5 speakers who became actors with the menu .. Nisha sister making another level incident

He has also become an actor in some of the films that have enthralled the fans with his speeches on the menu. They have researched social issues and said many good things to knowledgeable people. Similarly, in cinema, people have expressed many opinions through their role.

Dindigul Leoni:Dindigul Leoni served as arbitrator in the Bar Councils. He has captivated the fans with his humorous speeches. He has also worked as a teacher. He is also interested in politics. He played the father of Arun Vijay in the film Ganga Gauri.

Solomon Papaya: Solomon Papaya, a renowned Speaker of the House from Madurai. He has also served as a Professor in the Department of Tamil. He has acted in films like Muthalvan, Boys and Shivaji directed by Shankar.

King : Humorous barrister Raja. His speech has many fans. During the festive season he regularly attends the menu show that airs on Sun TV. In this situation he has acted in many films like Kanna Laddu Tinna Aasaiya, Ko, Shivaji.

Wisdom: Comedy Bar Speaker has also served as Professor of Enlightenment. He has mostly acted in comedy roles in movies. He has acted in many films like Virumandi, Ithayathiruthan, Siva Manasula Sakthi, Rajinimurugan, Nimrindu Nil.

Aranthangi Nisha: Aranthangi Nisha was initially the Speaker of the House. After that Vijay became famous for participating in the show Who’s Gonna Mix which aired on TV. In this situation, he has acted in films like Kalakalappu 2, Mari 2, Kolamavu Kokila and Andevathai on the silver screen. And is currently starring in several films.

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