then filmed as being brutally tortured and murdered for their position. Misha Misha Kosal’s performance as a police officer in the film would have left Mirala, including the viewers.

Jaybeam: Directed by Gnanavel Raja and starring Surya, the film is based on real-life incidents in which a dark-skinned Chengani and Rajakannu couple are brought to justice at a police station.

In this, Rajakannan, a member of the Irular caste, was booked for theft and beaten to death at a station and his body was dumped in another state. The story of this film is that Chengani, who is a month pregnant after that, discovers the cruelty done to Rajakannu with the help of lawyer Chandru and rescues his associates alive.

The police are your friend: This film directed by RTM is also based on a true incident that took place in Tamil Nadu. Suresh Ravi, Raveena Ravi and Mime Gopi will play the lead roles. The protagonist mistakenly hates the police officer when the young couple who fall in love and get married start a beautiful life.

After that, Mime Gopi, who is a police officer, beats the protagonist Suresh Ravi to death. Thus the story, which contradicts the title of the film, would have exposed the anarchy of the police through this film.

Donor: Directed by Tamil, this film shows the problems faced by trainees in the police force. But the story of this film is that Vikram Prabhu has successfully completed that and completed his police training.

Writer: Starring Samuthirakani and Iniya in the lead roles in the Franklin Jacob movement, the film highlights how the police abuse their power and the many problems within power. The film tells the story of how Samuthirakani, who played the writer in the film, travels towards retirement, overcomes the family problems he encounters with his two wives and shines in his role as a writer.

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