5 Sci-Fi Movies That Deserved Best Picture Oscar Nomination

5 Sci-Fi Movies That Should Have Won an Oscar

5 Sci-Fi Movies That Deserved Best Picture Oscar Nomination

5 Sci-Fi Movies That Deserved Best Picture Oscar Nomination

It’s a well-known proven fact that Science fiction/Fantasy Movies obtain little love in relation to awards. The Academy tends to disregard them, in favor of “critical” Movies; Movies which discover the depths of human emotion and current real-life struggles by relatable individuals. But don’t good sci-fi Movies do the identical, with extra visible enchantment, and aplomb?


Let’s take examples, let’s? The ‘Interstellar‘, despite being such a bold venture, was principally snubbed by the Academy. Aside from technical classes, the Academy didn’t see it match to appoint the film for another award. The Best Director nomination for Christopher Nolan is so lengthy overdue that it’s turning out to be the Martin Scorcese story another time.

But then, ‘Interstellar’ doesn’t even rely in the perfect science-fiction Movies made. Not by a mile. I’m speaking concerning the Movies that are proper there on high, with the Citizen Kanes and the Casablancas of the movie trade. We have now had basic oldies like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis; made in 1927, it was a movie to this point forward of its time that nobody appeared to understand its significance Back then. It’s now hailed as a masterpiece, and probably the best works of the German auteur.

2001: A Space Odyssey

But the movie which single-handedly redefined science fiction, and brought on it to be taken critically as a style in cinema, was undoubtedly Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. A grand epic, it addresses all of the themes that are apparently critics pleasant, and is a technical marvel. It now enjoys a well-deserved standing in nearly all of the lists of finest Movies made. But then, no Oscar love.


One other SF cult-classic is ‘Solaris’ ( no, not the Clooney one. ). Directed by some of the influential administrators of all time, Andre Tarkovsky, the movie explores the human consciousness at its basest, the character of affection and need and the distinction between the actual and the unreal. But after all, you’ll be asking me – see, all these movies are classics, why the rant then? I ask you – do you actually hear these movies talked about? Perhaps you’ll get a fleeting point out of 2001, But no more than that.

‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Back to the Future’

Maybe an argument might be made that since ‘Star Wars’, the style of SF has primarily thought to be a cash-cow. All the actual stuff will get slowed down beneath the blinding glares of summertime blockbusters and popcorn stuff. Science Fiction, as a style, is sort of all the time related to flying spaceships capturing lasers and inexperienced monsters. If 2001 gave a rebirth to SF, I daresay, SW introduced it to a standstill. It has been a protracted and tedious journey since then, with some wonderful moments akin to ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Back to the Future’. These had been wonderful Movies, But you’ll solely see phrases akin to ‘entertaining’ related to them. Not ‘thought-provoking’. So it wasn’t till Christopher Nolan hit the circuit that it was realized that speculative fiction might be cerebral too, and never all glares and fights. But once more, it has been a protracted and arduous realization, and sadly, not by the Academy.

The problem might be attributed to relevance vs resonance. The good science fiction Movies, nevertheless related they could be for the times, don’t resonate as effectively with the viewers as different nice movies do. And generally, even the banalest movies discover a place within the coronary heart of individuals. It’s a center floor that SF has tried to attain for thus lengthy, (a feat achieved by ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and ‘Lord of the Rings: Return of the King’) and can continue to try, till one wonderful day.

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