55 Gifts That Your Wife Won’t Immediately Return for Store Credit

55 Gifts That Your Wife Won’t Immediately Return for Store Credit


Your wife! Give this woman a hand! She puts up with you! Hardy har, now enough with the “dumb husband” jokes. Your wife, we will be so bold to assume, is an awesome human, full of wisdom and laughter and beauty and emotional complexity. You love her a whole hell of a lot, so you want to buy her a gift that’s somewhere in the realm of “so perfect she’ll immediately call all her friends to brag about her partner’s superior gift-giving prowess.” Hey, dream big. And we can help make that dream, not reality, but damn near close. For the most important woman in your life, these are 55 knockout holiday gift ideas—for the wife who’s into fashion and beauty, cool tech, home decor, foodie crazes, personalized knick-knacks, or all of the above.

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Miranda Robe

Bring her the hotel experience without leaving home with Ugg’s sinfully soft robe.

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For the Sentimental Wife

Now+ Bluetooth-Connected I-Type Instant Film Camera

Polaroid is a throwback that’ll take vibe-y pics for her Insta or for hanging on the fridge. And the new Now+ has five lens filters, double exposure capabilities, and fully customizable settings via its app, which will let her get really creative without having to waste a bunch of film on blurred shots in the process.

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For the Traveler

Letterpress Map Print

Quail Lane Press

Maps: good for planning adventures, even better as home decor. Order one of your wife’s favorite place on Earth.

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Ui Mug & Warmer Set

Because everyone deserves the gift of coffee that doesn’t go cold within 15 minutes of being pouring.

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A Last-Minute Gift for the Wife Who Loves a Mystery

Hunt a Killer: Mystery or Horror Subscription

This subscription box strings out clues and hard evidence across months of shipments, challenging her (and you) to catch the killer or solve the mystery before the clues run out.

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The Outdoor Slipper Boot

The woolen slipper-slash-boot that makes schlepping stylish in a peak-outdoors sort of way. The woman who spends nearly as much time outside as she does in will depend on it.

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Best Tech Gift

Oblio Wireless Sanitizing Charger

Though it looks like a champagne bucket, this device is actually a wireless phone charger that also sanitizes the phone while it charges with a UV light. Can’t think of a more 2021 tech gift than that.

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Best Weed Gift

Stoner Loungewear

Jane Parade

A supremely chill line of sweatshirts, tees, and accessories, for the wife who’ll get it.

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Most Unique Gift

Personalized Metallic LP Record

Like the mixtape you would’ve made for her if this were 1986 and you were both 16—only classy, personalized, and pretty freakin’ neat. And featuring zero Whitesnake, we hope.

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A Last-Minute Beauty Gift

Glossy Gift Box Subscription

Glossy Box

You don’t know what beauty and skincare products she wants, and that is fine, because there are about a million out there. But if you get her this beauty box subscription, she’ll receive a curated selection on the regular, which is a much better gift than guessing wrong.

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Smart Brass Growhouse

Modern Sprout’s Growhouse, featuring an app-enabled LED grow light, is fit not for a plant mom, but for a plant queen.

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A Gift for the Wife Who Loves Wine

Wine Flight Box


Get her the gift of wine that’s tailored to her tastes and appears in a set of undeniably cute, single-serving glass vials. Don’t even think about asking her to share. (And if you’d like to give your gift early, Vinebox has a great wine advent calendar.)

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Layered Cashmere Hoodie

Luxurious heathered cashmere knit in hoodie form is lounging as god intended.

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Bourbon Nosing Kit

If she knows her way around the whiskey aisle at the liquor store, then she’ll dive into this project: an instructional kit for learning the ins and outs of bourbon aromas, notes, and essences. It’s a next-level spirit experience, for the woman who drinks next-level booze.

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For the Art Enthusiast

Canvas II Smart Art Frame

This isn’t some cheesy digital picture frame. It makes whatever art she selects look matte and clean, like it’s really there on the wall. If she’s getting antsy about the home decor, this’ll be a spot-on gift.

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Most Romantic Gift

Lipstick Loungewear Set

This is a show-stopping gift: a satin pajama set that is luxurious, romantic, and glamorous all at once. For the goddess who lives with you.

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One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Brush

If she is at all tuned into viral beauty trends, then she’ll know this one: the miracle Revlon hot air brush that mimics a salon-quality blowout. She’s probably dying to try it out.

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New AirPods (3rd Generation)

The AirPods 3, just released by Apple, are a huge upgrade from their predecessors. The spatial audio and Adaptive EQ technology in particular make music sound great, and the fit is much improved. She won’t be able to live without them. 

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Best Jewelry Gift

Diamond Stud Earrings

It doesn’t get any more timeless than diamond studs. These will be an addition to her jewelry box that you can be assured she’ll wear often.

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For the Wife With a Sweet Tooth

Seriously Good Gummy Bears

Behave is a new candy brand that somehow, someway, makes sweets that aren’t totally unhealthy, which your wife will dig. And they said it couldn’t be done.

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Best for the LaCroix-Loving Wife

Carbonator II

Fact: Water tastes better when it’s sparkling. Give your wife the gift of an endless bubbly water supply.

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Best Accessory for Your Wife

Esther Square Metal Watch

Minimalist watches are having a moment, and Breda’s mixed-metal take looks just right: modern, beautiful, and unique.

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Kaya Laptop Backpack

Upgrade the black hole that is her tote with Calpak’s ingenious faux leather backpack, whose features include a hidden laptop slip, a luggage trolley sleeve, and a roomy main compartment. It’ll come in doubly handy on your next vacation together.

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C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C & Turmeric Face Oil

She’ll be delighted to add this buzzy serum to her hours-long (or so it seems) skincare routine. And to manifest CEO status after using it.

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Best Perfume to Gift

Eau de Toilette Discovery Set

It’s impossible to pick and stick to a single Diptyque scent. Philosykos, maybe? Eau Rose? Nope, a favorite cannot simply be chosen, so it has to be all five scents at once. 

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Stagg Ekg Electric Kettle

All sleek lines and smart mechanics, the Stagg kettle is a modern appliance worthy of her kitchen counter space.  

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Gourmet Truffle Sriracha VIP Set

Better than all the diamonds in the world is a bottle of black truffle sriracha. Make that two. If you’re smart, you’ll grab a second set to hoard for yourself.

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For the Wife Who Works Out

Whoop Strap 4.0

Talk about hot wellness tech. Whoop is taking over the world, or so it seems, with its high-tech fitness tracker and membership program. For this price, you get a strap in the color of your (or her) choice and six months of membership.

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Mary Jane Hooked Throw Pillow

Jungalow By Justina Blakeney

Because everything’s better when you’re chilling on the couch and enjoying each other’s company, among other things. (And because Jungalow is lovely brand that anyone with an eye for modern decor follows closely.)

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An Always-Classic Gift

Never Desert You Succulent Bouquet

There are bouquets that you grab at the supermarket, and then there’s this arrangement. The colors are gorgeous, and when the flowers start to wilt, she can pluck out the long-lasting succulent and re-pot it.

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