6 actors branded as ODD heroes .. Is it like this in the market or not?

ODs have been on the rise for the past two years due to corona spread. That means the government has ordered the closure of theaters to curb the spread of corona. As a result, many actors released their films on ODD. And even though the theaters are currently open, they are still releasing films on Odyssey. Thus at present they are so branded as ODT heroes.

Jeeva: Actor Jeeva is well known to all Tamil cinema fans. Ram and Kartatu Tamil films starring him got the attention of the fans. For the last two years, the films starring Jeeva have been released on Odit. But none of the films were as successful as expected.

Arun Vijay: Arun Vijay, who is now a villain, has more fans than he initially played as a hero. Arunvijay is acting by choosing different stories to keep it that way. The last Arun Vijay movie starring his son O My Dog was released on Amazon Prime Video.

Arya: Actor Arya who has attracted a lot of female fans. His Teddy and Charbatta lineage pictures were released on ODD. Also the Charbatta Heritage film was well received among the fans. And the film would have gotten better recognition if it had been released in theaters.

Vimal: Actor Wimal has caught the attention of the fans through his films with village story. None of the pictures have gone exactly right for him for the past two years. His films were also released on ODD and suffered huge losses. And so many producers are currently suing him.

கலையரசன்: Actor Kalaiyarasan has won the hearts of the people with his performance in the film Madras. Following this he has been acting as the protagonist in various films. His films include Jagame Tantra, Charpatta Paramparai, Lapam and Udanpirape.

Vikram Prabhu: Coming from a screen family, Vikram Prabhu has been fighting for a permanent place till now. Initially, the films starring him were well received. In this case, the films starring him are being released live on television or on ODD.

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