6 films that lifted Dhanush’s career .. The rich man who laid the foundation

Producer Kasturi Raja will make his directorial debut as a writer in films, after which he will make a film even without a story but would not think of making a film without his brother Dhanush. This is how he transferred his brother Sulla to Mari Range.

துள்ளுவதோ இளமை: Selvarajavan will write the screenplay and co-direct the film with Dhanush, who made his acting debut in 2002. Actress Sherin would have played the heroine. Six of them, including 3 boys and 3 girls from different walks of life in the community, become classmates in high school. The story of this film is about the problem that everyone faces in their families, so they decide to leave home and live together as the study suffers. In this, Dhanush will show his natural acting as a school student.

I fell in love: The 2003 film I Fell in Love marked a turning point in Sagittarius’ career as he showed himself to the outside world. In it, Dhanush plays an orphaned college student. It will star Sonia Agarwal as the heroine.

Thus Sagittarius, who is ignored by most of the students in college, misunderstands her love as love to embrace the heroine, falls head over heels in love and turns into a psycho when that love is not available to her and frantically hides the girlfriend in the jungle. After that, when the heroine’s boyfriend rescues her from that place, the heroine will be in a position where the lover and Dhanush are trapped in the abyss and hold both hands. As she is determined not to let go of both of them, Dhanush leaves the heroine’s hand with the satisfaction that we are in her mind and falls into the pit and dies. His death will greatly affect the heroine.

Thiruda Thirudi: Directed by Subramaniam Siva and starring Dhanush and Chaya Singh in the lead roles, the super hit of the 2003 film Thiruda Thirudi made the film a remake in Kannada as well. Although Dhanush and Chaya Singh fight as a cat and mouse throughout the film, Choya Singh becomes jealous when Dhanush talks to another woman and reveals his love for Dhanush. But Dhanush did not accept it and teased her at that time and Sandakkozhi would have expressed love in a different way throughout the film. The song ‘Manmadharasa’ featured in the film made Dhanush even more popular by sounding like a song that was often put in repeat mode on TV at that time.

Start of the carnival: Shreya starred opposite Dhanush in the 2006 romantic film Thiruvilaiyadal Arambam directed by Bhupathi Pandian. The film was well received commercially and lifted Dhanush’s market. In this film, Dhanush mortgages his girlfriend to his girlfriend’s father, buys money and becomes a businessman and then takes his girlfriend by the hand. Thus the beginning of the carnival was the success of the movie Looty starring Dhanush as Prakashraj as the girlfriend’s father. The film was remade in Telugu in 2007 and in Kannada in 2011.

Update: Sneha and Sonia Agarwal will play the lead roles in the 2006 Dhanush starrer Puthuppettai directed by Selvaragavan. In this blockbuster film, Dhanush, who was caught by the Rowdy gang at an early age, soon becomes the right hand man of his boss and creates dangerous enemies. Dhanush later became a politician and then Rowdy changed his face to a politician.

Wicked: Dhanush and Divya Spandana will play the lead roles in Vetrimaran’s adaptation of the Italian film Bicycle Thieves. This is how Dhanush copes with the problem of rowdies in his life by recovering a bike that was stolen and sold by a rowdy gang when a middle class teenager thinks his bike is alive.

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