6 actresses settled in Mumbai to immerse themselves in cinema

The actresses, who have acted in some films in Tamil cinema and are well-known among the fans, settled in Mumbai after their marriage as they did not get a chance to shoot after that. But now that we have a character of importance we are left with the message that we will act.

And even though there are characters like sister, mother, sister-in-law, they are saying that if we pay the expected amount, the powder will leave. Kobika is the only one in the family who has no desire to act in cinema again as a child. Let’s see who the other actresses are in this situation.

Reema Sen: Actress Reema Sen has impressed the Tamil fans with her movie Minnalay. Following this he acted in many films like Bhagwati, Powder, Sellame, Thimiru Vallavan. She was married to businessman Shiv Karan Singh in 2012. He has a son. Reema Sen, who did not act after her marriage, starred in One in a Thousand. He is currently interested in acting in films again.

Malavika: Actress Malavika made her acting debut in the movie Unnaidethi starring Ajith. Following this, he acted in films like Ananda Poonkaatre, Rojavanam and Poopparikka Varukom. He then danced to a song on screen and caught the attention of fans. He later got married and settled abroad. He is currently looking for an opportunity in cinema by releasing an attractive photo again.

Laila: Laila has impressed the Tamil fans with her realistic acting in films like Pithamagan, Muthalvan and Dil. He was married in 2006 and settled abroad. He is currently re-entering Tamil cinema and has played the lead role in Prasanth’s Andagan and Karthi’s Sardar.

Roubini: Roubini co-starred with Vijaykanth in the film Captain. Roubini, who has all the talents of beauty, youth, glamor and acting, has given many hit films. She married in 1995 and settled abroad with her husband and children. From time to time he visits cinema celebrities when he comes to Tamil Nadu. In this situation, Roubini is interested in acting in films again.

Navya Nair: Navya Nair was once a leading actress in Malayalam cinema. He has acted in many films in Tamil such as Azhagiya Thiye, Pasakkilikal, Mayakkannadi, Raman Thediya Seethai. Navya Nair had left the cinema after her marriage. He is currently releasing sexy photos for the photo shoot again.

நதியா: Nadiya has acted opposite Rajini, Prabhu and Sathyaraj. She attracted not only Ann fans but also female fans. She married Cyril Godpol in 1988. They have 2 daughters. After a long hiatus, Jayam Ravi was given a re-entry by M Kumaran as the mother in the film Son of Mahalakshmi. Continuing is currently playing an important role.

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