6 mass actors playing supporting roles .. Sivakarthikeyan at an untouchable peak

All the leading actors in Tamil cinema at one time acted as supporting actors. Here are six important actors and actresses who made their debut as supporting actors and are still in the limelight today.

Sivakarthikeyan: Actor Sivakarthikeyan has worked as a presenter in a TV show and has gradually entered the field of cinema and is now emerging as a leading actor. Seeing his talent, actor Dhanush cast Sivakarthikeyan in the role of his friend in his 3 films. Sivakarthikeyan’s performance in the film was highly acclaimed by the fans, after which he starred in hit films including The Unrepentant Youth Association.

Trisha: South Indian beauty queen Trisha first appeared in some scenes as Simran’s girlfriend in the 1999 film Jodi starring Prasanth and Simran. It can be said that the fans who saw Simran then forgot to see Trisha. Meanwhile, Trisha Lesa Lesa has become a heroine and a dream girl.

Vijay Sethupathi: Vijay Sethupathi, who is currently diversifying as a villain, protagonist and supporting actor, has made his debut as a supporting actor in Dhanush’s Pudupettai film. Directed by Selvaragavan, the film became a blockbuster and was an important milestone in Vijay Sethupathi’s screen career. After this Vijay Sethupathi made his debut as a protagonist in the movie Southwest Season Wind and today he has earned the title of the inevitable people of Tamil cinema Selvan.

Santhanam: Santhanam, who came to prominence as a screen actor through the Lollu Saba show aired on private television, attracted TV fans by revealing his outspoken comedy speech. Seeing this, actor Simbu introduced Santhanam as a supporting actor in his movie Manmadhan. Santhanam, who played Simbu’s friend in the movie Manmadhan, showed his comedy acting in only a few scenes. After this movie, Santhanam came as a comedian as a friend of many actors and now he has joined the list of heroes.

Jyotika: Director S. Jyotika will play Ajith’s ex-girlfriend in Jay Surya’s Wali. Jyotika, who played the role of Sona, came only in one song and robbed the fans with her beauty. Jyotika also won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for her debut Tamil film. SJ Surya then introduced Jyotika as the heroine in the film Kushi. Jyotika, who co-starred with Vijay, showed innovative acting in the film and became the dream girl of the fans. Having been married and not starring in Jyotika films for some time, she is currently acting as the heroine in many films with social ideas and still attracts fans today.

Madhavan: Madhavan made his Tamil debut with the film Alaipayuthey directed by Mani Ratnam and won the title of Chocolate Boy. To date he has acted in many films including Tamil and Hindi. He first appeared in Hindi as a supporting actor in a popular TV serial. Since then he has made his debut in Tamil and is currently starring in several films.

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