After an extremely short eight-episode season 6 of Outlander due to the pandemic, fans are back into what they describe as “Droughtlander.” It seems like a throwback to when Jamie was stuck in a window for 8 months throughout the outlandishly long mid-season break in the very first season. However, regardless of the shorter-than-average brand-new season, they handle to load a lot in. While the story still focuses on Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) constructing a life in Colonial America, the focus moves to the advancement of supporting characters, and how their lives impact the Frasers.

Its this season that we lastly learn Young Ians (John Bell) story of love and loss that has actually certainly been weighing on him because he went back to Frasers Ridge after living among the Mohawk. And with the arrival of the Christie household, some old displeasures that go back to Jamies time in jail after Culloden are given the surface area, which eventually ends in disaster. With a lot of interesting stories presented, season 7, which has actually simply ended up shooting, assures to load a punch.

Lizzie Wemyss

Lizzie (Caitlin ORyan) joins the program in season 4, taking a trip from Scotland to America as Briannas (Sophie Skelton) buddy. What fans dont recognize previously is that there is more to Lizzies character than what theyve seen, and in season 6, Lizzies story arc takes a fascinating turn. She informs Jamie and Claire that she is pregnant with the kid of among the Beardsley twins (Paul Gorman), Josiah or Keziah, however shes not exactly sure which. Jamie firmly insists that she select one and be handfast instantly to prevent scandal. After declining to select, Jamie handfasts Lizzie and Kezzie, and informs Josiah to leave the Ridge up until after the infant is born. Lizzie pleads with Jamie not to get rid of Jo, and confesses that she loves both, however Jamie declines. That night, Lizzie, Jo, and Kezzie go to Roger and ask that he handfast Lizzie and Jo, and Roger and Brianna gladly concur, not understanding about the earlier event. Jamie rages when he learns that both events stand, obviously, however Lizzie and the twins are delighted.

While its apparent that the 3 have actually ended up being buddies, little love exists in their story up until Lizzie is required to expose it due to her pregnancy. Even now, polygamy isnt extensively accepted, so it includes a component of surprise to the series that fans might not have actually been anticipating, and are interested to see how the Frasers handle this non-traditional scenario.


Malva Christie

Malva (Jessica Reynolds) is absolutely a fan favourite this season. And, regardless of her terrible end, her story is one that actually shines. She is Tom Christies child, and ends up being Claires assistant in the surgical treatment without her daddies understanding, because he would rage. Thirsty for understanding, she finds out all she can from Claire. When she conceives, she names Jamie as the daddy, triggering additional problems in between Jamie and Tom, and is ultimately killed. Claire discovers Malvas body and attempts to conserve the infant by carrying out a cesarean area, however is far too late. Obviously, this treatment is unusual in the 18th century, additional strengthening Toms concept that Claire is a witch, leading him to think she is accountable for his children murder.

From the start of the season, fans have actually been watching on Malva. Her weird, computing appearances reveal shes approximately something, producing a sluggish burn throughout the season. Malvas life is less than suitable prior to her death. Her daddy whips her with a strap frequently, and her bro is concealing an extremely dark trick that will just contribute to her currently terrible story in season 7, and assistance fans comprehend why Malva did what she did.

Young Ian

This season, Ian lastly reveals why he left the Mohawk. After falling for and weding a Mohawk lady he calls Emily (Morgan Holmstrom), the couple are ravaged by a number of miscarriages. Since Emily is not able to bring a kid to term, the Mohawk think that Ians Mohawk spirit isnt strong enough for a healthy kid to be developed, and send him back to his kin. Throughout a check out to the Cherokee people near Frasers Ridge, Ian crosses courses with a few of his previous Mohawk household, including his previous best buddy and Mohawk bro, Kaheroton (Braedon Clarke), who weds Emily when Ian leaves the people. Ian learns that Kaheroton and Emily have actually just recently invited a healthy boy, bringing memories and bitterness flooding back.

Ians character has actually been establishing in the background because his arrival in the series. When he goes back to the Ridge in season 5, he uses little description why, however its apparent hes altered. Season 6 shows Ian having problem with his identity, uncertain of who he seeks living among the Mohawk. Jamie assists him recognize he can welcome both, and gets the closure he requires

Wahionhaweh (Emily)

Wahionhaweh is Ians Mohawk other half who he falls for when he initially pertains to deal with the Mohawk. She teaches him how to speak their language, and about their beliefs and lifestyle. Since Ian cant pronounce her Mohawk name initially, he calls her Emily. Hes entirely dedicated to her, and when she conceives, the couple are delighted. Regrettably, Wahionhaweh is not able to bring any of their kids to term, leaving the people to think their union is not indicated to be, and send out Ian back to the Ridge. Wahionhaweh winds up picking Ians Mohawk bro and best buddy, Kaheroton, rather, and Ian is required to leave the town. He later on learns that the couple has actually invited a healthy boy.

When Ian lastly informs his story of why he returned from the Mohawk, fans are immediately enamoured with Wahionhaweh. Its apparent she cares deeply for Ian. Previously, there has actually been bit in the method of love in Ians story, so seeing somebody make him as delighted as Wahionhaweh is something the fans enjoy, even if their story is bittersweet.

Tom Christie

At the start of season 6, Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) and his 2 older kids reach the Ridge wishing to pick Fraser land. Its apparent from the start that there is stress in between Tom and Jamie, and fans are informed the story through a series of flashbacks to Jamies time in jail after Culloden, where the 2 frequently butt heads. A devout Protestant, Tom thinks about Claire a witch due to the fact that of her medical understanding. When Claire discovers his pregnant child Malvas body near the Frasers home, Tom is persuaded that Claire killed her after Malva names Jamie as the daddy, and needs justice.

The stress in between the Christies and the Frasers has actually been installing all season, and Tom Christie absolutely appeared to be playing the bad guy. Nevertheless, rather of having Claire eliminated for Malvas murder in the season ending, he firmly insists that she get a reasonable trial, and guarantees Claires security on their method to discover a judge. As fans of the books currently understand, Malvas murder isnt completion of this disaster for Tom, and things will get far more tough for him in season 7.

Chief Bird

Chief Bird (Glen Gould) of the Cherokee people does not appear in numerous episodes in season 6, however when he does, there is constantly a much larger story at play in the background: the future. With the Revolutionary War upon them, Chief Bird is hired to combat with the Kings guys, and he concurs. Nevertheless, with Briannas understanding of the future, and what would ultimately end up being called the Path of Tears, Jamie has the ability to alert him what is to come, and prompts him to conserve his people when the time comes.

Although Chief Bird isnt provided a great deal of screen time this season, his story is strong. He has a strong character that commands the audiences attention when hes on-screen. When he conserves Jamies life in the season 6 ending and states, “I told you I would fight with you, Bear Killer,” fans are enjoyed understand this wont be the last they see of him.