5 Shining Heirs of Legend Dads .. Recommendation alone is enough to be talented

In cinema, successor actors are one of the easiest to come by. Through the influence of their father they easily come to act in films. But their survival in cinema is in the hands of the fans.

In fact, it was Commander Vijay who entered the cinema through his father. But his hard work is the main reason why he is currently at an unattainable height. In this case, the 5 actors who are the heirs of the legends are unable to win.

P Vasu – Power: Director P Vasu has created many actors in Tamil cinema. All of his films were commercially huge blockbuster hits. His son Shakti Thottal made his debut with the film Poo Malarum. He continued to give many flop pictures. After that he got into some controversy. He attended Big Boss with the desire to act again. This too was disappointing.

Bharathiraja – Manoj: Bharathiraja was the one who brought the image of the village to life. Actor Manoj is the son of Bharathiraja who is acclaimed by the fans as director Shikhar, director Himayam. He initially starred in a film directed by his father. Yet he did not get recognition as a hero.

SV Sehgar- Aswin: SV Sehgar is a well known director and actor. Initially starring in several plays, he had the opportunity to act in films. SV Sehgar used it properly and acted in many films and became known to everyone. He is currently involved in politics. His son Aswin Sehgar starred in three films. It didn’t even go as far as a movie would say.

K Bhagyaraj – Chandanu: K Bhagyaraj has learned all the tricks of cinema except dance. Such is his role in cinema. He has learned everything as an actor, screenwriter, director, producer and screenwriter. His successor Chandanu Bhagyaraj made his debut as a protagonist with the film Chakkarakatti. His dance was admired by many. But until now he has been fighting for a permanent place in cinema.

Pandiyarajan- Prithviraj: Although the hero has no features, Pandiyarajan is a self-confident hero. He has also directed several hit films. His son Prithiviraj made his cinematic debut with an art film directed by his father. Although several films followed, all failed.

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